Chapter 44

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Advisor Inauguration
“My best regards from now on, Kaiser.”

With this, Kaiser has more or less become my Contracted Beast. Nevertheless, I really didn’t expect something like this would happen while coming to the sea.
The feeling of Allen and Elena withering disappeared all too soon. They are now watching Kaiser with great interest.

(At any rate, they are really attached to you. You seem like a real parent”)

Kaiser narrowed his eyes and looked at Allen and Elena who are clinging to me.
I can’t tell the difference in the Leviathan’s expression, but Kaiser’s gentle feeling has somehow been transmitted.

“That’s so. They have recognized me as an existence similar to an older brother.”

If we seem like a real family, that makes me glad.
When I stroke Allen’s and Elena’s heads, the two draw closer.

(Fumu~ Children, come with me”)

Oi, Kaiser? What are you saying all of sudden!?
Kaiser said something ridiculous while facing Allen and Elena.

(If they grew up this much, I won’t have any problems. I will prepare a place they can live safely. I can definitely protect you children better, you know?)
“”With Onii~chan.””
(It’s not like you can’t meet ever again, you know?)
(You like your brother so much that you don’t want to leave his side?)

I was surprised at Kaiser’s crazy question, but Allen and Elena choose to stay with me without hesitation.
I understand that Allen and Elena are attached to me, but being chosen like this makes me really happy, after all.

(Umu, umu. It seems you have built a good relationship”)

…… It seems that Kaiser didn’t want to take them, but was just confirming Allen’s and Elena’s feelings since the beginning.

(I can’t advise you on parenting, but I advise you about anything else. It has not been too long since Takumi came to this world, right? Although I’m distant to the way of humans, but I have lived for a long time, after all”)
“Eh! Th, this world!?”
(Although seldom, there are times where people from other worlds slip into ours. There are also existences that have memories from their previous life. Encountering a God’s retainer is much more unusual”)

Which reminds me, Kaiser has Appraisal skill. He must have seen both my status and my titles.
…… He accepted that I’m from a different world without being surprised. Judging by his words, he might have already met someone who came from a different world, perhaps even met a reincarnated person.
Oh, right…… there’s a chance that I will come across people from a different world from now on. I may be slightly looking forward to that.

(If you have something to ask, just ask with Telepathy. If it’s you, Takumi, we will be able to connect even if we are far apart.)

Nn? Telepathy?

“My Telepathy will…… connect?”
(Mu? You have learned it while talking with me, you know? Did you not notice?)


StatusSkillsTitlesContracted Beasts
Name: Takumi Kayano
Race: Human? (Wind God’s retainer)
Occupation: Magician
Age: 20
Level: 27
Light Magic 66
Dark Magic 65
Wind Magic 170
Water Magic 51
Space Magic 118
Life Magic 128
Swordsmanship 54
Throwing 52
Appraisal 209
Dismantling 119
Familiars 35
Taming 24
Swimming 8
Cooking 126
Sewing 23
Washing 12
Cleaning 31
Crafting 39
Gathering 65
Arithmetics 108
Reading 125
Concealment 41
Detection 37
Oracle 12
Telepathy 5
Abnormal Status Resistance 300
Mental Status Resistance 300
Physical Attack Resistance 300
Magic Attack Resistance 300
Transmigrated From a Different World
Blessed by the God of Creation, Marianora
Friend of Wind God Sylphreel
Conqueror of Low-Grade Dungeon
Monster Contractor
A-Rank Adventurer
Receiver of the Water Dragon King’s Divine Protection
Fenrir (Joule)
Thunderhawk (Bolt)
Celestial Tiger (Feat)
Leviathan (Kaiser)(Provisional)

Ah, it’s true.
When I confirm my status in a hurry, a new skill Telepathy appeared. Also, Swimming is there too.
I also have new titles.
“A-Rank Adventurer” was naturally obtained when I became A-Rank adventurer.
“Receiver of the Water Dragon King’s Divine Protection” is related to Kaiser, right?
I haven’t looked at other people’s statuses, but the number of titles is absolutely a lot…… this is my eight title. Well, they are all not normal, though……
Among the people I have seen until now, was four titles the most?

There are various titles, and there are some which affect abilities. They grant abilities, make skill acquisition easier, and make it easier to obtain proficiency.
I have not grasped clearly yet what the effects of my titles are. It’s by having a “Different world~” title, I am able to understand Aetherdia’s language.
And if there are titles that act as a plus, there are also titles that act as a minus.
I have not met a criminal yet, but criminals apparently have a title with minus correction.
As I have had until now, I would like to avoid those people.

However…… it wouldn’t be strange for Allen and Elena to receive Kaiser’s protection, but it’s only me? Why?

“Kaiser’s divine protection appeared in my status, but?”
(Umu, that’s right.)
“Why not Allen and Elena?”
(Because my contract is with you, Takumi.)
“The contract itself is the divine protection, is it? You can’t normally give divine protection?”

A contract, huh…
It can’t be helped then, but I wish Kaiser could grant divine protection even without a contract.

(No, I can. But, I won’t give these children divine protection. As people from the same water system and children of God, they are existences way above mine. The inferior being can’t give protection to the superior one. Takumi is the wind’s person, but also a retainer like me. Although we are equal, you are simultaneously my junior. Therefore, divine protection could be given.)
“I see~”

The hierarchy, huh…
Indeed, the superior beings give divine protections to the inferior ones. It can’t be helped that Allen and Elena can’t receive divine protection then.

(Also Takumi, hold onto this.)

Kaiser handed me a scale he peeled off of his own body.
The scale is translucent and shining in blue color.

(That is filled with my magical power. I will be able to grasp your location if you hold onto it.)

So it’s possible to track your own magical power, I see~ Does it work with perception or detection?
Is it used the same way, but instead of reacting to many unspecified magical powers, it reacts to a specific one?
Is it similar to a tracing ring? The magic stone on the ring perceives the magical power and indicates the specific place.
In that case, is it possible to substitute the magic stone with something else? Let’s try it next time.

“Thank you very much. Umm…… this won’t work unless I carry it, right?”

Although a scale, Kaiser’s scale is as large as my face. Moreover, it’s also very thick. It would be slightly unreasonable to carry this around all the time.

(I won’t be able to find you if it’s in a place that obstructs magical power. I won’t mind if you fragment it to the size of your toes. Just carry it.)
“I understand.”

A place that doesn’t obstruct magical power……
I thought about putting it in the Infinite Storage at first, but that place is not good. The magic bag is equally bad.
If so, I must make something that will allow me to carry the scale around. However, would this crack while processing?
When I flick the scale with my finger as a test, hardness transmits. It’s a scale of the strongest sea monster, it wouldn’t break that easily……

(What is it?)
“The scale is hard, I was wondering if I can break it……”
(I don’t mind if you break it, but it would be troublesome if it sunk. Try it after going up on the land. You should be able to break it without problems.)

Let’s try it when we return to the land. Kaiser gave his guarantee, so it’s should be alright.

(It’s time for me to return. Children, if something happens, you should immediately depend on your older brother.)
(Do not hesitate to contact me, Takumi. Then, in good health.)
“Yes. Thank you very much.”
“”Bye by~e.””

Kaiser has returned to the sea.
I have obtained a reliable advisor, but I got tired a lot. Let’s end the water magic practice today and return to the Blue Waters Shrine.

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