Chapter 88

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Evening Drink
We were joined by Wald-sama and Isaac-san on that day’s dinner, it was very lively.
For dinner, we had scallops that had the appearances of razor clam and turban shell called Yard shellfish with butter and soy sauce, fish meuniére seasoned with curry spice and vegetable sticks with mayonnaise.
The chef of the Risner House Ryan-san repeated trial and error until he gradually started increasing the size of the menu.
Wald-sama and Isaac-san who have never seen such dishes were surprised.
I thought Cedric-san would let them know in a letter, but it appears he bragged only until the jelly. The reason for that was a letter about the newly discovered dungeon, Wald-sama and Isaac-san have been then contacted by the capital, leading them to quickly depart from Shirin.
And, they have arrived in Bailey just today.
So that means, as I thought, Cedric-san knew that Wald-sama and Isaac-san were coming here.

“So good~”
“It’s very delicious.”

The two were very satisfied with the new dishes.
And, after that, only the adults were left behind for a few drinks.

“Ou, are the pipsqueaks alright~?”
“Well, somehow…… they were a bit grumpy though.”

Adults only, meaning that Allen and Elena aren’t here. I somehow persuaded them and put them to sleep in the room we are borrowing.
Just in case, I summoned Joule and others and had them sleep together with Allen and Elena.

“They basically cling to you after all~”
“It can’t be helped considering the environment and circumstances they were brought up in though. But, they became able to be separated from you in a little period of time like this, so I’m certainly seeing that they are growing up little by little.”

It’s as Isaac-san said, although it’s little by little, I think that Allen and Elena are properly growing up.
The two should have been in a terrible environment. Despite that, those children are growing pure and obedient. That is very joyous.

“The environment they were brought up in, is it?”

Ah, I haven’t told Allen’s and Elena’s past to Cedric-san yet.

“Allen and Elena were orphans and they have been in a rather bad environment.”
“Was that so…… Then, they are not related by blood with Takumi-san……”

Cedric-san was surprised from the bottom of his heart, that’s what I felt.
Does it mean he saw us as a genuine family? That is wonderful!

“Takumi and the twins are so like family that blood relations are irrelevant after all!”

Then, Wald-sama affirmed just what I was thinking about.

“Wald-sama, thank you very much. I’m very happy hearing you say that.”
“I see, I see! Here, Takumi. You usually don’t drink much, right? Drink and drink today!”
“That’s true. Ah, right. Won’t you try drinking this?”

I took out several bottles of the brandy I drew in the dungeon.
On the way back, I saw stylish bottles in a store we happened to pass, so I bought them and transferred the brandy from the cask into them.

“N? What’s that?”
“Takumi-san, this is?”
“It’s alcohol. I think it probably is a rare one but.”
“What!? A rare alcohol! Let’s drink it at once.”

When I conveyed that it is rare alcohol, Wald-sama rejoiced and immediately picked up the bottle and poured the brandy into glasses.

“What a beautiful color. It’s similar to the ale but…… it’s something different, isn’t it? The fragrance is different.”
“That’s right. I haven’t smelled such fragrance before.”
“This is an alcohol called brandy.”
“I have never heard of it.”

Judging by the reaction, as I thought, brandy is not alcohol that appears on the market.

“So good.”
“This is quite strong alcohol, isn’t it?”

The four of us promptly drank the brandy, but drinking it straight is indeed intense. I wish I had prepared ice~
However, it seems it suited their tastes, so the reaction was quite favorable.

“This alcohol might be too strong to drink as is. This is an alcohol that drinks little by little after diluting it with water or putting in ice.”
“I think it’s fine as it is, but such way of drinking also doesn’t sound bad.”
“I see, cooling it with ice would change the taste.”
“That’s so, isn’t it? I will prepare the ice.”


Oh, ice can be easily prepared, I see~ Although there seem to be refrigerator and freezer magic tools, they should cost quite a large sum. Well, this is the mansion of the feudal lord after all. They surely have it.
Or are there cold rooms or something? That, or people who can make it with ice magic?
Let’s have Joule make ice water and store it in the《Infinite Storage》…… N? No, freezing the water with life magic’s《Freeze》should be good enough?
Speaking of ice, I would like to make shaved ice or ice cream. It’s still warm so it should be fine as the children’s snack. Ah~ but I have no tool for shaving ice. It seems that patience would be needed if shaving with a knife.
Ice cream should be alright? Ice cream can be made by mixing egg yolks with sugar and cream and thoroughly stirring while freezing.
Pudding should be fine too since it has similar ingredients? Steaming time, the amount of milk and the firmness would need adjustments, but I should be able to do it with a few trial and errors.

“Takumi, where does this alcohol come from?”

While thinking about making new snacks, Wald-sama asked about the alcohol’s producing area? No, a store I bought it from?

“N? Ah, this is something that springs out in the Dungeon of Ripples.”

When I honestly answered thinking that there’s no need to hide it――


The surprised voices of the three people overlapped.

“Incidentally, it’s on the twenty-eight floor.”

Their voices overlapped again. The three are perfectly in sync, aren’t they~

“Wait a moment! Twenty-eight floor, you say? I’m certain I heard that this dungeon has thirty floors but, perhaps……”
“N? If it’s about the capture then we already finished? The boss was a Little Kraken.”

Yep, they really are on the same wavelength.

“Oyoyoy! Are you saying you have captured the newly discovered dungeon in such a short term! Moreover, a Little Kraken? Are you saying you defeated that!?”
“Well, yeah.”

Wald-sama looked at me with tired eyes.


Isaac-san and Cedric-san sighed deeply.
I wonder what is it, this reaction…… isn’t it too cruel?

“By the way, Takumi-san. Do you still have some of this alcohol?”
“N? Ah, yes. I have drawn as much as I could, so I do have a reasonable amount?”
“Then, how about offering it to His Majesty when you go to the capital?”
“Eh!? An offering, is it? This alcohol?”
“Yes, I think it’s a satisfactory article. It’s a taste we haven’t experienced before. I will prepare a worthy bottle.”

Huh? Did Cedric-san tell me to present it just now?
Come to think of it, he sent a letter about the dungeon discovery before, but I feel like I heard that the feudal lord which is Cedric-san has to report to the capital personally…… is he not going?

“Didn’t Cedric-san have plans to go to the capital as well?”
“Yes, it was decided that Isaac will attend the audience as my proxy.”
“I’m also Risner after all.”
“Because you will have the audience together, it would be better for Takumi-san to present the offering.”

Ah, so it has been arranged like that~ Indeed, if Isaac-san is going to the capital for an audience, there’s no need for Cedric-san to expressly go too~

“Isn’t it fine to leave it for later. Let’s drink now~”
“Seriously, Captain is……”
“Well, Isaac. It’s as Ruven-dono said, it’s not something to talk about while drinking, let’s talk about this at a later.”
“…… You are right.”

We decided to enjoy the alcohol for now because of Wald-sama’s complaint and decided to make the arrangements another day.

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