Chapter 85

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Dungeon of Ripples – Boss
“Alright, this floor is the last one~”
“”Last one~””
(Where is the boss I wonder~)
(Maybe that way~?)

We easily finished capturing the twenty-ninth floor and finally stormed into the last floor of the dungeon, the thirtieth floor.

“”((There it is~))””

And before long, we found the door of the boss room.
Promptly touching the door of the room and entering, what we came into was a coast-like place.

“Looks like it~”

A place with seawater that reached my knees. Because I see foreshore on my left, the right is most likely an open sea.
While observing the surroundings, a light fired from the open sea. That is the sign of the boss appearing.

“Shall we have Allen and Elena get on Joule? Joule, take care of them please.”
(Yeah, come up~)
(Niisama~ Do I fly by myself~?)
“That would be for the best. But, Feat is the only one without the mermaid bracelet, so be careful of the water, okay?”

While organizing the battle preparations, the light gradually settled down.
When the light completely settled, a huge squid of several meters in size appeared. On the contrary to my Kraken expectations, it was a monster called Little Kraken.
Yeah, it’s not little at all, isn’t it!? Ah, but normal Kraken would be several times the size, so little is not wrong?

“Wind Cutter.”

When I immediately fired Wind Cutter towards the Little Kraken, its leg got cut off.

(They regrew~)

However, the Little Kraken’s leg regrew in a blink of an eye. The leg which was cut off is still floating on the water surface though……

“Next, Allen~! ――”Water Jet.”

Allen’s magic hit the Little Kraken and plucked off one of its legs. But, the Little Kraken’s leg immediately grew back.

“Next, Elena! ――Water Jet.”

Same thing happened to Elena who followed up after Allen.

(Woah. They are regrowing one after another, aren’t they~)
(Yup, it’s endless.)

Joule and Feat looked at the Little Kraken in amazement.

(Niisama, wouldn’t it be better for us to attack all at once and finish it in one go?)
(An all-out attack? Ohh, that seems fun. Oniichan, I approve!)
“Indeed, I don’t know to what degree it can regenerate itself, so bringing it down in one go sounds good…… then, let’s prepare.”

The Little Kraken’s regeneration ability is troublesome, so I decided for Feat’s proposal which was to bring it down with a simultaneous all-out attack.

“Let’s go ―― One, two, go. Wind Cutter.”
“”Water Jet.”
(Water Jet.)
(Wind Cutter.)


Everyone’s magic hit the Little Kraken and an outrageously loud noise resounded.
A massive amount of seawater flew into the air, a torrential rain obstructed the vision at the place where the Little Kraken was. Like this, I’m unable to confirm the Little Kraken’s status.
When the seawater rain subsided, what I saw was a worn-out state of the Little Kraken. The Little Kraken sunk into the sea just like that.

(That was too quick.)

After a short while, drop items drifted towards us.
A blue magic stone, Little Kraken’s meat, and squid ink. Strangely, the three separated legs of the Little Kraken floated to us without disappearing as well. Moreover, they are bigger than me.

Little Kraken’s Leg
Squid tentacle. Edible.
Moderately elastic with a chewy texture.

…… It seems to be edible.
It’s not larger just by a little bit, but does it have the characteristic food texture of tentacles?
Rather, I’m curious about the tentacles too, but now’s the status time! I have not confirmed my status since meeting with Kaiser after all. I feel a bit worried~ Mainly about the level difference between me and the children……


StatusSkillsTitlesContracted Beasts
Name: Takumi Kayano
Race: Human? (Wind God’s retainer)
Occupation: Magician
Age: 20
Level: 29
Light Magic 71
Dark Magic 74
Wind Magic 171
Water Magic 67
Fire Magic 50
Space Magic 120
Life Magic 131
Swordsmanship 54
Dagger Technique 2
Throwing 52
Appraisal 214
Dismantling 121
Familiars 47
Taming 33
Swimming 15
Cooking 129
Sewing 23
Washing 13
Cleaning 31
Crafting 39
Gathering 69
Arithmetics 109
Reading 127
Concealment 49
Detection 55
Oracle 21
Telepathy 15
Clarity 5
Trap Dismantling 4
Abnormal Status Resistance 300
Mental Status Resistance 300
Physical Attack Resistance 300
Magic Attack Resistance 300
Transmigrated From a Different World
Blessed by the God of Creation, Marianora
Friend of Wind God Sylphreel
Conqueror of Low-Grade Dungeon
Monster Contractor
A-Rank Adventurer
Receiver of the Water Dragon King’s Divine Protection
Food Evangelist
Conqueror of Intermediate-Grade Dungeon
Fenrir (Joule)
Thunderhawk (Bolt)
Celestial Tiger (Feat)
Leviathan (Kaiser)(Temporary)
Scarlet King Leo (Vector)

