Chapter 72

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Return 2

Ricardo-san has properly seen my contracted beasts.
Moreover, didn’t he completely saw through Vector’s real identity!
It appears that Scarlet King Leo that is Vector can be distinguished even in the small form.
Un, I knew! Of course, I knew!
When Joule gets small he looks like a puppy, Feat looks like a kitten, however, the little Vector still looks like a lion!
Because the women I have saved didn’t make a fuss about it, I completely forgot to return him~~~
As expected, it wouldn’t be possible to deceive him after seeing this much. Un, let’s prepare for the worst and introduce them~

“Ricardo-san, those children are my contracted beasts.”
“Contracted beasts!? Eh, that harmless-looking puppy. And also that kitten, they are monsters!?”

Hearing that they are my contracted beasts, Ricardo-san finally realizes that Joule is not just a puppy, but a monster.
I could have insisted that Joule and Feat are just normal pets. However, that would spring discussion where the two came from. That’s why told him honestly.
But well, it would be safer to be quiet about what type of monsters they are.

“I’m sorry, but please return first Bolt, Vector.”

Because I’d like to avoid further troubles, I have Bolt and Vector who’s identity have been seen through return into my shadow first.
Fortunately, we weren’t near the bandits and the saved women and children, so no one except Ricardo-san and the several people who came to us got to know, so it unexpectedly didn’t become an uproar.
Allen and Elena are currently embracing Joule and Feat, so I left them as they are. I still have not given Joule his reward after all.

“So, Ricardo-san. What shall we do from now on? Do you have any instructions?”

I have plainly evaded the topic and asked Ricardo-san about his original purpose.
He probably approached us only to give his thanks for capturing the bandits.

“Ah, yes, that’s right. Takumi-san, please depart towards the town immediately and take the women and children with you.”

The people who were victims of the bandits are to return to the town first, and the bandits will be escorted later. Also, some will remain here at the hideout and watch out for the bandit remnants who will return tomorrow, so we are splitting into three groups.

“Also, I have a message from Cedric-sama. ‘Please return at once’.”
“…… Roger.”

That message without a doubt doesn’t mean “to the town,” but “to the mansion.”
Don’t make any detours and return straight to the house.

While talking with Ricardo-san, the preparations to descend the mountain has been already finished.
Well, the bandits have been properly restrained, all that was left was to prepare the women and children for the travel. They have been divided into groups of those who can’t move by themselves and those who can.
Besides, in order to return before the night falls, they couldn’t afford to be slacking off.
I descended the mountain together with children at the end of the envoy, and we returned to the town in carriages that were prepared at the bottom of the mountain.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Takumi-san, Allen-kun, Elena-san, welcome back.”

When we return to the Risner mansion, Cedric-san came to greet us first for some reason.
At glance, he seems to be smiling, but…… somehow, he’s exuding a different emotion. An angry one at that.

“…… We have returned. Cedric-san, thank you very much for dispatching your people. Thanks to that, the matter has been smoothly settled.”
“No. That’s a matter of course, so please don’t mind it. Rather, I should be the one thanking you for catching the bandits who were rampant in my territory.”

Let’s go to the office first, we went to Cedric-san’s office first just as he said, but Cedric-san’s state is really on my mind.
What is it…… as I thought, he seems to be angry……
But, the last words we have exchanged were words of gratitude. Ricardo-san thanked me for the bandit’s matter as well…… then, is it a different matter?
…… Have I done something to spoil Cedric-san’s mood?
It would be faster to just ask about it myself, huh……

“Umm…… Cedric-san. Did we unknowingly do something to you?”

Because we have arrived at the office, I asked him at once.

“No, there’s not such a thing.”
“…… Is that so?”

Cedric-san denied it. It doesn’t seem like we have done something, but……

“Yeah, it just when I tried to ask about the new bread I had received yesterday, Takumi-san and children have disappeared first thing in the morning.”

Eh!? Cedric-san is in a bad mood because of that!?

In fact, yesterday when we returned with the new bread, Cedric-san had a visitor, so we left it with Joshua-san. That day, we weren’t able to meet with Cedric-san at all.
And because today, we have gone out early in the morning, we weren’t able to meet Cedric-san again.

No, of course, I have notified the servants that we are going out, but…… Cedric-san is angry about that…… Rather, that’s the cause of his sulkiness?

“Ce, Cedric-san, I’m sorry for not directly talking to youー!!”
“No, no, there’s no need to report to me every single time Takumi-san goes out.”
“N, no! I should have given you a word before leaving.”

Yeah, he had some impressions about bread, but he couldn’t meet me. What to say about this reason…… I couldn’t even imagine it.

“Then, please keep me company and slowly talk to me about the bread later, okay?”

When Cedric-san shelves the matter regarding the bread, he then fixedly stares at Joule, and Feat Allen and Elena are holding.

“So, Takumi-san. I heard that it was a puppy who informed the town about that matter? It’s the one Allen-kun is holding, right? You also had a kitten…… you have not had any animals with you until now, didn’t you? Since you have sent it on an errand, it’s not like you have picked them up today, right? Just where these children were until now?”

Because there were no animals with us since the day we arrived at Cedric-san’s mansion, he’s curious about where they have been staying until now.
Well, since my contracted beasts have been exposed to by Ricardo-san and he will surely let Cedric-san know later, I have no intention of concealing Joule and co.’s existence now.

“These children are contracted beasts.”
“Contracted beasts?”
“Yes, that’s right. Therefore, I don’t usually summon them.”
“Is that so? Weren’t you reserved at our home?”
“No, that’s not the case. There are not many opportunities to summon them within a town, so. Ah, in addition to these two, I also have another two contracted beasts.”

Ah, it’s only natural, but I keep silent about Kaiser.

“They are obedient and adorable for being monsters, aren’t they? I’m not much knowledgeable about monsters, but what kind of monsters are they?”

The problem is Joule’s and others’ race. Now then, what should I do?
I would like to keep it secret from as many people as possible, but――I don’t think it’s necessary to keep it a secret from people who are taking a good care of me.
I know that Cedric-san isn’t a person who would make a fuss about it even if he gets surprised.
In that case, shouldn’t I normally tell him?

“Allen-kun, Elena-san. What kind of monsters are those children?”
“”…… Nnya?””

While worried about what should I do, Cedric-san suddenly switched his question to the children.
Allen and Elena alternated between Cedric-san’s and my face. And then――

“”Umm, you see~……””
“Cel taiga~!”

When Allen held up Joule and showed him to Cedric-san, Joule cried in greetings. Then, when Elena held up and introduced Feat, Feat also cried in greetings.


Cedric-san raised his voice in surprise at the children’s words. Following after that, he turned towards me while making gigigi sounds.

“Ah, by the way, the other two are――Bolt, Vector, come out~”

Taking advantage of Allen’s and Elena’s actions, I summon Bolt and Vector and show them to Cedric-san.


Cedric-san who saw Bolt and Vector was lost for words at last.
Unexpectedly, the impact seems to have been really large.

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