Idle Talk 5

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Elena is Elena.
Important, name, Oniichan gave.

Elena, has Onii~chan.
Since born, always together with Allen.
Allen is Onii~chan too, but to Elena, Onii~chan is, Takumi Onii~chan.

Onii~chan is, very kind to, Allen and Elena.
Delicious meals, he lets us eat, together with us, he sleeps.
Good girl, good girl, always he pats me.
Being patted, Elena is happy.
Again and again, it makes Elena warm.

Elena, loves, Onii~chan.
Allen is the same.
We love, Onii~chan.


◇ ◇ ◇


When monster? we defeat, Onii~chan praises us.
He worries, if we hurt.
That makes Elena happy.
More, Elena wants to be praised.
I want him to see.
Therefore, will work hard!

When medicinal plant? we find, Onii~chan is happy.
Amazing, he says with a smile.
Many plants there are, Elena will memorize a lot.
A lot, we will gather.
In order, to make Onii~chan smile.


◇ ◇ ◇


The meal, Onii~chan makes, yummy is, you know?
Today’s dinner too, was delish.
Furench Tosto? he said.
The thing, honey, sweet a lot.

The honey we get, when we defeat, Bee-san.

“”Ho~ney, ho~ney, ho~ney, ho~ney.””

Bee-san, a lots~
Bee-san, in the air flies, a little quick it is.
But, is al~right.
If with Allen, easy, easy.

“”Honey, there is~””

Honey, was there.
With this, Furench Tosto again, Onii~chan will make.


◇ ◇ ◇


A big, doggy, came to Onii~chan.


Doggy is, with Onii~chan, playing~
How nice~

“……… There, there~?”

Uu~ Getting patted~
Doggy, no fair~
Onii~chan, Elena too~

“What’s the matter?”
“…………………………………………………… Hand?”

Imitated, doggy, patted by Onii~chan I got.
Oh~ Doggy too, loves Onii~chan, I see.
Same as Elena.

Doggy is, Joule.
Joule too, named by Onii~chan got.
Same as Allen and Elena.
Joule, best regards.


◇ ◇ ◇


Again, friends increased.
Feat, and, Bolt.
Everyone, loves Onii~chan.
For Onii~chan, let’s do our best together, okay?


◇ ◇ ◇


Onii~chan, amazing is.
That Onii~chan is strong, Elena knows.
Usually, he lets Allen and Elena do it, but Onii~chan increee~dibly strong is!
The adults around, surprised are.
Onii~chan, strong is, you know!
Amazing right~♪

“Allen, Elena. I will reduce the numbers first by bit, will you help me with clean up?”
“Thank you.”

By Onii~chan, asked to help, we were.
Onii~chan, on Allen and Elena, depended.
Elena, work hard will!


◇ ◇ ◇


Ah, that person……
The person, who had Allen and Elena put, into a dark place, before Onii~chan we met.
That person, not like.
Don’t want to return.
Onii~chan, don’t want~

“Everything’s all right. I will be with you as long as Allen and Elena want to stay by my side.”

Don’t want to separate.
Forever, with Onii~chan, want to be.


◇ ◇ ◇


To sea? of nearby town we go, Onii~chan said.
Together with Joule, Feat, and Bolt.

With everyone, competition!
Elena, will not lose.
Get patted by Onii~chan Elena will~
Ah, Joule and Feat, used magic.
If from distance, attack, Allen and Elena, lose will.
Can Elena, magic too?
If Elena magic, will Onii~chan, be happy?
Elena will for Onii~chan, do her best!
Therefore, together with Elena stay, okay?

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