Hmm…… level 29, huh…… it’s raising favorably, but Allen’s and Elena’s level is…… yeah, as I thought…… level 30…… they have overtaken me……
Un, I thought so…… most of the monsters in this dungeon were defeated by Allen and Elena. It’s only the natural result…… haah……
My level was lower than Joule’s and Feat’s when we met. But, I surpassed them once. However, Joule caught up before I noticed again. Feat’s level is just under me, she’s level 28.
umm, next is…… oh! I got new skills. Dagger Technique, Clarity and Trap Dismantling.
I have completely forgotten about the Fire Magic I received from the Fire God. I’m not using it at all.
Next is…… wha!? Those titles–!!
“Conqueror of Intermediate-Grade Dungeon” was expected, but~ The hell is “Food Evangelist”!?
Just when did I obtain such title!
…… Although I say that, it’s a title I vaguely understand why I obtained it. I mean, a God has been delighted about the cooking development, so getting a title wouldn’t be strange, right?

While received the shocks from the status contents――creaking sounds echoed, and a door in the deepest part of the room opened.

“Thank you. Then, shall we go everyone?”

There was a room in the deepest part that was more luxurious than the one on the twentieth and tenth floors.

(Let’s open it~)
(What’s inside, I’m looking forward to it~)

Just like in the Earth Dungeon, a treasure chest appeared. It’s possible that it’s a reward for the first capture of an undiscovered dungeon.

“Then, I’m opening it~”
“”What is it~?””
(A sword, isn’t it?)
(It’s big~)

What was inside the treasure chest was a sword the size of an adult.

“…… This, what to do with it?”

It’s a splendid sword without a doubt. It’s similar to a magic sword with fire magic sealed inside.
No matter how much effort I would put it, this doesn’t look like something I could manage to handle.

(Niisama, you are not taking it?)
(Yeah~ you are not taking it~?)

Feat tilted her head in wonder at me who didn’t collect the sword right away. Following her, Allen and Elena made the same gesture. Moreover, even Joule reacted excessively.

“N? It’s a good sword, but it’s not usable for me~ I was just taking a look. Well, it’s a sword gained by capturing a dungeon, so I will take it regardless whether I can use it or not――eh, huh?”

Even though I already stored the sword in the Infinite Storage, the treasure chest didn’t disappear.

(What, what~?)
(Niisama, what’s the matter~?)
“…… Perhaps.”

The treasure chest this time wasn’t made from wood like the ones we encountered on the way, but it was made from metal while decorated with jewels, it was a bit extravagant chest.
When I tried storing it in the Infinite Storage as a test――


I was able to collect it.
Apparently, this treasure chest is also treasure-ish? I don’t know uses treasure chests could have, but I decided to take it.

“Shall we return?”
“Because there might be people on the first floor, this is it for Joule and Feat.”
(I see~ too bad. Oniichan, call me soon again, okay?)
(Niisama, summon me again as well, okay?)
“Of course. See you next time.”
“”See you~””

Joule and Feat returned to my shadow and I took Allen and Elena to the transfer device.
Until now, we would be forcibly transferred as soon as we touched the transfer device, but it was different this time.
I felt like I had the option to choose a destination in mind――the hall on the first floor, deep inside the tenth floor, and the innermost place of the twentieth floor.
Indeed, this is the first time that the destination of the transfer isn’t fixed and it’s possible to choose from multiple destinations.


It seems that the choice to choose the destination conveyed to Allen and Elena as well.

“Let’s see. Then, let’s try going to the twentieth floor for a moment.”

When we recognized the twentieth floor as the destination, unique dizziness from the transfer assaulted me.
And the next moment, we have appeared in a different room from the room on the thirtieth floor.
I see a waterfall on the other side, so this is without the doubt the twentieth floor.

“Then, let’s return this time.”
“Allen, Elena. The first floor is next, okay?”
“”Yeah, first floor~!””

Confirming that they could transfer safely, I touched the transfer device again and returned to the hall on the first floor.
There were several people in the hall and it got a little noisy after we appeared after using the transfer device, but we left behind the dungeon just like that and returned to the town of Bailey.

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