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Fortunate Adventurers
Boy Adventurer – Ed PoV
The story of the young adventurers Takumi came across in the Dungeon of Earth.

My name is Ed. I finally came of an age a year ago and left with my childhood friends Brad and Jane towards the town of Shirin to become adventurers.
At first, the three of us were receiving requests for the gathering of medicinal plants and subjugation of F-ranked monsters.
It’s life on an edge with no luxuries, though. Even though it’s on edge, I also couldn’t afford luxury back in the village, so there’s not much change. Because I do what I wanted, I’m having much more fun than working in the fields.

After leading such live for a while, we met guys of the same age, Jin, and Sarah, who just became adventurers.
We formed a temporary party with them, became close friends while doing request together and decided to form an official party.
The party’s name is “Eternal Bonds”. A party of three men and two women.

The five of us steadily handled low-rank requests and got recently promoted to E-rank.
At that time, Brad proposed to challenge a dungeon soon since we became E-ranks.
Conveniently, there’s a low-grade dungeon near Shirin.
Furthermore, because we could make more income than by receiving low-rank requests, so there was no objection.
I was also looking forward to diving into the dungeons when I become E-rank, so…… Brad’s proposal was very timely.
Therefore, we decided to go to the dungeon the next day.


◇ ◇ ◇


After going to the dungeon for the first time, we challenged it many more times, and we went in today as well.
We now can smoothly progress through the 1st to the 7th floor.
There are not many dangers in the 1st-7th floor of this dungeon, it’s said that the difficulty increases from the 8th floor. That’s why we usually stopped on the 7th floor.
But today is different.
Because we have arrived on the 7th floor so smoothly, “Why don’t we try the 8th floor?” we have been caught up in the moment and decided to enter the 8th floor.

“Look! There’s a hidden room here!”
“Seriously? Is there a treasure chest?”
“Amazing, wonderful!”

While walking on the 8th floor, Jin discovered a hidden room.
There’s a high possibility of a treasure chest in the hidden rooms. According to information, there might be potions inside. Finding a low-grade potion would be enough of a treasure for us. When such a possibility arises, we get excited.


With Brad in the lead, we excitedly opened the door of the hidden room we have discovered. However――
Is there not dozens of Wolves, Horn Rabbits, and Slicer Bats!
It’s a trap!
Crap, crap, crap! This is impossible-!!!

“The hell is this!”
“R, run away-!”

We ran away at full speed. There’s no way we can win against something like that!
We ran at speed on the path we came from.

“W, where to go next……”
“Right! It’s right!”

We must not make a mistake and take a wrong turn! It will be our end if we come to a dead end!
Just before turning right, I took a glance behind and saw a lot of monsters chasing after us.
Shit~ Are they not going to give up……
We should have turned back at the 7th floor as usual…… I regret now.


It became hard to breathe…… it will be bad at this rate……
Just a little more. We will be saved if we descend one floor!
Monsters do not chase to another floor. I scold my legs to keep on running while thinking such.
He! People!? There’s are people!?

“Whoa――――!! Please, run a~way!!”

I noticed people while desperately running and shouted in panic.
This is bad, he will get dragged into it at this rate. Even though I shouted while out of breath, the man who was there stopped for some reason.
W, why!? Why are you not running away even though I told you to!

“Wa, hey! What are you doing!?”

I want to run away quickly, but if we leave those people and escape, we will become criminals. My brain is in a state of panic, I instantly felt a chill.

“Wind Cutter.”

At the exact moment I intended to drag them to escape, the man used magic.
The moment he fired the magic towards the monsters, a cloud of dust arose.
It was magic with incredible force. People who go to low-grade dungeons like this are not that powerful.
Even after such amazing magic, some monsters leaped out of the cloud of dust. But, before I noticed, two children standing next to the man started running.
The children kicked the monsters with smooth movements and easily cleaned up the monsters.


What are those children!? They are so strong I unconsciously shouted.

When all monsters were defeated, the man――Niisan, called out to us.

“We are terribly sorry!”

We panic and lower our heads in apology.
Monster scapegoating act. Although not intentional, we have committed a crime. If this person does an official report, we will be punished. My body is naturally trembling.
But, this person doesn’t seem to want to accuse us, his voice didn’t contain anger.
I’m relieved. And my trembling body grows weak.
I’m seriously glad this person is a good person~
If this person was a bad adventurer, he might have resorted to violence and even extort money from us. That would be the worst case scenario.

