Chapter 42

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Water Magic
In the end, I have decided to accept the various items in the cave that were presented to me as a reward.
Still, to consider those things garbage……
I was in shock after looking at the Infinite Storage’s item list……
Tens of kinds of seaweed and shells used as medical materials. Even if the shell couldn’t be used for medicine, it could be used as an ornament for accessories.
Fish bones, scales, and carapaces that could be processed into arms and tools. There were also some stone-like materials, but those are actually natural stones.
There were some scratches ones, but there was quite a lot of pearls~
Only a few percents of the garbage was “Unusable”.
Despite receiving a significant amount of rewards, we would also receive magic guidance.
The mermaids took it as if we had disposed of their garbage, it seems they gladly accepted to teach us magic.
We have stayed a night at the Blue Waters Shrine that day, and it has been decided that we will get instructed in the water magic tomorrow.

We have come offshore to receive the instructions.
Because we have a lot of magical powers, after all. We have decided to receive the instructions far away from the Blue Waters Shrine in case we make a mistake.
And surprisingly, the one who is going to instruct us is the Chief of Mermaids, Gard-san himself! Gard-san came personally.
Gard-san apparently a person who teaches many mermaid children and it seems that even Miko Princess learned magic under him.
An ideal person to instruct us.

Gard-san starts teaching us immediately once we got above the surface.

“First of all, there are two ways to exercise magic. That is to manipulate and produce. I have heard that Takumi-sama is able to use wind magic. When you are using magic on the surface, that is manipulating. Earth magic is the same. But, water magic and fire magic have to be produced first. Let’s assume first that you are using water magic in a waterless location.”

I received guidance first, but…… I see~
So it’s because I tried to use water magic the same way I use wind magic. The power was low because of that.

“Therefore, if you don’t produce it first, Takumi-sama will end up using water magic with the wind magic method.”

Precise identification of the problem.
I explained my circumstances to Gard-san yesterday so he could estimate why I am not able to use it.

“Conversely, trying to use wind magic underwater would not work well, would it?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

It became really simple after hearing the reason.
Well, right. I’m using wind magic in places where the wind drifts and water magic in places with no water. The amount of necessary magical power is different.
When I used water magic the last time, a fist-sized water besha… only a little came out.

“”Water Pillar.””

I try to cast a spell as a test and a pillar of water shoots out of the sea.
Un, it’s possible to use water magic in places with water just like wind magic.

“Magnificent. If Takumi-sama keeps in mind the producing step while on the surface, you shouldn’t have any problems with water magic.”
“Yes, let’s see. Since I have grasped the trick, I will give it a try on the ground later.”

Because there is water nearby.
Once we return to the ground, let’s find a waterless place and practice.
Since my problem was settled, it’s Allen’s and Elena’s turn next.

“I have heard that Allen-sama and Elena-sama haven’t used magic yet. Therefore, I have decided to tell them about the flow of magical power first.”
“By all means. Allen, Elena, come here.”
“I will borrow your hands. I will pour my magical power now.”

Gard-san takes Allen’s and Elena’s hands and sends in his magical power.
I see. You can pour your magical power into your partner to let him become aware of magical power……

“Can you understand it?”
“It seems to be all right, then? That is magical power.”

Magical power is warm.
Allen and Elena immediately perceived the magical power.

“”Magical power~?””
“Yes, that’s right. That is the source of magic. There is also magical power within yourselves. Are you able to perceive that?”
“Allen, Elena. Try searching for the warm inside your bodies.”

Allen and Elena close their eyes and begin searching for the magical power.
Because magical power circulates through the whole body just like blood, so it’s essential to feel the flow.
I also stealthily feel for the magical power circulation.
…… Because magic was inserted in my body, the feeling of magical power is…… there’s practically nothing.
When I searched for it, I was unexpectedly able to feel it.
So this is magical power…… Un, it’s okay. I’m glad I am able to perceive it.

“Warm thing.”

It seems that Allen and Elena too were able to perceive magical power immediately.

“Looks like you have perceived it―― This will be a practice to control the magical power flow from now on. If the magical power is low, water won’t take shape, and on the contrary, if the amount of magical power is too high, the water burst out. Well then, Allen-sama, Elena-sama. Shall we give it a try?”

When Gard-san pours magical power into the ocean water he has scooped with his both hands, the water starts changing a shape little by little. This is apparently a practice in order to find the necessary amount of magical power to use.
Right. When using magic, using just the right amount of magical power is essential.
If you don’t, you will end up like me when I fought the Evil Viper……

“Allen, Elena. You are amazing for being able to do it on your first try~”

When Allen and Elena began to pour magical power in the seawater scooped by their both hands, a spherical water ball appeared immediately on their hands.
Because they raised the balls to show me their achievement, I stroke their heads while praising them.

“As expected~ It’s quite difficult to get the hang of it, but being able to do it right away……”
“Does it usually take time?”
“Even the most capable children in the village take roughly half a day to produce a precise spherical shape. It can take even several days for unskilled children.”

Un, hearing that it becomes clear that Allen and Elena are geniuses.
My kids are so amazing~


“Then, let’s attempt casting Water Ball next. It would be better for Takumi-sama to show an example. May I ask you to target that rock?”
“Understood…… Water Ball.”

The practical use of magical power seems to be next.
Although an example, “Can I do it?” flashed through my mind for a moment, I’m glad I was able to do it……
Even if I could predict that I would be able to do it, I was worried about what to do if I failed.

“”Water~ Ball~.””

Seeing me, Allen and Elena immediately follow and cast《Water Ball》too. A grand success, two water balls the size of a tennis ball fly towards the rock.

“Amazing, amazing! You two are so good~”
“So easily……”

In the end, all basics were taught in a few hours.
Because they were able to learn magic so quickly, Gard-san had a bitter smile. Normally, you wouldn’t be able to master magic in a day after all.
Well~ but it’s Allen and Elena after all. That must be it.

Gard-san returned to the Blue Water Shrine, and we have decided to practice magic for a little bit more. See, getting used to magic is important.
I also wanted to teach Allen and Elena some beginners magic.
Perhaps Water Arrow or Water Wall?
I won’t teach them any big moves! It would be troublesome if they used it in public. That is my role!
I also must tell them not to use it without permission. If I don’t, they might see someone use magic and start using it themselves.

“What? What is wrong?”

While thinking about magic, Allen and Elena suddenly clung up to me.
Since I wasn’t paying attention to the surroundings, I wanted to use Detection to figure out what’s going on, but before I could do that, the sea started shaking.


And then, something emerged from the sea while splashing water around.
I embrace Allen and Elena tightly, gulp while watching the high waves and appraise without delay.


Race: Leviathan
Age: ???
Level: ???
??? ???
?? ?? ??
???? ??
?????? ??????
?????? ??????

Haa!? Leviathan!?
Moreover, the contents of its status are not visible!

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