Chapter 395

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“I have learned how to make other sweet things, so I’ll let you eat them next time.”
“Really. Look forward to it.”
“”I am!””

Since I got the recipe book, I’m going to try to make all kinds of recipes in order. Fortunately, I have all the ingredients.

“”Oniichan, Oniichan.””
“N? What is it?”
“Allen, this! I wanna make chocolate cake!”
“Elena wants to make cheesecake, too!”
“Fufu, I see. Then, let’s make them together next time.”

I had more of both the chocolat gâteau and no-bake cheesecake in the Infinite Storage because I made several of them as a practice, but if they both want to make them, I have no choice but to make them again. I’ll give the ones made by the children to their grandmothers, Rebecca-san and Marianora-sama. I’m sure they will be pleased. Of course, I’d like to eat something they made, too!

“Let’s stop eating for now and get back to talking with the guests.”

After the children’s bellies were filled, we resumed our conversations, or rather, socializing.
We exchanged a few words with the guests in a quick greeting, but we hadn’t talked properly since we had seen each other last time.

“Then, who are we going to—”
“”Ah, Reirei~””

While considering who to talk to, Allen and Elena, who discovered Reinhardt—Rein, called him by his nickname, and approached him.

“Oh, it’s Allen and Elena.”
“”Reirei, how were you?””
“I have been doing fine~ How about you two?”
“”Yeah, doing good!””

For some reason, the kids acted like friends of the same age with Rein~ It’s a mystery.

“Thank you for coming today, Rein.”
“How many times are you going to say that, Takumi? I was happy to receive the invitation. Of course, Lily too.”
“That reminds me, how come Lily-chan isn’t with you?”
“Lily is over there.”

When I looked in the direction Rein pointed to, Lilyka—Lily-chan, was chatting and laughing with the ladies.

“Allen-chan, Elena-chan, come over here.”

Because we were looking at the ladies, Rebecca-san noticed us and called the children.
The two of them quickly scuttled over to Rebecca-san. And then, they easily blended into the conversation with the ladies.

“Did Lily-chan know everyone from before?”
“No, they are all meeting for the first time today. Lily had only attended tea parties with her close friends before since she has not debuted socially yet. She was very nervous today. However, since the ladies seem to be taking care of the topic well, she seems to be enjoying herself.”
“Eh? Is that so? How old is Lily-chan now?”
“Fourteen. Next year is her coming of age debut. That being the case, Takumi, there will be a celebration at our house next year, so please join us.”
“That is for sure. I’m already looking forward to it.”

It’s decided that we’ll be back in the Capital next winter, too.
Well, I want everyone to celebrate my children’s birthday, so even if we go on a trip in the spring, we will be back in the winter.


“Takumi, come over here when you’re done talking with your friend.”
“Understood.—Let’s go together, Rein.”
“Eh? N, no, is it all right for someone like me to intrude on those gentlemen?”

I was called over by Al-sama. And the Royal Guards were gathering around him as well. When I asked Rein to go with me, he looks flustered when he saw them.

“It will be fine. Come on.”

I headed to Al-sama’s place together with Rein.

“Al-sama, sorry to have kept you waiting. Ah, I brought Rein with me, it’s fine, right?”
“Of course, I don’t mind.”
“My name is Reinhardt Stanval.”
“I will call you Rein, just like Takumi.”
“It’s my honor.”

Rein was so stiff. Is this the kind of reaction one might have when dealing with a prince of their own country?

“Still… I never knew Takumi had a friend of the same age…”
“Eh? What do you mean by that! That’s rude, Al-sama! I also have a friend or two!”
“For example?”
“For example!? Err… you?”
“Don’t declare it with such confidence while tilting your head in puzzlement.”
“Hahaha~ I will introduce you to them next time. I have a few adventurer friends as well.”

I am occasionally corresponding with Evan-san and Scott-san from the “Steel Hawks” and Brian-san from “Dawn Star”, so I guess you could say we’re friends.
Although a bit older, I would like to say that Rudolph-san from “Dragon Breath” is also my friend… but I think Rudolph-san is more like a senior to me. I don’t know where he is now, though, so I’m afraid I can’t contact him.

“Well, let’s not talk about my friends. Have you all finished eating?”
“Yeah, it was all delicious. We ate too much because of it.—Right, Najack?”
“Yes, everything was wonderful.”

Najack-sama agreed with Al-sama’s words.

“I’m glad to hear that. I have also prepared souvenirs for Grace-sama and others, so please bring it back to them.”
“Really!? That is great! Actually, Mother and others wanted to come over as well, but I somehow managed to stop them. If I have souvenirs to bring back, I won’t have to listen to their complaining that much!”
“Nonono! Complaining, you say… that wouldn’t happen, right?”
“No! There is a high probability of that happening! That being the case, souvenirs are greatly welcome!”

I see. Grace-sama and others wanted to celebrate the children’s birthday as well. That makes me happy.

“Then, I have to put more effort into the souvenirs.”

Since Al-sama was looking quite desperate, I’ll make sure there are more desserts than main dishes among the souvenirs. No clear reason, but I felt it was probably better that way.

After this, I had a good time talking with Al-sama as well as the other guests, and the children’s birthday party ended without a hitch.

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