Chapter 394

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Takumi, what is this dish? The white thingy is plain, but it’s delicious with the red sauce and shrimp.”
“Oniichan, this is yummy! What is this~?”
“Oniichan, this is tasty, too! This is~?”
“What Wald-san is eating is a chili sauce stir-fry. The white ingredient is Silk Fruit we found recently in a dungeon. Allen is eating a chocolate cake, and Elena is eating no-bake cheesecake.”

Allen, Elena, and Wald-san were so engrossed in their meal that they were stuffing food into their mouths one after another.

“Allen, Elena, you have to eat more slowly, or you will feel sick later.”

Today’s food lineup included fried chicken, fried shrimp, French fries, and other standard party dishes, as well as new-style dishes like the stir-fried shrimp with tofu and chili.
Among them, especially the dessert type, are things I could never make before, as for why—

◆ ◆ ◆

A few days before the birthday party, I was secretly thinking about the menu to serve at the party in a corner of the kitchen. Of course, Allen and Elena were not here because they were having a study session with Rebecca-san.
Well, let’s get started… When I thought so, suddenly—ding♪ sound echoed in my mind.

“It’s Syl.”

It’s that. The sound made when something from Syl was delivered.
I opened the window to see if Syl had sent me a request for something he wanted to eat, but instead of a request, I found a book.

“A recipe book? And they are all sweets, too…”

I took the book out of the Infinite Storage and flipped through the contents to see that it contained recipes for decoration cakes, Chocolat Gâteau, roll cakes, chiffon cakes, and… basically, a variety of cakes.
And there was a note tucked into the last page that said—

—You can use this to make a cake for Allen and Elena’s celebration.
And I would love to have some cheesecake♪ —Marianora


The former is probably a front and the latter is the real intention.
No wonder there were so many recipes for cheesecake: no-bake cheesecake, baked cheesecake, soufflé cheesecake, cheesecake tarts, tiramisu, and so on.

“Well, if I had to choose, then I would say I am grateful for this.”

The pastries I had made in the past had always turned out somehow okay, even if the ingredients, quantities, and procedures were slightly different, but the ones in the book were different. They were impossible to make with the way I have been making desserts until now.

“At any rate, one of the cheesecakes is a definite choice.”

While preparing one for the party, I decided to accept Marianora-sama’s request.

“It surprisingly doesn’t matter which one to choose ingredient-wise.”

I couldn’t make up my mind, so I closed the book and opened it at random.

“Chocolat Gâteau. Let’s do this one, then. For the cheesecake… let’s do the no-bake cheesecake.”


I decided to make the first cake and cheesecake on the page I opened, and decided to practice making them.
I was able to make them according to the recipe, but after I made a few more cakes and was satisfied with them, I decided to decorate them lavishly for the party and store them in the Infinite Storage.
I gave a whole batch of each to the Ruven cooks to taste. Oh, and I didn’t forget to tell them to keep it a secret until the kids’ birthdays!
I also thought about sending a no-bake cheesecake to Marianora-sama right away, but after a little deliberation, I decided against it.

“Come to think of it… surprisingly, I’ve never sent anything culinary?”

I always send only sweet things, and the only non-sweet thing I have sent was… meat buns? Oh, and maybe some pizza? I don’t think I have sent anything else…
I’m currently thinking about the food for the party and won’t really cook it until the day before or the day of the party, but I’m planning on making some prototypes and having pre-made dishes in the future, so I thought I’d send the food along as well.

“Well then, what would be good~?”

I started making prep meals for when we go to dungeons while thinking about various things.
For now, I mass-produced Onigiri and sandwiches that can be eaten right away.

“… Come to think of it, this should be fine?”

Onigiri and sandwiches like these were something that had never existed in Aetherdia. This would also be unusual for Syl and others.
So, having decided on what to send, I quickly brought up the window screen to send it. The cooks are busy, so they didn’t seem to be paying attention to me.
Again, I stealthily select the magic circle tab, and from there, I select the magic circle of Marianora-sama. Then I sent her a no-bake cheesecake. I was a little nervous because it was the first time I used a magic circle not addressed to Syl.
Next, I sent a Chocolat Gâteau to Syl. I could have sent them all together to Marianora-sama, but I didn’t want Syl to be upset, so I decided to split it up and send them separately.
After Syl, I sent a plate of Onigiri to Salamanteel-sama and a plate of sandwiches to Nomoodle-sama.
I decided to leave it up to Syl and the others to decide whether to eat them together or separately.

“Next up…—”

Just as I was about to decide on what to make next—ding♪ sound echoed in my mind for the four times in a row.

“They are quick to reply!”

Four times would mean that I got a reaction from each of the four Gods.
… No, wait. It’s possible that there were… four responses from Syl?


I thought the “what if” in my mind… and opened the window screen.

“Err… they are items.”

All four dings seemed to be notifications of additional items, which I quickly checked and found four message cards and a large quantity of foodstuffs.

I took the message cards out of the Infinite Storage and read it—
Marianora-sama: Takumi-san. Thank you! It’s wonderful~ I’m looking forward to the next batch already♪
Sylphreel: Takumi-san!! Thank you! But, but! Why to all of us!? Please send them all together to me~~~
Salamanteel-sama: Takumi, thanks for the good stuff! I’m delighted! I will send you something good back next time!
Nomoodle-sama: Thank you very much, Takumi-san. Sorry for the same behavior every time, but please use the ingredients I sent you by all means.
—It was like that. Well, they were mostly words of gratitude.

The ingredients seem to have come from Nomoodle-sama, which I guess is… on behalf of everyone?
The fact that there was a large amount of various cheeses among them no doubt has to do with Marianora-sama’s desire to have other cheesecakes made and sent. Well, if we make more and send them when we make our own, that’s fine with me.
However… but does it make sense to sent numerous types of cheese that are not used in cheesecakes? Is it a prompt that they want to eat pizza too, or something like that? Or did they just send it to me for no reason?
There was no point in dwelling on it, so I got myself together and resumed my food prototyping!

◆ ◆ ◆

And well, although something unplanned happened, I was able to create something that the children would enjoy thanks to that.

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