Chapter 56

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Regrettable Beauty
“Kyan.” “Na~” “Pii.” “Garu.”

Allen and Elena began eating the onigiri and soup slowly on the plates I served in front of them after doing before meal manners.
The Contracted beasts properly imitated the two and begun eating.
When I saw everyone start to eat, I offered onigiri and soup to Vivian-san who was enviously looking at the children.

“Is that okay!? Wow~ Thank you.”

Because the children started eating first, Vivian-san was able to judge that onigiri is food, but “I wonder what this is……” she started eating after hesitating. However, after two, three bites, she started stuffing her cheeks in a trance.

Hagu, hagu…… ngun, gu……

She offered the onigiri to her stomach with great vigor. Ham, ham, ham, such sound effects could be heard.

“Allen, Elena. These are yours, so eat slowly, okay?”

It appears Allen and Elena thought that the unrestricted Vivian-san would eat even their shares. They sped up their eating speed in a hurry.
But, the two became relieved after my caution and nodded while chewing with stuffed cheeks, restoring their pace of eating.

“By the way, it seems you collapsed because of hunger, but what happened?”
“Ngu! Ngun, gu!”
“No…… it’s fine after you finish eating……”

When I asked what happened, Vivian-san started talking with her mouth crammed with onigiri.
I have no idea what she’s saying, her manners are bad. Because it’s no good for Allen and Elena to imitate her, I decided to talk after the meal.
Then, Vivia-san resumed eating silently.
Nonetheless, she can eat well……


“My~ I’m stuffed~ Thank you for the meal.”

The massive amount of onigiri disappeared just like that.

“Ah, I’m called Vivian. Vivi or Vivian, call me however you like. Incidentally, what was that from a little while ago~ I have never eaten something like that~”
“Yeah, it’s white wheat cooked in water.”
“White wheat, is it? That feed for domestic animals?”

Ah, I did it now…… rice on Aetherdia is used as feed for domestic animals, isn’t it? I completely forgot.

“I’m sorry. Because we eat White White as everyday meals in my hometown, I ended up offering it to you without thinking. Have I offended you?”
“No, no. It was delicious, so there’s no problem. Nevertheless, the white wheat, huh~ I have no idea it was something so delicious~”

Even after hearing about the white wheat, Vivian-san wasn’t offended. Rather, she seems to have liked it. I’m glad……
I have to be more careful about what I offer to people from now on. Some people would misunderstand or be insulted, after all.

“Oh my~ Oniisan is skilled at cooking, aren’t you~ Huh? Oniisan? Or is it Papa?”

Before I noticed, Vivian-san was talking to Allen and Elena.

“”……? Onii~chan.”

Allen and Elena who should not have any vigilance towards Vivian-san hesitated for a moment and answered.
…… I wonder what happened?
Since Vivian-san is here, I shouldn’t haste to confirm. I must not forget to check later.

“So it was Oniisan~ But, the reaction was bad, wasn’t it~ Are you perhaps, in fact, Papa?”
“I’m the elder brother……”

It seems Vivian-san noticed Allen and Elena hesitating too.
Rather, what is she thinking, this person……

“I’m sorry~ People’s secrets are my favorite food! Uncovering hidden things is fun, isn’t it~”

Vivian-san――no, just Vivian, should be fine now……
Vivian notices my “amazement” and starts speaking even more.
I don’t think it can be called impressive, but well, it’s most likely “Hobby=Work” in her case.

“So, why did you collapse, Vivian?”
“Well~ I wonder why?”
“…… Don’t ask me.”

…… This person, is she playing around?

“Umm, umm…… ah, that’s right! I have remembered! I have moved out of the town, but I forgot to purchase food. That’s why I endured on the local procurement, but there was no harvest for the past two, three days……”
“When you notice you don’t have food, return to the town!”
“Ooh! That’s certainly true. Iya~ I will somehow manage~ I thought so and didn’t pay further attention to it!”
“Right, right, I have to report in Albert Town for my work, but where is this?”
“…… Here is nearby of the town of Bailey.”

Albert Town is in the east of Bailey, it’s a town in the south of the royal capital.
I don’t know which town Vivian has departed from, but if she didn’t cross the sea on a ship from a foreign country, being in Bailey’s surroundings is strange.

“How strange? Well but, I still have plenty of time to report, so it will be okay! Right, right, this time’s job was too easy~ I had to do a background investigation on the marriage partner of a certain noble lady, but the target of the investigation was a man. Surprisingly, he kept a commoner’s daughter in the house! That was so impressive~ He had no intention to hide it. The story came out just after asking a servant a little. Honestly, I didn’t even have to infiltrate as a servant~”

No, I have not asked about the contents of your work…… why have you stuck out your tongue out after talking!

“Oops, even though I have time to report, I shouldn’t take it too slow, right? Then, I’m going okay~ Ah, right. This is my thanks for the meal.”

Vivian who suddenly stood unfastened the bag on her waist and presented me several small bottles filled with some liquids.

“You don’t have to mind it really.”
“No, no, please accept it.”

Vivan forcibly pushed the small bottles in my hands.
…… I wonder what this is?

Drops of Crimson Rose
A vampire specially made aphrodisiac.
Immediate effect. The effect lasts approximately four to five hours.
Excellent product with no side effects. Women exclusive use.

Drops of White Rose
A vampire specially made energy drug.
Immediate effect. The effect lasts approximately four to five hours.
Excellent product with no side effects. Men exclusive use.

I got astonished after appraising the small bottles.

“Hey! This!!”
“Ah, looks like you know what kind of medicine it is. This is a medicine I made, but the effect is exceptional, it’s quite popular~ Please, try it by all means. Njaa, thank you for the meal~”
“Oi, wait!”

Vivian departed with quick movements.


Seriously, what’s with that fellow…… besides, what am I supposed to do with this……
I, haah…… sigh and store the small bottles in the Infinite Storage. I have decided to hoard it in the Infinite Storage as it is.

“”…… Onii~chan.””
“What is it?”
“”What is Papa~? “”

When I hang down my head dejectedly, Allen and Elena asked me a surprising question.
Surely not…… but…… perhaps……?

“…… Umm, Allen, Elena, do you know who a father or a dad is?”

Allen and Elena shake their heads to my question.
Oh crap~…… these two don’t know about something like family…… so this is why they hesitated to Vivian’s question……
I see, well, of course, ~ They had no one to teach them, so they don’t know~
I thought the two knew because they called me “Onii~chan” as if it was natural.
Ah, I see. The towns’ people――especially Obaasan from the inn or the stores called out to Allen and Elena, but they also asked things such as “Are you going out with your Oniichan?” or “Oniisan, how about this for the children?” many times. Allen and Elena who heard that ended up calling me Oniichan……

“…… Umm, Papa is a dad and that’s――”

First of all, I decided to not teach them only about Otousan, but also about mother and siblings.
However, explaining is unexpectedly much harder than I thought……

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