“Thank you. Are you not tired?”
“”Is alright~””

The children who went to pick up the dropped items return while dragging a big bag.
Adventurers who take children along are rare. This Niisan seems to be 1-2 years older than us, so they are his little brother and little sister? These children are certainly strong, but you see~ you don’t normally bring children to the dungeon, right~

“”Ah! There~””
“”Whoaaa! A Poison Spider!!”

A poisonous spider monster. That fellow is dangerous. That fellow is stealthy, he would creep up to you before you notice and paralyze your body with its venom.
This guy is in the top 3 of the most dangerous monsters in this dungeon. I was told that it’s absolutely necessary to purchase antidote for its venom.
Nevertheless, how lucky to notice it before it could creep on us.

“Air Shot.”

Niisan casually used magic and instantly killed the spider.
Certainly, Poison Spider is not a monster that strong. However, the Poison Spider’s wariness is high, it would be difficult to injure it without range.
Even if we notice it…… we have swords, spears, and knives, we don’t have anyone to support us from range.
Even if there was someone who could use magic, we don’t have anyone with shield, and there’s not anyone who could scout. Speaking frankly, our party has poor balance.
This Niisan must have noticed after looking at our equipment. That’s why Niisan proposed knife throwing. Even if we are adventures with no surplus of money, we can practice with stones, he said.
Certainly, we could easily practice like that, and it won’t hurt our pockets. It’s so innovative. I don’t understand why I didn’t notice that before.

“Ah, came~”

Ge! There’s another Poison Spider.
The children found a Poison Spider hanging from the ceiling again. Rather, how do they know?
For some reason, they pick up a fist-sized stone from the ground…… and――



We all shout in shock.
When the children throw the stones, a loud noise resounds from the hit Poison Spider. And then, the Poison Spider falls from the ceiling.
Moreover, the Poison Spider is twitching on the ground. It’s on the verge of death.
T, the children! The children this little brought down a Poison Spider!
I…… no, no one among us can defeat a Poison Spider like that. And yet, children far younger than me accomplished it so easily……
It’s a lie, right!?
I want this to be a dream. It wasn’t mentioned, by all members must also be feeling like this.

We parted with the brother who advanced to the next floor, and we carefully advance towards the entrance.
It’s inevitable that Niisan and the children were the topics of our discussion on the way back.

“That was incredible, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah. Incredible…”

That Niisan’s magic was outrageous. He nearly brought down dozens of monsters with just single magic.

“Can I remember magic if I train?”

Jin mutters.
Magic, huh…… magic is related to talent, but it’s quite expensive to get guidance. But, it will be necessary to live as an adventurer from now on, right? Let’s properly research when we return to the town.

“I, I wonder if should start practicing bow……”

Sarah also muttered.
That’s right. It would be better if there was someone among us who could use the bow. Sarah’s main weapon is a knife, so I think bow and knife would suit her battle style.

“I will do a throwing practice! As that Niisan said, I will first increase my accuracy by throwing stones!”

It appears that Brad also found his new goal.

“Yeah, that is good. I will practice throwing together with you!”

We have safely grasped our situation and decided to face it. Even though it might be dangerous.
I noticed that we have been looking only ahead all this time.
That’s right. It has no meaning if we die. We should take the time to forge ourselves to get stronger.

“We can meet that Niichan in Shirin, right? I would like to express gratitude some other time.”
“Yeah, right.”
“Ah! But we didn’t ask for his name!”

Even though I wanted to thank him later, we forgot to ask his name.

“But, adventurers with such little children, stand out, won’t we find out if we ask around?”

It’s as Jane says. An adventurer who brings children with him is unusual. We might find out if we ask around in the guild.

“Which reminds me, he said the children’s names, didn’t he? Allen? And…… Elena? Was it?”
“He did, he did.”

We can meet again, right? When we meet, we must thank him properly!


When we returned to the town, we immediately found out Niisan’s name. It’s Takumi-san.
He was immediately identified when we asked about “Adventurer who’s taking care of two children”.
It’s said that although they came to this town just recently, and Takumi-san and the children are quite famous.
We heard a “Rumor” from senpai adventurer about the children knocking down an arrogant adventurer.
Well, those who didn’t witness that in the dungeon wouldn’t believe, but you see…… we thought that the rumor was the truth.

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