Chapter 73

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It was several minutes later that Cedric-san regained his motions. I heard him quietly mutter “It’s Takumi-san after all……” that time. It was a trivial mutter that an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to hear, but I ended up catching it with my hearing ability that was increased by the improvement of my physical abilities.
…… To consent just because “it’s me”…… I wonder about that.
Whether to insert a tsukkomi for being treated like that, or be delighted that he got used to my out of standard affairs…… un, it’s troubling.
First of all, let’s ignore Cedric-san’s muttering.

“Fenrir and Celestial Tiger…… in addition, Scarlet King Leo and Thunderhawk…… it was something I’ve asked, but was it all right to tell me?”
“I didn’t intend to keep it a secret no matter what so it’s fine.”

I regard highly Allen’s and Elena’s opinion of other people.
Since the two have introduced Joule and Feat by themselves, it means the two have befriended Cedric-san.
I mean, the two won’t talk to people they meet for the first time or people they don’t trust in the first place.
On the contrary, they keep quiet even if spoken to.
If they get used to you, they will return a greeting if greeted, but it takes a certain level of trust before they will hold something like a conversation with you.

“A person Allen and Elena trust” = “A person that is harmless to us, or perhaps even beneficial”

I perceive it like that.

“Well, I would like if you could avoid talking about that if possible though.”
“No, no! I won’t! This is not a piece of information that can be readily spread to others!”
“Hahaha~ Then, it’s alright.”

Un, because he gave an immediate reply, Cedric-san is a good person as I thought.

After that, we have explained the details of meeting the bandits and going towards the hideout to Cedric-san. It was like a light investigation. Well, it was in a fixed form so it finished soon.
After speaking about the bandits, we talked about the bread as promised.

“What was that whitish thing you have used on the fish bread?”
“Ah~ are you perhaps talking about mayonnaise?”
“Mayonnaise is it?”

From the new bread that was brought to Cedric-san, he was most interested in the Tuna Onion Bread. Moreover, as soon as he bit into it, it wasn’t the tuna, but the mayonnaise that startled him.
Dishes made out of tuna exist, I have apparently just not found them yet, so he knew that it was a fish.

Dried, salted, pickled, pickled in oil…… because this is a world where such techniques are indispensable, it might be only natural to say that they have it.
There are also other techniques such as smoking and cheese processing.
It’s just that they recognize them as finished products and eat them just like that. There seem to be little to no improvements after that.
Even if they took another step, the food development wouldn’t stagnate for hundreds of years……

“Yeah. Put egg yolk into a little of vinegar, mix in oil and add flavoring. You can mix it with fresh vegetables (salad), or use on dishes as a sauce.”

I saw sparkles in Cedric-san’s eyes.
Yeah, I can understand what he wants to say even without hearing it~

“…… I will teach it to the Head Chef next time.”
“Thank you very much!”

I told Cedric-san that I would teach the mayonnaise recipe to the Risner House’s Head Chef before he could ask.
And while at it, I will ask him to pass the information to the cooking department of the Craftsmen Guild.
Since Cedric-san doesn’t know, I think that there’s nothing like mayonnaise on Aetherdia.
I’m sure that spreading mayonnaise will be convenient. If it spreads, I should be able to avoid troublesome situations when I run out. It’s for the future.
Well, I wonder if someone who will sell mayonnaise is going to appear soon~ I have such little scheme. It would be better if I don’t have to make it myself.
Ah~ but, I will have to properly convey to use fresh eggs and tell them about the length of time which food products can be eaten. Also, to be careful of overeating?

“Ah, right, right. Takumi-san, there hasn’t been a problem with the ingredients for the curry spice, may I push the discussion forward?”
“Yes, go ahead.”

I see, there hasn’t been a problem with the medicinal plants~

“I’m planning to bring the discussion to the Fiji Company since they are acquaintanced with Takumi-san. They are indebted to Takumi-san there, so the interest rates for Takumi-san should be quite flexible.”

