Chapter 58

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Apology and Information Provision
“Are you the cause of the ruckus?”

The guild master clearly said that while looking at me.
Well, I’m confronting the staff members, and other adventurers are surrounding me. It can’t be helped that I’m seen like that.

“You might say that I’m the cause, but I’m not the one who started it.”
“What do you mean?”
“It started because these staff members shouted out loud our personal information.”
“What!? Is that true!!”

At my complaint, the guild master vigorously turned towards his subordinates.

“Ah…… umm……”
“What is it! Speak clearly!!”
“B, because there was information about a new dungeon, I unconsciously screamed out!! I’m terribly sorry!!”

Karen-san frightened by the guild master’s angry voice reported about the dungeon while bowing down.

“What!? …… Is that story true?”
“Ye, yes. It’s certainly stated in this person’s Dungeon record.”
“Which is it?”
“This one~”

Oi, guild master. You shouldn’t be confirming Dungeon record in this situation……

“So, where is this dungeon?”
“That is…… umm…… he doesn’t want to tell……”
“…… Is that so? Why?”
“Therefore!! Please don’t divert the problem. I’m not saying that I don’t want to tell the location of the dungeon. I just don’t want to tell it to an organization that discloses personal information!!”

Because the discussion seemed to go off track, I immediately argued vehemently.
Seriously, I would like you not to forget that!


All the staff members were silent.

“Umm, you see…… that……”
“Anyhow, lead me to a separate room first please!”
“That’s right, sorry. Could you follow to my office?”

The guild master shows me to his office while awkwardly scratching his cheek.
Haa…… let’s go for now……
Ah~ Even though I came to the guild in order to sell materials, thinking it would be immediately over…… the ruckus took more time that was planned.
It’s almost time for a meal~ Rather than reporting the dungeon, Allen’s and Elena’s meal is more important……
However, it doesn’t look like I will be able to leave without reporting. Will I be able to leave faster if I report this quickly?


◇ ◇ ◇


We were guided to the guild master’s office.
Our fellow travelers include guild master, Karen-san and another three staff members.

“First of all, including me, our staff members want to apologize.”
“””We are sorry.”””

When we settle in the office’s sofa, the guild master and the staff members give words of apology simultaneously.

“Even if it was a discovery of a new dungeon, that remark in such place was absurd. I’m really sorry.”

They really seemed to think they were at fault and apologized sincerely.

“I would like to hear the details properly later, but…… that, um……”
“Suspension or salary cut, is it?”
“…… Yeah, that’s right. Would be asking to pardon the dismissal too much as expected?”
“I don’t care. I would just like to ask you not to disclose personal information next time.”
“Of course. I will teach them properly.”

When I accept, Karen-san was obviously relieved.
As for me, as long as the information management is solid, I don’t mind using the guild policy for the treatment of staff. I’d like to avoid awkward relations with the guild. I plan to use the guild in the future as well.
At any rate, since it’s impossible to hide the information that has flowed, it would be better to sell as much kindness to the guild as possible.
Well, I won’t forgive them next time, though!

“Ah~ Then……”
“The dungeon, is it?”
“That’s right. In a case that a new dungeon was discovered…… since the location is clearly indicated on the guild card this time, the feudal lord would be notified about the discovery, he would dispatch his people, and those will confirm the location with the guild.”

Hee~ The feudal lord is immediately notified about a new dungeon~
But, if the discoverer didn’t have a guild card, that discoverer would be the only evidence, so it seems that the guild would investigate before notifying the feudal lord.

“You will be rewarded with a prize if the country officially recognizes it. Of course, if you present the guild with information about the dungeon, you will also receive a reward from the guild.”

Since the existence of the dungeon has already spread, there’s no need to hesitate. If I hide things, I would get entangled with some weird fellows.
Well, I don’t really care about the prize from the country, though……

“I understand. I will tell you.”
“Yes. The dungeon is ’53rd Ripples’. It’s an intermediate difficulty dungeon with 30 floors. It appears to be a dungeon of a water attribute.”
“Water attribute!”

I report the basic information first. Most of it is recorded on the guild card, so I think anyone would understand after looking, but just in case.
About the attribute, I’m pretty sure it’s “water.”

“The place is along the coast, east side of the town. Do you know of the largish reef in the sea about ten minutes by foot from the shore?”
“Yeah. It’s the one not far away from the beach, right?”
Yes, that’s right.”

Whether because it’s close to the town, guild master immediately grasped the location.

“There is an entrance to the dungeon in that rock.”
“This close!?”
“No way……”

Hearing about the entrance to the dungeon in the reef, the guild staff were taken aback by its closeness.
Because it had not been discovered so far, I thought it was in a place where people could not go.

“Incidentally, the entrance is in the sea.”
“What a thing……”

Everyone hangs their heads this time. They are all people with rich reactions……

“Yeah, also, it’s about 50 meters of a complete channel to the entrance. If you’d like to confirm, it would be necessary for me to accompany you.”
“Because there’s no place to take a breath, you can only advance while holding it. If you can’t prepare a necessary magic tool, you better choose the right person to investigate.”

I think that the person who would go for the investigation would be someone who is used to move around, but if by chance it’s a person with an office job, he wouldn’t be able to follow.

“How did you enter?”
“I have confidence in my lung capacity.”
“I, is that so……”

Because it’s not like the mermaid bracelet is not around at all, it should be all right to tell about it, but I decided to keep it hidden for the time being. I would be troubled if they asked the source, after all.

“…… Takumi-san is A-rank, after all. That much surely wouldn’t be trouble.”

When Karen-san muttered in admiration, other members reacted.
Yeah, they weren’t aware of my rank. However, guild master…… didn’t you see the crystal as well? Well, having his eyes nailed on the Dungeon record it’s probably natural that he didn’t notice……
I was slightly amazed and let out a sigh.

“”Onii~chan, hungry~””

Allen and Elena interrupt the conversation by pulling on my clothes and stating their hunger.

“I’m sorry~ We have already finished, shall we go for a meal?”
“Well then, it’s all right to end the story about the dungeon here, isn’t it?”

I decided to cut off the discussion immediately. Fortunately, I have finished providing the minimum necessary information.

“Well then, we will excuse ourselves here. Allen, Elena, let’s go~”
“Eh? Wai….. oi!?”

I have heard the guild master trying to stop me, but I ignored that and promptly left the office with Allen and Elena.
When I returned to the guild hall, the adventurers who heard about the dungeon were waiting. Because I wouldn’t like to be caught by those people, I told them “I had told the guild the location of the dungeon, so please ask them”.
Would it be all right for now like this?
Now then, the meal, the meal. Where shall we have the dinner?

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