Chapter 86

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“Yo~ Takumi!”
“Long time no see. It has been a month and a half wasn’t it, Takumi-san.”

When we returned to the Risner mansion after capturing the dungeon, there were people I didn’t think I would meet.
And that was precisely the Captain of the Shirin’s Knights Order Wald-sama and Cedric-san’s little brother, the Vice-Captain Isaac.

“Were you pipsqueaks also well~”
“Allen-kun, Elena-san, hello. How have you been?”

While I was feeling surprised, Wald-sama and Isaac-san spoke with Allen and Elena.
Whether it was because Allen and Elena were fairly acquaintanced with them, they answered normally.

“Nonono!! W, why are Wald-sama and Isaac-san here!?”
“That’s cruel of you, Takumi-san. This is my hometown, you know? It’s not strange to be here, right?”
“N, no…… that’s true but……”

This is certainly Isaac-san’s hometown so it’s not strange for him to be here……
Does he perhaps have a vacation or something? But it would be strange for him to be with Wald-sama if that was the case.
In the first place, did Cedric-san know that the two are going to come?

“To surprise Takumi-san to this extent it was worthwhile having the horses run fast with a strict schedule, wasn’t it~”
“That is so. It’s always Takumi who is giving surprises.”

They have apparently come a long way from Shirin on horses all the way here, to Bailey.
That’s right, isn’t it? If that wasn’t the case, it would be strange for them to arrive at this town in a few days. I’m sure they let the horses run at a quite quick pace.
It’s just, to be that delighted from being able to surprise me, this is somehow…… frustrating……
I don’t know when they returned because we were in the dungeon until just a moment ago. Even if they have just arrived and are tired, I have already lost the feelings of apprehension.

“So, why are you here?”

First of all, I asked for the reason why Wald-sama and Isaac-san are here.

“To pick you up, Takumi!”

Then, Wald-sama returned a reply I couldn’t comprehend.
To pick me up? Why?

“Wald-sama, please stop omitting the explanation.”
“…… Umm, Isaac-san, what’s going on? Ah! Also, I’m sorry. I’ve used Isaac-san’s first name for my own convenience.”
“Ah, don’t worry about the name. Calling me Risner while staying at Risner House would be inconvenient. Rather, there’s no need for the honorifics so I wouldn’t mind if you called me just Isaac.”
“Ou, I also won’t mind if you throw away the honorifics with me!”
“No…… that’s a bit……”

I felt relieved that I got Isaac-san’s permission to use his first name. Even though I knew that Isaac-san wouldn’t be angry, using a noble’s name over-familiarly without permission is more or less considered as resistance. Only for Wald-sama to jump on along the way……
Cedric-san was like this too but as I thought, not using honorifics is impossible.
Also, Wald-sama is more fitting to be addressed as Wald-sama, isn’t he~

“So, what do you mean by picking me up?”

I recover and request an explanation from Isaac-san.

“On this occasion, we have been transferred to the capital duty.”
“Is that so?”

Capital duty? What relation does Wald-sama’s and Isaac-san’s capital duty have with picking me up?

“Yeah, although the plan was to transfer all along, it was hastened a bit.”
“…… Umm?”
“I’m told there was a person who discovered a new dungeon in Bailey and His Majesty wants to meet that person. However, that person dislikes standing out you see. If His Majesty issues an edict to summon him to the castle it will gather attention whether he likes it or not, so we would like to avoid it if possible.”

It’s a story about their transfer…… while thinking such, the topic abruptly changed.
However, His Majesty is…… the King, right? Eh? That means we were summoned by the King?

“Because of that, we were ordered to request you to come to the capital with us as your acquaintances. Acting like guards while at it, we will move to the capital. It’s basically killing two birds with one stone. Well~ I’m glad we arrived at Bailey before Takumi-san departed.”

I don’t already know what’s what……
Erm…… I have no obligation to come to the capital but this already has a feeling of being half obligation, doesn’t it?
Well, I intended to visit the capital eventually, so I don’t mind going. I don’t mind but…… I will be meeting the King, huh.
Hmm, meeting the King and confirming his character wouldn’t be that bad? Somehow, I feel that way would be better for the future.

“Allen, Elena. We will have to go to a different town but…… do you mind?”
“”Nniyu? Together with Onii~chan~?””
“We will go together~”
“Then, Allen will go too~”
“Elena will go too~”

Both Allen and Elena consented on going to the capital.

“When are we departing?”
“Are you okay with it?”
“Yeah, I had plans to go to the capital. If you tell me “we are departing tomorrow” that would be impossible though.”
“We have just arrived and we need to rest so you don’t have to worry about that.”

The departure appears not to be fixed yet but we will be soon leaving for the capital.

“By the way, can you ride a horse, Takumi-san?”
“Ah~…… I’m sorry, I can’t.”

Ah, right. Going together with Wald-sama and Isaac-san means that we can’t move on Joule and others……
What to do~ I could ride on Joule or Feat without problems but as expected, I don’t know how to manipulate horse with reins. Should I expose the existence of Joule and others……
Perhaps they have already heard about Joule from Cedric-san but…… Cedric-san should be recognizing Joule and Feat as Fenrir and Celestial Tiger children. He most likely didn’t consider moving while on their backs.

“What? Takumi, you can’t ride a horse? Should I teach you then?”

While being troubled, Wald-sama made such a proposal.
Ah, I see. There was also the horseback riding practice hand. It will be impossible to ride fast but I will be able to normally manage if I obtain the Horseback Riding skill. The current me might be able to do it before long.

“Wald-sama, may I ask you to instruct me on horseback riding?”
“Oh, sure. Leave it to me.”

Even if I can’t obtain the skill, it would be good to get some horseback riding experience.
There might be more cases where I won’t be able to call Joule and others after all.

“I don’t know whether I will be able to manage in time so I’m unable to decide on the means of travel at the moment but……”
“Yeah, that’s fine. We have not decided on the departure yet, if there will be a need for a carriage, we can just use our family’s one.”

Even if I become able to ride a horse, there’s still a problem of whether I will be able to ride together with Allen and Elena. As I thought, would it be impossible to ride with both?
If that were the case, should I ask Wald-sama and Isaac-san to whom they have attached themselves to an extent?
Well, it won’t be late to ask once I become able to do it. First of all, let’s practice so I can ride.

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