Chapter 396

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The day after the party, I was looking at a stack of well-packed boxes.
These were gifts for Allen and Elena from the party attendees.
I had written on the invitation that guests were welcome to come empty-handed, but it seems that no one came… empty-handed.
I also felt like it was a waste of time to write it, but it would have been nice if at least one person came empty-handed~

“Well, let’s open them in order~”

I was afraid to look at the contents of the presents… but I couldn’t not look at them because I needed to confirm what kind of things they gifted and respond to them.

“Allen, Elena, let’s start from the ones that caught your eyes~”
“”Then, this one~””
“Ah, I knew you would go for that one~”

The one Allen and Elena chose was the largest of the gifts. It was too big even for me to carry by myself, so it must have caught the children’s eyes.

“Erm, that’s…!?”

The gift was received by a servant of the Ruven family, but there was a note attached to the gift, clearly stating who had gifted it. When I saw it, I was surprised.

“It’s from Wald-san and Rosalie-san!”
“Wald Nii and.”
“Rosalie Neesama?”

I was surprised to see a gift from Wald-san and Rosalie-san mixed with other presents.

“Whoah~ so the two prepared a present for you as well~”
“”Can we open?””
“Of course.”

Allen and Elena immediately opened the present with excitement.

“Now this is amazing.”

Inside was a giant cushion.
When the cushion was completely removed from its wrapping, the children jumped on it with glee.

“”It’s so soft~””

The children’s bodies fit snugly into the cushion.

“Wald-san knows exactly what you guys like, huh~”
“”He knows~””
“Hahaha~ indeed. Let’s thank him properly later, okay?”

I’ll be careful not to forget to thank not only Wald-san and others, but also anyone who gave the children a present this time when I meet them.

“Come on, open the next one.”
“”Then, this one~?””
“That is from Richard-sama and Charlotte-sama. Let’s see… it’s clothes. Ah, this is equestrian apparel. There are shoes as well.”
“They are clothes you wear when riding a horse.”
“”Horseback riding!””

If you are a child of a noble family, when you are about Allen and Elena’s age, you start practicing horseback riding, right?
So, they might have prepared these clothes for them.

“Wanna ride!”
I knew it. I thought so.

“I see~ I’ll talk to Rebecca-san next time about what the procedure is for practicing horseback riding.”

I don’t even know if we can borrow horses from the Ruven family… or if I have to get horses for the kids to ride, so we have to discuss that.
It is important to check because there may be a possibility that maybe, just maybe… Rebecca-san had already prepared them as part of her education.


“”This one next~””
“That is from Matthias-san and Rebecca-san—Eh!?”

When we opened the next package, I couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

“Why cat ears!?”

What was in the package were headbands with various kinds of triangular cat ears.

“So many ears.”
“What are these~?”
“Ah~ you wear these on your head.”
“”Like this?””
“Yep, yep.”

Allen immediately put on the black cat ears and Elena put on the white cat ear headband.

“”How is it?””
“It suits you well~”

It really suited them well.

“Still… there so many~”
“How about this one?”
“And this one~?”
“Ah, yes, those look good on you as well~”

Allen and Elena played with different cat ears headbands one after another.
There were blue and brown ears, and even calico cat-like ears. Oh, there were even some droopy ears, round ears, and rabbit ears at the bottom.

“These are made of high-quality fur~”

Moreover, all the ears had excellent texture to the touch.
These were not just for fun, these were made with a serious mind.

“There’s a.”
“Tail, too~”
“… Eh?”

The children, who had been playing with the ears, now unearthed tails from the bottom of the box.
The tail was fixed to a belt. As expected, there was a long, thin cat type and a bushy wolf type, each of the blue color, and I think it was to match the children’s hair color.

“… That’s a fine craft~”

Allen and Elena quickly put on their belts, and their ears were also replaced with blue ones.
There seemed to be two triangular blue ears, but upon closer inspection, they looked a little different. One facing forward and one facing slightly outward.

“”How do we look?””
“You have completely transformed into Demihumans~”

In no time at all, Allen became a Wolfman and Elena a Catwoman.

“”Going to show Obaasama~””

The children ran out of the room to show their transformed forms to Rebecca-san.
I am sure Rebecca-san will be delighted.

“Err… the rest is—”

With a break here, I was idly looking at the rest of the presents.
The remaining presents were from the Velio-san and Almeria-san couple, the Risner family, the Stanval, McPherson, Vassar, and Clark families. Al-sama and the Knights have prepared a present together for them as well.
We have only opened three gifts so far, and what can I say… I’m exhausted already.

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