Chapter 74

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Ordered Goods
“Ou, it’s Niichan, huh. I was waiting for you.”

Today, we are visiting the blacksmith which we visited on the day we arrived in Bailey.
It’s in order to receive the accessories made from Kaiser’s scales and Evil Viper’s skin equipment I have requested.
When we enter the store, Boss was repairing weapons lined up on the shelf. Even though there seem to be other people to tend the store, he also has a disciple like Rudius-san, and yet Boss is performing the actions with a good feeling as if learned by heart.

“Oy, Rudi. Niichan has come~ Quickly bring your work of art over~!”
“W, wait a moment please~!!”

In order to bring the items we have ordered, Boss immediately called Rudius-san who inside. Rudius-san’s voice returned from a distance.

“Sorry about that. It seems that the fellow worked to the very last moment.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”

Rudius-san was apparently working to the very last moment.
Boss said so exhaustedly, but I’m looking forward to it if he’s so concerned about it.

“Then, I will hand you over this first.”

Saying that, Boss pointed at the gloves, breastplate, and gauntlet from Evil Viper skin lined at the counter. In addition, a gauntlet for Allen made from a different material.
I pick up the articles one by one and confirm their completion.

“Thank you very much. All of them have been made nicely.”
“That’s excellent to hear. Evil Viper’s skin is really good material. I’ve been able to get a good experience too. Thank you.”

When I thank for the various articles, Boss gave me his impressions about Evil Viper’s skin in return.
This and that about tanning, manufacturing progress…… he talked a lot. I didn’t understand over half of that, but I couldn’t find the timing to stop him, so I decided to listen to Boss’ impressions for a while.

“So, Niichan. Did you not bring the hawk you are keeping?”
“…… Speaking of being here, then he is.”

Boss was satisfied after talking about the manufacturing, but his next topic was about the hawk. Namely, it’s about Bolt.

“N? Is he outside? Since you have the chance, how about trying it?”
“…… Umm, is it fine inside the store?”
“I don’t mind. Since it’s a hawk Niichan is keeping, I feel like it will be something incredible. Please, try it out by all means.”

Yesterday, the existence of my contracted beasts came to light, so even if I’m unwilling…… isn’t it fine?

“In that case……――Bolt.”

Boss has given me his permission, so I put the gauntlet on my arm and called Bolt at once.


When Bolt flew out of my shadow, Boss raised his voice in surprise. It’s startling after all~
Speaking of Bolt, he nimbly turned around in the narrow space of the store and lightly landed on top of my arm.
Un, the gauntlet feels nice. With this, Bolt will be able to land on my arm even if I’m not wearing a coat.

“Oy, oy, oy! Niichan, isn’t that a Thunderhawk!”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“…… Niichan is full of surprises. I really didn’t think that a Thunderhawk would come out. Haa~ to think there would be a day I would be able to get so close to a Thunderhawk……”

It appears that Boss has expected that I would bring a monster instead of an ordinary hawk, but as I thought, he didn’t expect that I would bring the pinnacle of the hawk class monsters.
Because he was already plentily startled by the materials I have brought――Leviathan’s scale, Evil Viper’s skin, Mithril Spider’s thread, he nodded in consent just a little while after being surprised by Bolt. Far from that, he began observing Bolt.

“Onii~chan! Allen too~”
“Oh, right. Allen wants to try it too?”

After I move Bolt from my arm to my shoulder, I place a gauntlet on Allen’s arm he presented.

“Bolt~ come~”

When Allen called Bolt, Bolt moved from my shoulder to Allen’s arm.
When Bolt landed on the arm of the small Allen, Bolt looked truly big~

“Ohh~! Bolt, good child~”

Allen started patting Bolt who landed on top of his arm.

“Elena too~ Bolt, good child~”

Elena got closer to Allen and Bolt too and started patting Bolt.
While the calm and gentle mood just started flowing, Rudius-san came out from the depths of the store.

“Thank you for waiti…… wha!! Why is a Thunderhawk in here!?”

He noticed Bolt before anything else.

“Niichan is keeping that one.”
“Eh! Ehh!?”
“Rather than that Rudi, you are late. Will you not promptly show the articles!”
“Y, yesss, I’m sorry. These are the requested articles.”

Pestered by Boss, Rudius-san swallowed his surprise and lined up three pendants on top of the counter.
The first one is a diamond-shaped fragment of the scale with detailed patterns engraved on the framework. It’s a simple design with a few decorations.
The second one is a drop shaped fragment of the scale intertwined with a vine and small flower motifs. This one is surely Elena’s.
The third one is a circle shaped fragment with a snake…… no, a water dragon’s motif? Its lengthy body is looped, it’s the design where the dragon holds its tail in its mouth.

“Heeh~ All of them look nice, don’t they?”

I think all of them are wonderful. Allen and Elena were sure to peek at the counter and raised their voices in admiration.
I’m satisfied overall, but there’s one thing on my mind. There’s a small, colorless gem used in what I believe is Elena’s pendant, but it feels as if it were loose. That’s probably because it’s a glass bead.

