Chapter 87

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Uncle~ I’m entering~?”

After making a determination to go to the capital and just deciding on the horseback riding practice, Theodore-kun and Latis-kun entered the room.

“Takumi-san, Allen-kun, Elena-chan, welcome back~”
“Welcome back~”
“Theodore-kun, Latis-kun, we are back.”
“”Are back~””

The two who entered the room saw us and rushed over.

“How was the dungeon?”
“Please let us hear about it!”

And they asked about the stories from the dungeon.

“When we have the time, okay? Rather than that, didn’t you have a business with Isaac-san?”
“That’s not it. We heard Takumi-san and the children are here so.”

It appears that Theodore-kun and Latis-kun didn’t enter the room because they have business with Isaac-san, but because they were looking for us.

“Nevertheless, you understood well that we were here.”
“We asked the servants to inform us immediately after Takumi-san’s return!”

Ou…… these children, they are doing the same thing as Cedric-san……
Cedric-san is on a town scale while the children are on the mansion scale. There’s no doubt they are the little versions of their father. As expected of parents-children connected by blood.

“Oh my, oh my, you are parent and children, aren’t you? These children are doing the same thing Elder brother does, don’t they?”

It seems Isaac-san knows Cedric-san’s ways. He’s looking at his nephews exhaustedly. But, I feel the same ideology from Isaac-san though……

“…… Isaac, you do it too though.”

While thinking such, Wald-sama weakly muttered to himself. As I thought, Isaac-san is doing the same.

“Theodore, Latis too, isn’t it currently your study time?”
“I have just finished!”
“Me too.”

I see. Because their studies finished, they came to ask about the stories from the dungeon. The two said that they love adventure stories. I don’t mind talking about it, but rather than that――

“Then, we got something amusing in the dungeon, want to play with that?”
“Somewhere more spacious would be better but……”
“Let’s go to the practice field! Takumi-san, quickly, quickly!”
“Allen-kun, Elena-chan too, quickly!”
“Oh! Don’t rush so much……”

Urged on by Theodore-kun and Latis-kun, we arrived at the practice field.
There were several knights on the practice field, so when they moved to aside not to get in the way, I took out the soapy bubbles we obtained from Bubble Archelon.

“Wow! What is that!”
“So soft~”

The soapy bubbles remain for a while than naturally break in case the Bubble Archelon escapes. Also, in case the Bubble Archelon is defeated, the soapy bubbles will disappear the moment it’s defeated.
But however, the soapy bubbles stored in my Infinite Storage remained even after the Bubble Archelons were defeated.
Moreover, they won’t break no matter what. It didn’t burst even when I tried stabbing a knife into it.
Therefore, it became a firm but soft, light rubber balloon.

“Try lightly hitting it with your hand while facing us.”
“Like this? ――There!”

When Theodore-kun slaps the balloon――poyon, the balloon floated and flew towards us.

“Allen. Hit it towards Latis-kun just as it is. Lightly, okay?”

When Allen hit the floating balloon, it flew towards Latis-kun this time.


“Latis-kun, hit it towards Elena next.”
“Yes! ――There!”
“Nice! Elena, towards Theodore-kun next, okay?”

Understanding the way to play, the children hit the balloon one after another.

“They are playing with something amusing~ Takumi, what’s that?”

Wald-sama who tagged along with us to the practice field showed interest in the Bubble Archelon’s soapy bubble the children were playing with. This world has many plants, monsters, and mysterious materials, but something like rubber hasn’t spread around, so they must find it curious.

“That’s the foam? that Bubble Archelen releases, isn’t it?”
“Haah!? Wait a moment! That foam which bursts on touch? Why is it staying in shape!”
“Well~ it was in the way when we were defeating it, so I tried to store it in my Infinite Storage, but it stayed in the Infinite Storage even after defeating it and turned out like that when I took it out~ it didn’t break even after trying to pierce it with sharp tools, so I thought there wouldn’t be a problem to play with it.”
“That means that you have defeated a Bubble Archelon, doesn’t it? They normally escape!”
“…… That’s a Takumi-san like method of defeating it, isn’t it?”

When I convey how we defeated the Bubble Archelon, Wald-sama and Isaac-san looked at me tiredly.
No I mean, if I am to tidy up the soapy bubbles that cover my field of vision, storing them into the Infinite Storage would be fastest~

“Takumi, if you still have some, lend me one.”
“Ah, yes.”

When I retrieved one soapy bubble and handed it over to Wald-sama, both Wald-sama and Isaac-san started to touch it and inspecting it.

“…… It really won’t break.”

When Wald-sama grabbed the soapy bubble in both of his hands and put strength into it, it only changed shape but didn’t break.

“To only deform after Captain grabbed it with all of his strength…… it’s quite durable, isn’t it? It looks like a usable material. Researchers would be charmed.”
“Right. Oy, Takumi. Do you have a lot?”
“Well, I have a reasonable amount. Do you know the approximate amount of soapy bubbles Bubble Archleon releases when being confronted? Not in the accurate meaning but an estimation.”
“if you multiply it by ten-odd times, can you understand the quantity?”
“…… Yeah. I understand that you have quite a lot.”

Precisely. I have quite a lot of soapy bubbles in the Infinite Storage.
When encountering Bubble Archelon, it will release these bubbles without a doubt. And I collected them every time, didn’t I~

“Takumi-san, could you possibly sell us some?”
“I will give them to you?”
“That’s no good. Because it’s for research purposes. If we don’t properly pay here, it would become troublesome if we find a useful utility. I don’t think that would happen with Takumi-san as a partner, but it’s not good to break the premise.”

I see. If the material’s owner isn’t properly confirmed, once its use is found, a dispute over the profits would occur.
I think it would change ownership to whomever I “gave” it to, but there would be people who would argue, wouldn’t there~

“If that’s the case, I understand. Shall I leave the decision about its value to you?”
“Thank you very much. For the time being, I would be happy if you could give me a couple now and a few once we are in the capital.”
“I have quite a lot, so there’s no problem――oops.”

While talking with Isaac-san about the soapy bubbles, I felt a light impact from behind.

“N? Allen and Elena? What’s the matter?”
“Let’s play~”
“Takumi-san, this is amusing. Uncle~ How about Uncle too?”
“Wald-sama, let’s have a contest!”

The four children who were playing by themselves came to invite us. Latis-kun challenged Wald-sama to a match.

“What to do?”

I said while glancing at Wald-sama and Isaac-san.

“Alright! Pipsqueaks, I will keep you company!”
“That’s right. One should occasionally keep the children company.”

Eventually, it turned out to four children VS Wald-sama, and Wald-sama played with the children until the day got dark.

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