Apparently, the curry spice will get me percentages of the sales, not just money from the recipe itself.
Although Cedric-san undertook the negotiations, why do I feel like there’s no profit for him?

“That dividend? Is Cedric-san getting something out of it?”
“Me? Why?”
“Eh? Why, you ask…… Cedric-san should receive remuneration too, right? You were the one who is going to commercialize the curry spice, you were the one who examined the state of the medicinal plants, you will also surely undertake more negotiations in the future. I myself haven’t done anything, you know?”

Even though I was the one who provided the recipe, I really did only that.
Cedric-san is going to obviously spend more time and labor than the time I spent on the spice mix.
Rather, I wonder if the curry spice is fine to spread just like that…… I gave it a passing mark, but it’s far from complete. There’s room for improvement.
Crap…… I started feeling a bit uneasy……
Ah, but the chefs of the Risner House are using the curry spice I have given them and they are experimenting on what food it matches with. The quality and differences will spread at the hands of the people……
Anyhow, people who will research the blend of spices itself may actually appear. That wouldn’t be possible unless the spices are widespread……
Then, it’s fine, isn’t it? To leave it like that……

“No, no, if it’s profits, I have them.”

Eh? Cedric-san has profits too?

“That the spice will spread with its place of origin in our territory is a profit in itself. And most importantly, my relationship with Takumi-san is my biggest profit. Please, accept the remuneration without minding, Takumi-san.”

The relationship with me is a profit, huh……
Because I’m an A-rank adventurer and it would be easy to obtain materials of high-rank monsters? …… To be frank, it doesn’t need to be me. There are other A-rank adventurers.
Because I will be useful in subjugating bandits like this time? Although I say that, it’s only by coincidence that we came across the bandits.
Contract with S-rank monsters? I’ve just told him about it, so it’s weak as the reason.
Speaking frankly, I don’t think that I have that much of a value……

“Kukuku~ It’s curious, aren’t you~”

For some reason, I was laughed at by Cedric-san. Was I making such weird face, I wonder…… I’m frowning, so it’s quite possible.
But, I think that it’s reasonable. It’s difficult for me to accept it as a profit.

“Well then, Takumi-san. Won’t you let me eat ‘French Toast’ as the compensation for my labor?”
“French Toast, is it?”

I didn’t think that a dish like that will come out off Cedric-san’s mouth.

“I hear that it’s Allen-kun’s and Elena-san’s favorite dish. They spoke about it to Theodore and Latis.”

Ahh~ Which reminds me, the topic of the children’s favorite bread came out when Allen and Elena were getting along well with Theodore-kun and Latis-kun~ So they told about it to Cedric-san, huh~
I see, being able to eat unusual food and receiving my guidance becomes my value, huh.
Even if I think ‘it’s only food,’ I ascertained its value back in the Shirin as well.

“Roger. I will make it first thing in the morning.”

If French Toast will make Cedric-san happy, why don’t I make it!

“”Furench Toast~!””

When I announce French Toast for tomorrow’s breakfast, Allen and Elena who were obediently sitting beside me were delighted.
They really love French Toast.

“Kyan! (Oniichan, I want to eat it too!)”

Following after them, Joule and Feat also appealed.
I have also received Joule’s telepathy.

The next morning, I’ve made the French Toast as promised, but rumors that I was making something unusual again spread around the mansion for some reason, and the servants of the Risner House quickly gathered.
Un, everyone what happened to your work……
In order for the mood to not become like during the curry all over again, I showed the chefs how to make it (they have pleaded with me, so I allowed it) and left it all to them. As expected, I wouldn’t want to make it for everyone all by myself!
By the way, we and the Risner family had the bread I’ve baked myself, but others used a normal, round bread.
They were further astonished by the baked bread, but the French Toast was naturally a great success.
It reached the extent that a French Toast occasionally appears on the dining table of the Risner House.

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