Chapter 417

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Spoils of War
The day after the auction, we were looking at our spoils again.

(Oniichan, is this a magic ring?)
“Yeah, it is! We got it from the auction yesterday.”

Joule had spotted the magic ring with his keen eyes, so I explained how we got it with delight, and Vector let out a surprised voice.

(Niichan! Then, are we not going to a dungeon anymore!?)
“”Eh!? Is that so!?””

Apparently, they thought we were going to an advanced-level dungeon to get a magic ring, so they assumed we wouldn’t go anymore since we got one. Moreover, Allen and Elena took Vector’s words seriously.

“No, no, we’re going.”
““I know, right~ Scared us silly~””
“I promised you, didn’t I? Besides, it would be convenient to have more magic rings, so let’s keep looking for them~”

Let’s set a high goal for the number of magic rings, so everyone can have one.

(Geez~ don’t scare us like that, Niichan~)
(Vector, you just misunderstood and jumped to conclusions!)
(Ow. Mile, that hurts~)
(You deserve it!)

Mile climbed on Vector’s head and slapped his forehead. He was getting some educational guidance.

(Oniichan, who’s going to wear this magic ring, then?)
“Well, I was thinking Feat or Bolt… what do you think?”
(Yeah, I agree. I think either Feat or Bolt would be fine!)

I think it would be best to have Feat, who is reliable and like an older sister to everyone, or Bolt, who is also reliable and has excellent mobility, wear the magic ring.

(What!? Not me!?)
“… Vector, huh.”

Vector is the one who acts the most freely and has trouble carrying the monsters he defeats and such. But for some reason, I feel like I shouldn’t give him the magic ring.

(It’s obvious that we can’t give you the magic ring, Vector! You are already reckless enough, so you will become even more reckless!)

I agree with Mile.

(I think Bolt would be the better choice.)

Feat suggested Bolt.

(Because, Bolt is faster at flying than me. Things like communication, or transportation… don’t you think he will need it more for things like that?)
“Ah, wait a minute! If that’s the case, I feel like I’ll casually ask Bolt to do more transportation jobs. That’s not good.”
(Aniue, I’ll gladly accept that! Please tell me to do more.)
“Are you really sure you don’t mind?”
“I see. Then, Bolt will wear the magic ring.”
(Thank you very much.)

The wearer of the magic ring was decided to be Bolt. It’s convenient to make use of his freedom of action. But, I have to be careful not to overwork him just because he’s convenient.

“Next… shall we go and distribute the souvenirs?”
““Yeah! Let’s go!””

Next, we decided to distribute the souvenirs we got from the auction to the Ruven family. Everyone was happy, but Wald-san was not present today because of work, so we couldn’t give him anything. We’ll give it to him later, but since we had the chance, we got permission from Rosalie-san and secretly hid a sword in his room. We asked her to check his reaction when he found it and tell us how it was. I wondered if she would refuse… but she agreed with a chuckle. She’s surprisingly easygoing. After we finished distributing the souvenirs, we headed to the castle to meet Al-sama as promised.

“Takumi, you came. Come this way.”
“Yes… huh!?”

We were greeted by a cheerful Al-sama who guided us to a reception room where Tristan-sama and Grace-sama were waiting.

“Takumi, you have a teleportation device, don’t you? Why didn’t you tell us!”
“Why… because I forgot we had it?”

As soon as we sat down, Tristan-sama questioned me about the teleportation magic tool. Well, I have a fixed answer for that, so I told him, and he froze with his mouth open. Was it that unexpected?

“Fufu, that’s so like you, Takumi-san~
“When Takumi said he had it, he had a ‘now that you mention it’ face.”
“My, oh my.”


Grace-sama laughed amusingly.

“Umm, where do I find the recognition code?”

I took out the teleportation device from my Infinite Storage and looked for the recognition code. I should have checked it yesterday or this morning… but I forgot.

“Takumi, first you need to register as the owner. Touch the crystal on top and let your magic flow into it.”
“Oh, okay.”

I followed Al-sama’s explanation and registered as the owner.

“Since you got this one from a dungeon, it is definitely the initial version, so the first one who registers their magic power becomes the owner. But once you decide on an owner… in this case, this magic tool won’t let anyone change the owner unless you give a permission.”
“I see.”

That means you can’t use it, even if you forcibly take it from the owner.

“Next is the user registration. The owner can use it of course, but if you want to give permission to others, you need to register their magic power as well. Only the owner can operate it, of course.”
“I see. So that means, only the owner has the authority to delete user registrations and such, right?”
“That’s right.”
“I see. Well then… Allen, Elena, shall we register you?”
“Oh, can you register multiple people?”
“Yeah, there’s no limit.”

I usually keep it in my Infinite Storage, so they won’t be able to use it without me anyway, but I’ll register them just in case.

“By the way… what happens if the owner dies?”
“Others can still use it as long as they are registered as users, but they won’t be able to register anyone else. But well, you can also register multiple owners, so do that to avoid making it unusable.”
“Oh, then let’s make Allen and Elena owners instead of users.”

When I touch the magic tool, I somehow get a sense of how to use it in my mind, so I had Allen and Elena let their magic flow and register them.

“When you’re done registering, check the recognition code. It’ll come to you if you think about it.”

When I thought about the recognition code, a string of letters and numbers popped up in my mind. It wasn’t written on the outside of the device.

“You got it. Tell me the code.”

I said the recognition code as I saw it. Then I noticed that Al-sama had prepared another teleportation device and was touching it. Was he doing some registration work?

“This is our recognition code, so please register it, Takumi.”
“Register… how?”
“If you recite the sequence I said in your mind, it will be registered.”

This magic tool has been assembled with quite the advanced technology. I remember hearing that it wasn’t made by human hands, but that makes sense.

“Oh, it looks like it’s done.”
“I see. For now, the minimal operation is complete.”
“It’s surprisingly easy to use.”

It really ended easily. It’s a really high-performance magic tool that can be operated entirely by mental manipulation.

“It won’t work at all if someone other than the registrant touches it, so it’s not that simple.”
“Umm, can I touch your magic tool to see? Oh, it won’t break if someone who isn’t registered touches it, right?”
“That’s okay, there’s no problem.”

I tried touching an unregistered magic tool to see what would happen, but there was really no response, so it was just like an ornament.

“Oh, by the way. You only have registered one recognition code so far, so you know which one it is, but when the number of codes you have increases, you won’t know which one is which. You can also attach names to the recognition codes, so please register the code as belonging to this place.”

I don’t need to memorize the string of letters and numbers and distinguish them. That’s good.

“Oh~… by the way, is that magic tool a castle equipment?”
“This one is something that we, the Royal family members, use for our private use.”

It’s a magic tool for private use? Is it… okay to let me contact you like that?
For now, even if only registrants can operate it, I’ll make sure that the magic tool I have doesn’t connect to the Royal family of Guardia from our side.

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