Chapter 71

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After seeing Joule off, I decided to distribute emergency food to the people who were held as prisoners. Because they seem to have not eaten anything decent for a while.
I will have Feat and Bolt continue watching over the bandits and surroundings, and I think of asking Allen and Elena to help me.
…… Vector is sprawled next to the bandits. He seems to be sleeping, so I will leave him alone.

“Allen, Elena. Come and help me for a bit~”

Now then, what should I cook? I think something easy to digest sounds good, but…… would a tasty soup with well-boiled ingredients be good?

“”What doing~?””
“Could you two grind this?”
“”Yea, got it~””

I will have Allen and Elena make fish balls.
I fillet the Arrowfish we obtained in the Dungeon of Ripples and ask the two to grind them with a pestle. I don’t have a food processor, so we use a mortar and pestle for grinding medicinal plants as a substitute.
Mortar and pestle――I have acquired a few sets for when making curry spices.

While Allen and Elena are working, I put water in a pot and chop vegetables one after another.

“Allen, Elena. How is it?”

I take a peek at the fish the cooperating children ground.

“Oh, it looks good~”
“”Onii~chan, done~?””
“Yeah, it’s done~ thank you.”

I receive the fish paste Allen and Elena made, mix it with eggs, minced ginger, and salt…… and it’s done!
From what I remember, the method of making fish balls included potato starch, but I don’t have it so it can’t be helped. I do have corn, though~ Let’s look for the potato starch next time and use this for today!

“Allen, Elena. Next, do this like that……”

The vegetables are boiled just right, so I show them how to scoop the fish balls on a spoon and put them into the pot.

“Make them into mouthful sizes and put them in. Can you do it?”
“”Can do~””
“The hot water will jump out if you put the fish balls in the pot too vigorously, so do it slowly, okay?”
“Alright! Then, let’s do it.”

The three of us peacefully insert the fish balls into the pot.

After the fish balls are cooked, I adjust the salty taste…… and it’s done!
The seasoning is simple with salt. I could have made it with soy sauce or miso too, but they should be more used to eating the saltiness.

“”Looks delish~””
“Thank you. Would Allen and Elena like to eat too once we distribute it to everyone?”

Without delay, I serve the soup in bowls and distribute it to the children and women.
The tableware I had at hand wasn’t enough, but I somehow managed by using cups as soup bowls. I should get a little bit more tableware, don’t I?
A chance for distributing emergency food like that might not happen again, but I will purchase more immediately after returning just in case.
Also, on occasion, let’s purchase proper furniture, so I don’t have to use a wooden box instead of a kitchen table. I would also like nice stools for Allen and Elena.

“”Delish~ right~””
“Nnya~” “Piii.” “Garu~n♪”

Allen and Elena start eating together with all contracted beasts except Joule.
When I was about to deliver the soup to Vector, he was standing on alert before the pot before I noticed…… what a calculating personality Vector has~
Once Joule returns, I will let him eat lots as a reward.

After the meal had finished, their complexions got a little better, and they also seem to have calmed down. They thanked us for the meal, and said “It was delicious” as their impressions.

After the meal, we have spent the time slowly.
Then, before the sun started setting, I could see the soldiers climbing the mountain. It seems Joule returned and brought along people.

(Master, I have returned~!)

Joule who swiftly returned plunged into my chest.
At that time, a boyish voice resounded directly in my head.

(I was able to do it properly~ Praise me, praise me~!)

I heard the voice again. This is Telepathy.
The owner of the voice is definitely Joule.

“There, there. Joule, thank you~”
“Kyau~n, kyau~n”

When I pat Joule who wonderfully accomplished his errand, he let out a comfortable cry.
In the meanwhile, when I confirm Joule’s status, there was Telepathy as I thought.

(Joule, when did you become able to use Telepathy?)

There are others around, so I use Telepathy as well and try asking Joule.

(Just a little bit ago! I was able to use it while returning! With this, I can chat with Master~)
(That’s right~)

It appears he learned it while on the errand. With this, I’m able to communicate with Joule without speaking.
Until now, the proficiency of my Telepathy skill was low and I could use Telepathy only in a one-way. However, because Joule and others understand my speech, I didn’t find the need for Telepathy.
Although it’s a perfect skill to give instructions to others without letting others know.

(By the way, Joule. Could you stop calling me Master?)
(Why~? Gushujinsama doesn’t like it~?)

I decided to change Joule’s way of addressing me.
Although no one would hear our conversation, being called Master is a little bit embarrassing, so I would like to be called differently. Urgently.

(N~ Rather than not liking it, I won’t be able to get accustomed to it, or won’t be able to feel calm? Just Takumi is fine.)

When I told him he could call me by my name, Joule raised a displeased voice. He apparently doesn’t like to call me by my name.

(You don’t like that? Then, do you have an easy way of addressing me that isn’t Master?)
(N~~~ Then, can I call you Oniichan?)
(Yeah, you can.
(Ya~y. Oniicha~n.)

I’m used to be called “Oniichan,” so I would prefer that over Master. In the first place, Joule and others also seem like younger siblings to me.
By the way, according to Joule, Feat and others are also apparently calling me Master.
It’s possible that Feat and others will learn Telepathy too, so I spoke to them and told them not to call me Master.
Then, the other three also settled on the “Older brother” relationship.
I’m interested in how they will address me now, but I will look forward to the day the three animals can speak to me directly.

(Ah, Allen, Elena. I’m back~)

Joule switches his gaze to Allen and Elena and jumps into their embrace.

(That’s right! It’s me!)
“”Ohh~ Jou~le, welcome back~””
(I’m back~)

Although surprised by Joule’s Telepathy, Allen and Elena immediately started playing with Joule who safely returned.


While watching over the children, my name was suddenly called.

“Eh!? Ricardo-san?”

When I look back, I saw that the soldiers were already here. It appears they arrived while I was talking with Joule. Among them was a Knight of the Risner House――Ricardo-san.
It must have been Ricardo-san who called me. Apparently, not only soldiers were dispatched to secure the bandits, but Knights as well.

“Were you dispatched by Cedric-san?”
“Yes, that’s correct. It’s only natural for us to come when Takumi-dono is awaiting support after catching bandits.”

Natural…… is it? Rather, they have already reported to Cedric-san, huh……
Umm…… this matter won’t raise any ruckus, nor it’s something to get angry about, right?

“Did Cedric-san say something?”
“He was grateful. The actions of these bandits were recently too flashy, so the damage they caused increased. I would like to thank you as well. Thank you very much.”

Ricardo-san lowered his head, and I panicked.

“N, no. It’s only by accident that we have encountered them……”
“But still. It’s thanks to Takumi-dono that these people were safely rescued. By the way, Takumi-dono. These animals are…… putting the puppy and kitten aside, is that bird perhaps a Thunderhawk? Also, that red one is still young, but it looks like a Scarlet King Leo to me……”

…… Crap.

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