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Marianora’s Observation Records 1
I’m Marianora. I’m the God of Creation of this world, Aetherdia.
I have four children who are supporting me.
Fire God Salamanteel, Water God Windell, Wind God Sylphreel, Earth God Nomoodle.
All of them are adorable kids.
One of such children of mine apparently has children! That means, my grandchildren. Grandchildren!
I would like to hold them in my hands and love them to my heart’s content, but…… how unfortunate. It looks like there are circumstances and I’m unable to meet them~
I will eventually get to meet them, I decided to look forward to it.

Then, one day――

“My, oh my?”
“Marianora-sama, did something happen?”

Because I suddenly spoke out, the head retainer of Light who was on my side, Luce worriedly called out to me.

“Sylphreel you see, I feel like he failed again~?”
“Sylphreel-sama did……”

One of my children, the most enthusiastic and diligent at his work, the child who rules over the wind. Because he’s a bit of a scatterbrain, he fails once every millennium, doesn’t he~
This time, he tried to fix a distortion, but he made a mistake in the amount of power, didn’t he? My, my because of that, a person got involved, huh.
He’s a hopeless child, isn’t he? Should I be happy that only one person got involved? It appears he’s getting reincarnated, so let’s give that man a blessing as well.
Oh my, does Sylphreel perhaps intend on leaving those children in that man’s care?
Yeah, I was right after all. One way or another, we are all worried about those children, aren’t we?

“My, my, I’m sorry. It appears that Sylphreel made a mistake in the amount of power he used.”
“Eh!! Is there any damage!?”
“One man from another world got involved.”
“First of all, I will talk with a person in charge of that place~”

Although it’s just one person, a dweller of another world has gotten involved, I have to talk with a god of that place.
Thinking such, I left things in Luce’s care and prepared to cross over.


◇ ◇ ◇


The person Sylphreel got involved and apologized to――Takumi-san, he’s a person from Earth, right?
Now then, what should I do? There are numerous gods on Earth. I’m troubled at whom am I supposed to meet~?
Let’s see~ Takumi-san is Japanese, so should I meet someone from there? Japan, huh…… umm…… would Amaterasu-sama be good to meet? It would be easy to meet if it’s that person since we are already acquaintances.
I immediately went towards Amaterasu-sama’s place.

“Excuse me for intruding.”
“N? Ohh! Isn’t that Marianora-sama! Long time no see!”
“Yes, it has been a long time. Amaterasu-sama, please excuse me for the sudden visit.”
“I don’t mind, don’t mind. Come whenever you please. So, what is your visit about?”

Amaterasu-sama welcomed me who suddenly came over.
Amaterasu-sama is a person with long, glossy black hair and obsidian-like eyes, she a serene-like goddess. We are both goddesses, but she’s a woman I admire very much.
Especially that voluptuous chest and those killer hips! So enviable~~~
Ahh, it’s not the time to be thinking about such a thing.

“I’m truly sorry, Amaterasu-sama. Today, I came to give you an apology.”
“Yes. Actually, one of my children involved one of the humans from here while repairing a distortion.”
“Hm? Wait a moment……――Ah, so it’s that. Yeah, it certainly happened. I didn’t notice because it wasn’t a large number of people but just one. Don’t worry about the casualty. I feel sorry for him, but it won’t have any influence here, so it’s fine. Rather, I should be sorry for being late with dealing with the distortion from our side.”
“No, don’t mention it.”

It appears that Amaterasu-sama hasn’t been aware of this event yet. I’m glad she isn’t angry because of the casualty~
Even if just one soul disconnects from the cycle of life, the resources of that world could decrease. When that happens, it would mean an outbreak of chaos. It’s just a minor detail, but Amaterasu-sama’s work has definitely increased. Despite that, Amaterasu-sama said not to mind it in that way. What a nice person~

“So, what happened to him?”
“The plan is to reincarnate him in my world. We are preparing for that now.”
“Ah, since his soul got completely altered, it’s not possible for him to return, huh. Yep, I understand. Well, if it’s you, I don’t have to worry about him being treated unfairly. I leave him in your care.”
“Yes. I will properly look after him.”

He has already received my blessing, so I will immediately know if something happens to him and I think that Sylphreel with a strong sense of responsibility also won’t take his eyes off him, so it should be fine.

“So, Marianora-sama. I wonder if you have time for a cup of tea?”
“Yes. Would it be all right for me to keep you company?”
“Of course it is! I will prepare it right away.”

I was invited for tea by Amaterasu-sama, so I spent a little of leisure time.

“Oh my. This is very delicious, isn’t it?”
“Isn’t that right? This is ○○do‘s roll cake! This has been recently my favorite!”
“There are many of very delicious things, aren’t there~ The Gâteau○○○ pudding I received last time was also superb~”

It’s really delicious~ Even though I could eat it whenever I wanted if this was over in my world…… I can only say that it’s unfortunate.

“That was certainly delicious too. One delicious thing after another come from Japan, so I have to be careful not to overeat.”
“That sounds so nice~ Over at my place, such development doesn’t happen that often~ I’m envious~”
“Japan is nationally prominent at producing various things after all. But, when it comes to the number of ingredients, there should be much more at your place. Fumu. He, who went over there. I don’t know his skills nor taste, but he’s Japanese. Isn’t there a possibility that he could contribute over there?”
“Oh my? That’s certainly true. I would be happy if that were the case~”

Because Amaterasu-sama said that Japanese are a nation that pursues delicious things, won’t Earth’s dishes be reproduced on Aetherdia thanks to him?
My, oh my, that’s serious! Once I return, let’s inquire about his skill a little. Right, in case he doesn’t have a cooking skill, let’s give him one! Like that, he could reproduce at least some simple dishes, right? Oh my, I somehow got really excited~


◇ ◇ ◇


“”Welcome back.””
“Luce, I’m home~ Oh my, Fonse came too.”

Luce and the head retainer of Darkness, Fonse welcomed me.

“Yes. So, Marianora-sama. How did it go?”
“Everything’s fine~ I’ve got the permission.”
“That’s good news.”

Luce and Fonse showed relief.
Well, if a god from over there got angry, we wouldn’t know what could happen after all.

“Right, right. Here, take this to Sylphreel’s place and have him forward it to that person please.”
“This is?”
“Japanese food. Amaterasu-sama took into consideration that he would be suddenly separated from his birthplace, so she prepared various things.”
“Is that so? I will immediately deliver it.”
“Ah, please tell Sylphreel to come over later.”

After that, although I didn’t summon Sylphreel to scold him, he came over while making a pathetic expression.
Seriously~ what a hopeless child. If you have the time to be worrying about, watch over Takumi-san’s situation properly. Even if we entrusted those children to Takumi-san, we still can’t be lax, right?

“By the way, Sylphreel. Do you know whether Takumi-san has a cooking skill?”
“Cooking, is it? He has it. He should be quite skilled at that, you know?”
“Oh my, really?”

That’s a good news~ I look forwards to the future~♪

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