Chapter 84

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Dungeon of Ripples – Capture 11
Today, we are capturing the twenty-eighth floor. Including this, there are three more floors in the Dungeon of Ripples.
I see the end~ I came all the way here without any troubles thanks to Allen and Elena.
Well~ I hardly did anything until now~ …… Just cooking? As their guardian, I wonder if it’s all right……
Allen and Elena are having fun, but should I ask them to let me do the fighting……? I’m troubled, but……

“”Ah, a bear~””

Allen and Elena who discovered a Water Bear broke into a run.


And they insta-killed it.

“”Onii~chan, look, look~””

The two put on the pelt which dropped and cheerfully returned to my side.
Ah…… yeah, asking them to leave it to me would be impossible. I can’t snatch the two’s amusement~

“That’s a large pelt, isn’t it~”
“”Yea! Like Joule and Feat~ Is enough~?””
“N? …… Yeah, it’s enough~ I did not forget, so let’s have it made properly, okay?”

It’s the Joule and Feat heavy winter clothing imitation they wanted to make.
We were talking just about coats at that time, but looking at the amount of pelts we have gathered, we have more than enough to make a whole body animal costume~ Rather, wouldn’t that be better?


Joule and Feat whose names came out showed interest in the topic, but the two animals tilted their heads at Allen’s and Elena’s words.
Well, they wouldn’t understand just from being told “same” right~

“Ah, the plan is to make Allen’s and Elena’s coats from the Water Bear pelt in Joule’s and Feat’s style.”
(Me!? Really!?)

When I convey to Joule and Feat so they would understand, the two animals showed a surprise and then their bodies expressed happiness.

(Eh, that bear just now? Just the pelt? Shouldn’t we get more of that then? Alright, let’s look for bears~)
“No, wait a moment! We have enough pelts already!”

Thus, Joule and Feat ran off to search for Water Bears in high tension. Together with Allen and Elena…… I chased after the children and stopped them.

(Ehh~? I mean, we will be matching~)
“No, we have it, okay! We have plenty of pelts, so we will be fine even if you don’t look for it.”

After somehow managing to stop the bear hunting which just barely started, Allen and Elena found a hidden room in the passage after resuming the capture.

“N? Oh, it certainly looks hidden room-ish.”
(Yay~ I wonder if there’s a treasure~)

It wasn’t a trapdoor room like the before, but the destroy the wall hidden room. Therefore, when we enter after destroying the wall, there was a spacious room with a stone altar with an artificial fountain with light brown liquid in the center.
It’s unlike any hidden room we have found before.

“This is the smell of alcohol?”

When I approached the fountain, the smell of alcohol gradually became stronger.
I’m fine, but I would be troubled if it had a bad influence on Allen and Elena, so I isolated the scent of surroundings with the wind.
And when I used Appraisal on the fountain, the result was “Brandy Fountain”.
It appears that the light brown liquid is alcohol, a brandy at that.
Of course, there’s no harm on the body――no, it’s an alcohol, so drinking way too much would harm the body…… in this case, the harm is in the toxic meaning.
But, it seems there are no problems with drinking it, so I gave it a try.

“Ah, it’s good.”

When I scoop it in my hands and try, it tasted nostalgic.

“Yep, it’s a brandy without a doubt. It’s normally delicious.”

I drank alcohol if invited by a friend. It was only to such degree, so I’m not that knowledgeable about alcohol, but I’m thinking whether this brandy doesn’t have a considerably good taste.
Speaking of popular alcohol circulating around Aetherdia, it would be an ale. And then, wine and apple cider-like alcohol made from fruit.
I might find it if I looked for it, but I haven’t seen any brandy so far even though I saw products made from the same grapes. I found balsamic vinegar and apple cider-like vinegar though~
As for the alcohol made of grains with the exception of ale――I haven’t seen any whiskey, gin, or vodka.
The white wheat which is used as feed for the livestock――I thought that finding a rice wine would be hopeless, but I might be able to find it somewhere in a dungeon.
Finding a brandy here is a good fortune. Of course, I should draw some of it, right?
…… If I’m not mistaken, I should have an empty water cask.
There are cases like this, so it’s necessary to purchase more empty casks or bottles.

“”Is delish~?””
“It is. But, this is a beverage for adults, so Allen and Elena mustn’t drink it, okay?”
“”…… Yess.””

Allen and Elena seemed interested, but this is alcohol. I can’t Allen and Elena drink this.

“…… N?”

While I was taking out the empty cask from the Infinite Storage, I suddenly heard Allen, Elena, and Joule let out weird voices.

“”…… Not delish.””
(This is not good~)
“Hey! Ehh!? Did you perhaps drink it? Ahh, seriously~~~ Here, fruit water, drink it.”

It appears that the children drank the fountain liquid as soon as I took my eyes off of them.
Feat didn’t seem to drink it and was quite shocked when the two and one animal drank.
I retrieved the children’s favorite fruit water from the Infinite Storage in panic and let them and Joule drink.

“Are you feeling sick?”
“”…… Not sick~””

Even though they drank it, it should be only a small amount, so I think there won’t be any problems.
That reminds me, Allen and Elena have Abnormal Status Resistance, don’t they? With that, would it be difficult for them to suffer from a hangover? Well, at the moment, rather than that――

“You guys! I told you not to drink it, didn’t I?”

I have to properly scold Allen, Elena, and Joule!

“”I’m sorry~””
(I’m sorry.)

The two and one animal apologized dejectedly.

“I told you not to drink it for a reason. It wasn’t good, was it?”
“”Not good.””
(I don’t like it~)
“Right? Besides, that is something children shouldn’t drink. Will you promise me not to taste anything that I say you shouldn’t eat or drink from now on?”
“”(I promise~)””

Because I don’t have to worry about them drinking it anymore, I decided to draw the brandy without a reserve. Ah, before that――

“Feat, come here. Feat gets a reward because you’ve kept the promise.”

At that time, I heard a girlish voice, different from Elena’s.

“Huh? Was that perhaps you, Feat?”
(That’s right, Niisama. You see, I’ve learned Telepathy~)

It appears that Feat learned the Telepathy.
Similarly to Joule, Feat’s voice is still childish and adorable.

(That’s right~ Allen-chan and Elena-chan, let’s keep being good friends from now on too, okay?)
(Niisama too, please take care of me.)
“Yeah. Feat, let’s get along.”

I was interrupted by the surprise of Feat’s Telepathy, but I have to reward her before I forget.

“Then, Feat. Are you fine with Cream bread for your reward?”
(Yeah. I love Cream bread~)

When I rewarded Feat with a Cream bread, Allen, Elena, and Joule looked at me with staggeringly sad eyes.
…… I’m not trying to bully them, but I have to endure~

(Niisama~ I want to eat with everyone.)

Feat said so.
Well, being looked at with such eyes, Feat would have a difficult time eating alone, and above all, I can’t withstand those eyes~

“It can’t be helped. You will have to properly protect the promise next time, okay?”

While the children were eating the Cream bread, I drew plenty of the brandy.

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