Chapter 43

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What appeared looks like a multi-floor building or a tower…… No, is Leviathan a dragon?
――Ha, just by being there, I feel its overpowering intimidation. It’s clearly a superior existence.
…… Will it attack… us?
As expected, I wouldn’t want to get attacked by an S-rank monster.
Allen and Elena are not preparing to fight, so it’s probably not hostile.
However, the two are clinging to me as if they have understood something.

(Fumu. I thought I sensed a different presence, so it was the Wind God-sama’s retainer……)

I, it spoke!?
Moreover, it felt like it was talking directly in my head, rather than hearing with my ears.
Also, how did I get exposed!?

(What are you surprised about? I can use the Appraisal. You can use it too, no?)
“Well…… I certainly can, but most of it wasn’t visible.”

I see. This Leviathan has an appraisal…… so it even took a look at my status.

(Fumu. How about now? Try looking one more time.)

As told, I use appraisal again.


Race: Leviathan (Water God’s retainer)
Age: 863
Level: 123
Water Magic
Presence Detection
God ???
Physical Attack
Shock Resistance
Uncommon Body
Mental Status Resistance
Conqueror of the Seas

Are? There are some things here and there that I can’t see, but I can see a lot more than a little while ago……
First, what is this about the Water God’s retainer? Syl~ Haven’t you told me that there are no other retainers on the surface beside me~
Over 800 years old…… astonishing……
I think it’s a male if I go by the sound of its voice, but I should not be assuming that.
And above all, the level! Its level has three digits!
The strongest individuals among humans should be around 50~60 level. And yet, the Leviathan is level 123…… Double the level.
And the conversation can be held thanks to the Telepathy skill?
How convenient. If I had this, I could probably talk to Joule and others.
…… Conqueror of the seas. There’s nothing I can say about that……
The hell is this status…… it’s dangerous.

(How is it?)
“…… It’s not all, but I can see it now. But, how?”
(That’s because I loosened the magical power coat my body was wrapped in.)
“Magical power coat?”
(Umu. Living creatures unconsciously cover their bodies in magical power. They do it, no matter how weak they are. And the coat becomes thicker with the amount of magical power one possesses. My magical power is larger than yours. Therefore, you couldn’t see. Then, I intentionally weakened the magical power coat. That’s why you were able to appraise me this time.)

I see…… Even if my magical power is high, the difference in levels will only add to the difference between our magical powers.
Therefore, I couldn’t see it.
That means, even if a person has Appraisal skill, I won’t have to worry that much about mine and the children’s status being exposed?
Even the strong ones should have less magical power than us. If that’s the case, we have to be careful of the races with great magical power like elves and demons.
Well, no matter in which race, Appraisal skill is rare, and people who possess them are scarce, so I don’t have to be that careful, though. We just bumped into Leviathan this time……

(Has your pondering finished?)
“Ah, yes! So, that…… you[貴方 Anata – polite, neutral/genderless ‘you’]? are also a retainer?”

I tried to address it, but I remembered that this Leviathan does not have a name.
I was worried for a moment, but ‘you’ should be safe, right?

(Yes, are you unsure about how to address me? I do not have a name after all. You may call me as you want. Fumu… I won’t mind letting you name me.)

No, no. I wasn’t thinking for so long about how to call you, but about magical power and Appraisal.
Why it became a talk about naming!?
This, for now……… let’s ignore it?

“…… I didn’t know there was a retainer on the surface.”
(There are not many, but there are. However, all of us, including myself, spend time by ourselves in remote areas.)

Ah, there are more retainers.

(Anyway, so the Water God-sama’s children are the children from that time.)
“You know of these children? They are Water God-sama’s children as expected……”

As I have expected, Allen and Elena are the Water God-sama’s children.
The two’s secret identities were revealed just like that.

(Mu? You didn’t know?)
“I have somehow expected it, but I’m the Wind God-sama’s person, so I wasn’t told in detail. It concerned a stipulation between the gods or something.”
(Ah, it would be like that at that person’s place.)
“You know about it?”
(I’m sure you could see from my status, but I’m someone who is connected to the Water God-sama. I get the information. Besides, the children were born…… about a year ago? I was asked to protect the children.)

No…… it has been five years since Allen and Elena were born…… would it be better to not tsukkomi here?
Once you live for 800 years, your sense of time may become rough……

“…… They weren’t protected, though.”
(Fumu. It’s due to my refusal.)
(Entering the country to protect the children would cause a ruckus, after all.)

Ah, certainly.
Leaving aside if Leviathan were alright after leaving the sea, it would get noisy if it appeared on the land……

(Even if I safely protected them, I wouldn’t be able to raise human children. The children’s state wouldn’t change by much even if I protected them. Therefore, I chose the option which would cause less damage.)

As a matter of fact, I can agree.
The town would get destroyed if he decided to protect them…… just imagining it is scary.
Besides, this Leviathan certainly wouldn’t be able to raise the two who were infants at that time. It would crush them if it made a mistake in handling.

(It must be a fate for us to meet here. I shall lend you my power when you are in trouble.)
“Huh? I thought that retainers are not allowed to help?”

Syl couldn’t lend a hand, and the Water God-sama’s retainers were the same.

(That’s the story in that person’s place. I’m originally from the surface. There are no restrictions for retainers who come from the surface.)
“Was it like that……”

I had confirmed it when I decided to look after Allen and Elena, but I have thought to be out of the condition because I come from a different world.
But, it seems like that wasn’t the case.
The people at the Holy Sanctuary apparently have different conditions than on those on the surface……
Then, if Leviathan was no good, he surely asked other retainers to take care of Allen and Elena…… he did not…… definitely.
Come to think of it, I was told that they all live in remote places……
Are perhaps other retainers on the surface similar to Leviathan?
Ah~… it would be impossible then.

(Now then, have you decided on my name? That will become our provisional contract.)
“Eh? Na, name? Contract?”

Name…… it was serious about it?

(Umu. Not a complete master and servant contract, but connected by fate contract. It will be established when you name me. Thus, you will be able to summon me. Well, it depends on my consent, though.)

Not like Joule, Feat, and Vol who I can summon whatever they like it or not, but the consent of the partner’s will is necessary.
Even if it’s like that, Leviathan will become an enormous ally. I could win even against a country.
I don’t have any plans on fighting them, though.
The other party proposed it, so there’s no problem if I accept?
It’s well-informed, so I feel he could become a reliable retainer senpai.
Then, a name. Let’s see……

“I will ask just in case, but you are a male, right?”
(N? I have no gender. But, if I had to choose then I would choose male.)
“Then, how about Kaiser?”
(Umu, good. My name is Kaiser.)

The moment he recited the name, a magic circle appeared on the sea’s surface around Kaiser.

(It was safely established. From now on, I’m Kaiser. Call me like that.)

I have formed a provisional contract with a Leviathan―――Kaiser.

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