Chapter 59

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Feudal Lord of Bailey
The next day.
After eating breakfast in the dining room of the inn, we were relaxing in the room.
Then, the sub-master of the Adventurer’s Guild came to visit.
Apparently, they went to the dungeon overnight or early in the morning and seemed to have finished checking.
The dungeon is nearby after all. Just going to take a look shouldn’t take much time.
And they are on their way to report to the feudal lord now. It seems they have applied for an appointment yesterday and decided on meeting this morning.
So, we were told to go along. “Why me as well?” when I asked, “What is the discoverer asking about!!” I got scolded.
No, I wasn’t aware I have to accompany you.

That being the case, we have arrived at the lord’s mansion.
Well, I really didn’t feel like resisting and thought that saying hello to the feudal lord might not be bad, so I went along obediently, though.
Thus, after being shown to a room and told to wait, a middle-aged man in his thirties along with an elderly man soon entered the room.
I have not used appraisal, but judging by the garments, the young man looks more like the Feudal Lord-sama. But this person, haven’t I seen him before somewhere……

“You are Takumi-san? How do you do? Cedric Risner is my name.”
“Eh? …… Risner?”

Feudal Lord-sama speaks as if he knew about me.
I have not met him before, but his surname is Risner. And his silver hair and grayish blue eyes, perhaps……?

“Oh my? Have you not heard from Isaac?”
“…… He said you are only Acquaintances.”
“That fellow again…… I’m really sorry for my younger brother. He surely kept silent to surprise you.”

Younger brother!!
That means this Feudal Lord-sama is Shirin’s Knights Order’s Risner-sama’s brother!
Ah, I see. That’s why Risner-sama wrote me a letter of introduction when I told him that I’m going to Bailey~
I was a little bit surprised that Risner-sama was the one who wrote me the letter of introduction since Derrick-sama and Wald-sama who are of a high peerage rank, and the advisor of the order Callan-sama were there.
At that time, I simply thought that he was just writing to someone he knows.
I thought that Risner-sama had a good relationship with the Feudal Lord-sama of Bailey judging by his way of speech…… but, to think they were family……
If they are relatives, Risner-sama was the most suitable to write a letter of introduction, wasn’t he?

“In Shirin, Risner-sama…… I am indebted to Isaac-sama very much.”
“No, no, it was in a letter, but I inquired about Takumi-san. You are Isaac’s lifesaver. Thank you very much for helping my brother.”
“Ah, raise your head please!!”

I was surprised at him suddenly lowering his head right after greeting me. I hurry up and stop Oniisan.

“It is I who should thank Risner-sama…… ah~ I’m sorry. Is it alright to call you Cedric-sama?”

Ah~…… it would be confusing calling both brothers Risner-sama…… however, calling him by his name without permission would be impolite. First, let’s ask for permission……

“Yes, certainly. Honorifics are unnecessary too.”
“No, that much is……”
“Then, let’s settle on “san.” Of course, I don’t mind if you call Isaac that way as well. I give you permission as his elder brother.”
“No, but……”
“Let’s get along.”

He has a gentle smile, but an overbearing way of calling has been decided. Un, it doesn’t seem that I will be able to refuse.
But, it would be impossible without honorifics, so please forgive me for adding “san.”

“I was under Isaac-san’s care. I had also received a letter of introduction when leaving Shirin. It’s a little late, but this is the letter.”

It’s different from my plan, but I hand over the letter I got from Isaac-san to Cedric-san.

“That’s right, that! I’ve heard from Isaac that he gave you a letter of introduction, so when you arrived at this town, I thought you would immediately visit me, you know?”
“Huh? He certainly asked me to visit you, but…… I didn’t have any plans on receiving a favor, you know?”

Just receiving aid would make me feel awkward and I had no plans on making things difficult for him.


Are we misunderstanding something……?

“…… Umm, let’s rely on him if something occurs…… is what you were thinking?”
“…… Well, you could say that.”

I feel like I’m counting on the noble’s authority, but that’s really it when speaking frankly…… helping when in trouble. When there’s really, really no other way. I thought to ask for help only then.

“…… Isaac that fellow”

It seems that Isaac-san has told Cedric-san something different.
Isaac-san…… what have you told him……

“May I ask what Isaac-san has written in the letter?”
“Yes. About the happenings in Shirin, Takumi-san’s arrival to Bailey, and he asked me to lend you a hand. Those were the contents.”

Indeed, those contents make it seems as if it has already been decided that I would come to visit the feudal lord.
…… Huh? Perhaps…… did I mistake the meaning behind the letter of introduction?
Regardless of what I plan on doing, I should have visited here first, or something……?
Uwa~ have I done it……

“There was a report from the gatekeeper that Takumi-san has arrived, but that was the reason you weren’t coming, I see.”
“…… Eh?”

Wait a minute!
While I was worried about the interpretation of the letter of introduction, Cedric-san said something that can’t be disregarded.

“Cedric-san, what do you mean by the gatekeeper’s report……”
“I had notified the gatekeepers to let me know when Takumi-san arrives in the town immediately.”

Wow. Cedric-san, you have given such orders……

“That was futile as well, though.”
“…… I’m sorry.”
“No, no. I was selfishly waiting so don’t mind it. But that being the case, I would have been nice if you visited. Oh yeah, Takumi-san made a new bread in Shirin and spread it, right? Actually, it was also written in Isaac’s letter, and because a detailed recipe wasn’t necessary, it has already spread through our town.”
“Ah, yes. I saw it selling in a shop.”

It was only jam buns, and bread with dried fruit and nuts mixed in, but as fruits and nuts are abundant here, the variety definitely increased.

“Takumi-san. If possible, won’t you please tell me the recipes of the things called Cream bread and Anpan? Of course, I will reward you.”
“I would like to ask about this. A reward is not necessary. It’s just, about the shops, but……”
“I heard from Isaac about this as well. If there’s no fuss about the store, I will introduce it to a wholesale store that sells bread to our house, the other stores will be properly supported by the Risner house.”

Because Allen and Elena love Cream bread, I want to make it efficient to replenish. That’s why I intended to have it made in a shop somewhere.
Regarding the custard cream, I think I’m willing to publish the recipe, but that would make it difficult to Road-san, wouldn’t it~ I should take this proposal from Cedric-san and teach him how to manage the recipe safely, right?
As for the red bean paste, you just need to boil sweet red legume, so I thought it would appear in other shops even without the recipe, but…… that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“I’m fine with a store that Cedric-san recommends.”
“Ayy~ I’m looking forward to it. Isaac boasted in the letter how delicious it is, so I was extremely interested, you know?”

Eeh!? It’s just a normal Cream bread and Anpan, you know? Isaac-san, why are you raising the hurdle that much!?

While Cedric-san and I are having such discussion――


The sub-master who was left behind flusteredly raised his voice.
Un, Cedric-san and I completely forgot the sub master’s existence.

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