Chapter 57

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Undiscovered Uproar
When we returned to the town from the sea, we made our way to the Adventurer’s Guild.
In order to learn about the materials around this town and to receive gathering requests for the materials, we have on hand.
I’m not troubled about money, but we receive requests regularly. You see, there is a qualification invalidation term, right? Although I have three years to spare until the term, I would like to get into a habit of receiving requests.
After entering the guild, I first went to the requesting board, picked up a few requests after checking my materials and the requested materials and then lined up in the reception queue.
As it’s already evening, there are plenty of adventurers who have returned from work.

“Hello. Are you here to request a job?”

When my turn came, the receptionist woman greeted me. Apparently, I don’t look like an adventurer but someone who came to find a job…… Well, it can’t be helped.
I present my guild card at the counter.

“No. I’d like to accept this request.”
“I’m sorry. So you were an adventurer. I have not seen you here before.”
“I have just arrived in this town the other day.”
“Is that so? Then, I will hold on this for a moment.”

When the receptionist woman received the guild card, she started operating the crystal plate.
While she works, I take out the materials written on the requests and line them up on the counter.

“Eh! A-rank!?”
“Well, more or less……”
“Pardon my rudeness. Are all these materials matching the requests?”
“Yes, I have them all.”
“I will verify.”

The receptionist woman was surprised that I was an A-rank, but she immediately started checking the material. But, the receptionist woman who begun to work suddenly loudly shouted.


I was startled by her shriek like voice. Allen and Elena got startled as well as they cling to my leg.

“D, dungeon~! Y, you have discovered a new dungeon!?”

To my surprise, the receptionist woman shouted again.
It appears that she happened to see my Dungeon record while processing the material.
Still, what did she just say? New dungeon?
We have been only in the “Dungeon fo Earth” in Shirin and the “Dungeon of Ripples” which we went into a few days ago.
――That means, the Dungeon of Ripples was an undiscovered dungeon……

There are 108 dungeons on Aetherdia.
I know about all dungeons, but I am not aware of which are publicly known.
I should have checked it……
We have unconsciously stepped into an undiscovered dungeon, and the trace was left listed on the guild card……
Is this bad? …… No, it’s all right. I can deceive!
The entrance was in the sea, but it’s quite easy to discover when diving…… un, it will be alright.
『We accidentally found it when playing in the sea』Let’s go with that!
It’s true anyway that we found it accidentally while swimming in the sea.

“Karen, what is it about a new dungeon?”
“T, this gentleman’s Dungeon record has ’53rd Dungeon Ripples’entry recorded on it~”
“What!? ――T, this is!”

When a male guild staff member ran up to the receptionist woman――Karen-san, he raised his voice in surprise.
Seeing the man’s reaction, the other staff members gathered around, infecting the guild with noise.
Aah~…… even the adventurers in the guild have noticed now……

“Takumi-sama, is it really a dungeon!?”

…… Eh? What’s that, what does she mean?

“You fool, Karen! What are you saying! It’s naturally a dungeon since it’s listed on the guild card!!”

“It might not be a dungeon” worry?
No, in the first place, I can’t orally report the discovery of a new dungeon.
By seeing it recorded on the guild card, the doubts that would float around will disappear.
Rather, this is more or less personal information, isn’t it? I would like them to stop shouting so loudly, though…… where did the information concealment go?

“However, Shawn-san! Discovering a new dungeon is something very important.”
“I know how important it is more than you!”
“But, but~”
“Karen, you stay quiet! What you are saying is unreasonable!”
“No, no, Shawn-san’s tension is ridiculous?”

Ah~…… can I already go? It’s fine, right?
Allen and Elena are withering under the surrounding’s attention……
First of all, let’s clean up the things I took ou――

“W, wait a moment, please! What are you doing!?”

Tsk! She noticed. I thought about stealthily escaping, but Karen-san has noticed……

“I’m leaving. Ah, return my guild card, please.”
“Wha!! What are you doing! You can’t do that!”

Because I couldn’t escape, I seriously told my intentions. Karen-san holds my guild card in her hands, not willing to return it.
I’m hesitant to leave behind my ID, but…… shall I go as I am?
――I thought such, but before I noticed, the people that gathered around formed a barricade.
Although they have a reasonable distance, because they are all men with good builds, breaking through would be difficult.
Allen and Elena wither because of surroundings even more…… no, they are frightened.
I look at Karen-san while stroking Allen’s and Elena’s shoulder to soothe them.

“Why can’t I leave?”
“Why, you ask…… I, I mean, you have discovered a new dungeon? You have to tell us all about it!”
“Don’t wanna.”
“Although it’s a thing to be surprised about, I don’t want to talk to someone who irresponsibly shouts someone’s personal information.”

There’s no doubt that Dungeon record is personal information. And yet, the staff who have the obligation to conceal it shouted out loud its contents.
People who were in the guild have totally paid attention to what was said and already found out about the new dungeon.

Because of my remark of not wanting to tell the guild, the people around started talking things such as “Does he plans to monopolize it?” or “No, he even had the first taste……”.

Disclosing personal information without the consent of the person in question. N~……

“Or did the rule of guild staff member’s ‘Can’t reveal personal information to others’ got annulled without my knowledge?”
“…… Ugu.”

Hearing my words, Karen-san’s face gradually turned blue.
There’s no way such an important rule got abolished. I’m sure Karen-san made a violation of her duties.
The male staff member――Shawn-san and other staff members made awkward expressions as well.
They have not rebuked Karen-san, they instead take advantage and rode on the opportunity with her.

Regarding that dungeon, it won’t be a problem even if it gets exposed――rather, I am troubled that it was exposed in this way, it’s a serious situation.
For instance, if it were “Allen and Elena captured advanced level dungeon”…… she would certainly be surprised, right? At that time, the two would get exposed and place them in a troublesome situation.
It’s just an example, but it may certainly happen one day……
Rather, Request record has already record of transaction of Gaya Forest’s materials. She has probably not looked properly yet, but it would be a noise making record when she does.
I have to keep it in control before that!

“What is this ruckus!!”
“”Gu, guild master!!”

In the meanwhile, overhearing the ruckus, a solidly built man in his fifties walks from the inner part of the guild. He has a former adventurer feeling around him?
He appears to be the guild master here.

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