Idle Talk 10

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Marianora’s Observation Records 2
My grandchildren――Windell’s children have been entrusted to Takumi-san by Sylphreel.
After that happened, the children become lively beyond recognition. Their malnourished bodies have considerably improved and their taciturn expression gradually became childish.
Sylphreel’s baton is moving in a good direction, isn’t it?
And, above all――

“They look happy, don’t they?”
“Oh my, does it look like that to you?”

As Luce said, the children look very happy.

“Yes. I feel that Takumi-dono really loves those children.”
“You think so too~”

In spite of pushing our circumstances on Takumi-san, he’s treating the children very preciously. They look like real siblings.
Even though it would be normal to be little perfunctory about it, I don’t see a bit of it.
All I see is that he wholeheartedly loves them.
The possibility of their power running wild has not changed, but it’s obvious that I would rather see my grandchildren being happy.
We have been blessed with a really good person~ I can feel at peace.


◇ ◇ ◇


Oh my, sweet buns have finally arrived to Aetherdia!
Ah, Cream bread is there too!
I’m really glad that Takumi-san is skilled at cooking!
Oh my! He made Anpan as well!
What should I do~ Having Anko means that there’s a possibility of wagashi being made~ Manjuu, Dorayaki, Youkan…… can I expect those?
I’m looking forward to it~ Takumi-san, please do your best!
My, my! It’s jelly this time. The things called sweets have been finally born on my world as well.
It’s sweets, sweets! What a wonderfully sounding word~
I wonder why there are only dry and crumbling cookies in my world? Don’t be satisfied with just that, I would like if you had more spirit~
Compared to that, Takumi-san is really amazing~ to use slimes as ingredients~ his creative power is very rich~ how wonderful~
Now, now! Don’t be reserved and quickly spread that throughout my world, okay? If it doesn’t become established in the world, I won’t be able to eat!

“Marianora-sama, what’s the matter!?”
“My jelly has……”

Fruit jelly, milk jelly, black tea jelly…… the jelly made in large amount has…… all of those got stored in Takumi-san’s Infinite Storage.
At this point of time, Takumi-san had a chance to popularize the Cream bread and he’s currently in the middle of being rolled up in something troublesome. He can’t show off the newly made jelly in that……
I understand Takumi-san’s thoughts, however~~~ with great troubles! To not be able to eat sweets that have appeared in my world with great troubles…… no way~
Oh well~ since it came to this, we have no choice but to make it ourselves!

“Say, Luce. The jelly Takumi-san made, won’t you try making the same thing?”
“I mean~ I can’t wait until it spreads throughout the world~”
“No…… however, making things is in Marianora-sama’s area……”

Oh my, that was the case, wasn’t it~ I’m the God of Creation after all.

“Then, I shall do my best after a long time.”
“Eh! Ehh!? Y, you are going to make it!?”
“Oh my, didn’t Luce say to make it myself~”
“W, wait a moment pleaseー!!”
“What~? Luce, what’s the matter? Why are you raising your voice like that?”
“If Marianora-sama’s makes poor use of your powers, the redundant power will erupt volcanos, raise tsunamis, split the ground, and incur tornados~ Somehow! Somehow, please wait~~~”

My, my, I was stopped by the crying Luce~
My power is fit to create continents, spread oceans, and make large things. That’s why, when creating little things, the leftover power would spill out no matter what, won’t it~
That would just a slight~ly affect the surface~ But, if I properly pay attention, it would have only little effects, so I think it would be all right in the end~
Since Luce is pleading so much, I will endure for a little longer……


◇ ◇ ◇


Oh my? My, oh my, It appears that the children are learning magic.
If they learn to control their magical power, the possibility of running wild will greatly decrease.
Yeah, yeah. I’m glad~ I can set aside my worries for the continent to sink under heavy floods for the time being~? Ah~ but, but~ the possibility of drought still remains?
N~ they are stable now, so I think it should be alright though~ well, I can’t be negligent, but it’s not necessary to be vigilant as before~
Nevertheless…… fufufu~ the children look very happy, don’t they~ Moreover, they completely look like younger siblings~ how pleasant~
Ah, that’s right!

“Say, Luce. Is there currently someone among retainers in child rearing and education~?”
“No, there isn’t. We have a little to no relation to that area after all. Someone suitable hasn’t appeared yet.”
“What about Takumi-san? Doesn’t his affinity seem very appealing?”
“Takumi-dono, is it……? He certainly has the affinity, but he’s Sylphreel-sama’s retainer, you know?”
“Oh my. But, he’s also a person with my blessing~”

I think that it’s a very good idea~ Yeah, I think I should do it. Let’s entrust it to Takumi-san right away……
――Yup, and done!

“Ma, Marianora-sama!?”
“Fufufu~ I entrusted Nurture and Education to him. Tehe☆”
“W, we have to let Sylphreel-sama know~~~”

Luce went to Sylphreel’s place in a hurry.
I wonder what reaction will Sylphreel and Takumi-san have~? I’m looking forward to it a bit~


◇ ◇ ◇


“Oh my, isn’t that Salamanteel? What’s the matter today?”

One of my children, the Fire God Salamanteel visited me.

“Marianora-sama knows of Syl’s retainer who reincarnated here from a different world, right?”

I wondered what it was, is it about Takumi-san?

“Of course~ What about him?”
“That fellow’s contributions related to cooking are incredible, so I thought about giving him a reward, you see.”
“That’s right~ Takumi-san is spreading various dishes, isn’t he~ Isn’t that good~?”
“Marianora-sama is well-informed.”
“That’s because he’s a person I placed my expectations on~”

Jam buns, dried fruit, and nut bread are spreading relatively quickly, and most recently, the Cream bread has been getting popular~
It can’t be helped that the spreading is slow because of the world’s limited goods~ but still, it’s steadily spreading, so I have no complaints~
Anpan will soon follow.
Jelly hasn’t come to light yet, so it unfortunately still has a way to go. I’m happy that French Toast is spreading though~ well, that’s about it.
Because it seems that Takumi-san is also doing various dishes on the side, I’m in approval of Salamanteel’s wish to reward him~

“Heeh~ is that so~ Syl, that fellow- he told me that he would talk about it with the retainer next time he spoke with him and told me to wait until then.”
“Fufu, I understand what Sylphreel wanted to say~ Takumi-san would get shocked if gifts suddenly appeared in front of him~”
“I understand that too, but I would like to send it immediately after making contact. That’s why I came wondering if Marianora-sama could give me a word the moment the communication comes~”

Fufufu. It’s rare for Salamanteel to ask for a favor, but the contents are adorable, aren’t they~

“Is that no good?”
“I don’t mind that much~ It’s Salamanteel’s request after all~ I will ask Sylphreel about his retainer later.”
“Thank you, Marianora-sama.”

Territory and possessions are irrelevant to Takumi-san, so he’s always active~ What a truly reliable existence~
Would it be better for me to prepare a reward as well? Let’s think about it a little.

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