“The gem used for this flower is glass, isn’t it?”
“Ah~…… you could tell after all……”
“Why did you not use a jewel instead?”
“…… Because the price would rise if a jewel was used, I hesitated to use it because of my own selfishness. Besides, this is the young lady’s so…… umm, you see……”
“Hey, Rudi! Will you spit it out clearly!!”
“Whoa! Y, yes! I thought that there are no jewels suitable for children!! I’m sorry~!!”

It appears he understood that it’s for a child, so he hesitated to use a jewel.

“Can you replace it?”
“Yes, I can do that immediately.”

I understand Rudius-san’s opinion on jewels and children, but we can’t let it be in this loose state.
I would like to replace it if I can. Something expensive is a bit…… but, it will lose to the water dragon……

“About that jewel, what do you want to use? There are not many kinds around the workshop, but……”
“Let’s see…… what does Elena want to do?”
“I’d like to exchange this glass, what color do you like?”
“Umm, you see…… ah, Elena likes pearls~!”

Since it’s for Elena anyway, I asked for her favorite color, but she didn’t answer me with color, but a type of jewel. That answer was slightly unexpected!
But, as for a pearl, I think it will compliment the design’s mood very well. I do have pearls the size of rice grain with suitable color at me too.

“Pearl, is it? I think pearls would be oversized, however…… in the first place, pearls are expensive even among other jewels, you know?”

I see. Pearls are high class even among other jewels, huh. I didn’t know that.

“I thought of using this.”

First of all, I retrieved several pearls the size of a rice grain from the《Infinite Storage》.
The colors are white, pink and yellow, that’s about it?

“Eh! Ehh!? What the hell is this~!!”
“Umu~…… these are~ pearls, aren’t they? It’s my first time seeing such small ones. Moreover, so many in different colors……”
“Eh!? These are pearls!? Seriously!?”
“Niichan is seriously…… it’s weird to take out these amazing things one after another, okay!”

No I mean, I would like to use what I have at me, you know~ If there’s an opportunity to use it and I won’t assertively use it then, it will go straight to the storage.

“I think the size should be fine, but what do you think?”
“Y, yes. It should be fine if it’s like this.”
“Then, Elena. Which color do you like?”
“Elena likes this~”

Rudius-san said that the size is fine after taking a look at the pearls, so when I let Elena choose the color, she chose a pink pearl.

“Ah, yes, this is it then? In that case, I will attach it at once. I will stick through the string too, so would it be alright to take measures for the length?”

He braided the Mithril Spider’s thread and it became like a plaited cord.

“The children are already wearing pendants, but what would you like to do? Let them wear two?”
“Eh!? Ah……”

I forgot that Allen and Elena are already wearing pendants with sealed magic effects.
Ah~ wearing any more than this will be obstructive~

“N~…… ah, right! Could I ask you to shorten the strings?”
“What do you want to do?”
“I thought of attaching them to their bags as decorations.”

If it’s fastened next to their magic bags similarly to a keychain, it won’t get in their way.
The plan was to hang it from their necks and hide it under their clothes, so there won’t be a problem if it’s hidden by the hem of their shirts.

“I see. I understand. Umm, which one does the boy prefer?”
“Ah, that’s right. Allen, this or this, which one do you like better?”

Which reminds me, Elena has already decided, but I haven’t asked what Allen which likes better.
I immediately presented the two pendants to Allen and let him choose which one he likes more.

“N, you see~ Kaiza~”

Allen chose the one with the water dragon design.
Nevertheless…… Kaiser, huh. As Allen said, the water dragon’s motif looks just like Kaiser. Leviathan’s appearances were unexpectedly transmitted accurately.

“Ah…… it’s the name of a water dragon from a picture book.”
“Ah, is that so? This one it is then.”

I was able to deceive him well if I say so myself, all is good.
Rudius-san went immediately to work, but he finished without taking too much time. We have received the ordered goods, all that’s left was to pay, but――
I wanted to pay with the powder from water dragon’s scales and pay the rest with money as planned at first, Boss and Rudius-san have stopped me.
They requested me to sell them not only the powder, but also the scraps from the Evil Viper’s skin and the remains of the Mithril Spider thread’s plaited cord instead. Not the unused skin and thread from cutting, but the remnants from the manufacturing process. Isn’t that garbage…… is what I thought, but the two made me silent with their serious eyes. Even if it has no use to me, it’s enough material to use for them.
This is that, isn’t it? The feeling I had when I saw the garbage dump site of the mermaids. Our positions have reversed though.
However, as I thought, I was hesitant to “sell” that to them, so I decided to give it to them. As thanks for doing a good job!
Also, because Bolt has started grooming before I noticed, they appealed to let them have a feather that fell of Bolt by all means. This, as expected, wasn’t possible to gift them, so I decided to sell it.
As a result, I made a considerable amount of money instead.

I received the goods I have ordered and got money…… Iya~ how strange~

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