Idle Talk 6

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Miko Princess
I’m Sarasa.
A mermaid in the position of Miko Princess, The Lord of the Blue Waters Shrine.

I was ten when I became Miko Princess. The former Miko Princess Baba-sama passed away, and in the next Miko Princess selection, the one chosen was me for some reason.
My parents were overjoyed, but I really didn’t want to be Miko Princess, to be honest. I mean, Miko Princess has to live quietly in the isolated Blue Waters Shrine!
The distance between Miko Princess and other mermaids is large, she has to be treated as a holy existence.
People Miko Princess has contact with is also chosen, and it’s possible to talk only with a few people…… Something so stiffening, gimme a break!
Because Miko Princess hadn’t received an oracle from God in several hundred years, a position like that is not necessary anymore.
In fact, who knows who is suitable for the position of Miko Princess…… I do not.

I love swimming in the sea, it was within the barrier, but I swam every day. I won’t be able to endure not being able to do that anymore!
I will swim outside the barrier once I become a bit bigger! Even though I was looking forward to it……

Why? Why does it have to be me?
Aren’t there many people who want to become Miko Princess! Rather than me, choose someone who wants to do it……
As expected, I couldn’t endure it anymore and tried to slip out of the Blue Waters Shrine, but Chief Gard always discovers me and puts me back into my room.


Several years passed and I have suddenly received an oracle.

(Sarasa? Are you listening?)
“Ah, you are……”
(I am a retainer serving the Water God-sama)

Suddenly, a voice resounded in my head…… this is!
I tremble in fear.
Because I felt an exceeding holy presence that I have never felt before. An existence close to God. I don’t know why, but I clearly understood that.

“W, water… Re, retainer-sama… pl, please order me…!”
(Calm down, Sarasa)
“… Pl, please for… give me……”

My voice trembles. Let alone voice, my whole body trembles.
Although not Water God-sama, Water Retainer-sama is an incredibly noble existence. Shrinking back in fear is natural.
Ah…… I am… calm……

(Then, I will state my business)

Retainer-sama who gave me time to calm down stated her business at once.
It was about the crisis the mermaids living in the Blue Waters Shrine are facing right now.
At present, there is a fear that a coral which is critical to mermaids will be destroyed. Because losing the coral is a matter of life and death to the mermaids, it’s a serious issue.
Why such a thing is happening, is because a large boat has sunk and sealed the entrance to the cave where it coral is being cultivated. With that entrance sealed, it’s not possible to enter the cave and take care of the coral. If we can’t take care of it, the coral will wither.
It seems the ship is too big, not even the whole tribe was able to move it.
We are finished… I thought at that time.
It appears that Retainer-sama’s Oracle is in regards to that.

(A gentleman called Takumi-san will arrive at the sea tomorrow. That person will definitely solve the problem you are facing. Please, go to receive him.)
“Takumi-sama, is it? That person, what kind of person is he?”
(He is a human. Very gentle, kindhearted person. I can not tell you in detail, but he is a benefactor of us, the Water people.)

What a thing! A person that even Water Retainer-sama speaks of so highly will come to our Blue Waters Shrine!
We have to be careful not to displease him!

(It is all right, Sarasa. Takumi-san will not get angry about small mistakes. Rather, you might harm his mood by treating him too grandiosely.)
“W, what should we……”
(Moderately, is the way to go.)

Retainer-sama instructed me how to treat Takumi-sama properly. I carefully listened to every single word not to miss anything.
Among Retainer-sama’s words, there was something that my ears couldn’t believe.
It’s garbage, you know!? Retainer-sama! Are you telling me to give garbage to Takumi-sama!?
Won’t he get displeased if he gets to know about it!? Is that really okay!?
…… However, since Retainer-sama said it would be alright, I have no choice, but to prepare myself to take such action.

After the brief instruction, Retainer-sama’s Oracle was cut off.
I felt a bit lonely, but now is not the time for that.

“Gard! Gard!! Gard, it’s serious!!”

In order to prepare as soon as possible, I summon Gard with a loud voice.
It’s improper, and I may get scolded, but that doesn’t matter.

“Miko Princess, why are you shouting so loudly? Did something happen?”
“It’s an Oracle! We have been given an Oracle!!”

When I say so, Gard’s eyes open wide and his body froze on the spot.
Haa~ Such reaction is unusual for Gard…… hey, it’s not the time to say something like that.

“Gard, are you listening? Tomorrow, Takumi-sama will arrive at the beach and he will do something about that troublesome ship!”
“Is that true!?”

Ah, he revived.
Gard who recovered from the being frozen enthusiastically leaned forward and listened.

“It’s true. There’s no doubt since Water Retainer-sama said so. Therefore, we have to send someone to receive him! Ah! Confidentially! To not cause trouble for Takumi-sama, we have to hold things down to a minimum without announcing the oracle.”
“In that case, let’s use Mirena. She’s Miko Princess’ attendant and my grandchild. She is educated to not reveal secrets.”
“Right, Mirena would be good. Call her immediately please.”

Gard hurriedly leaves the room.
Gard who usually conducts himself quietly is…… Gard is excited too, huh. Somehow, watching Gard like that makes me calm……
Yup, I will be able to calm down.

When Gard comes back with Mirena, we three carefully make the arrangements.
Because Takumi-sama is a human, a mermaid bracelet magic tool will be necessary. I give Mirena instructions to take more than one bracelet as it seems Takumi-sama has a company and leave the preparations of small things to Gard.
By the way, both Gard and Mirena were shocked when I told them about the reward. They will have such a reaction after all…… is it really okay?
…… No! I should not doubt Water Retainer-sama’s words. I’m sure it’s okay!
Thus, we prepared to receive Takumi-sama in a hurry.

It was a Retainer-sama, but it has been several hundred years since the last Oracle. I was really surprised and happy that such a spectacular event has happened while I served as Miko Princess.
My negative feelings about being Miko Princess had disappeared before I knew, and I felt proud of myself.
It’s not too late, is it? I will show you that I can become a splendid Miko Princess!

――I made up my mind, however……

The things have progressed good for the most part, I was a little too much excited when I met Takumi-sama and caused him trouble.
…… I’m really sorry. I’m reflecting.
From now on! I will become a splendid Miko Princess!

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