Chapter 416

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Night Session (3)
“The next item is a magic tool for far-sight. A person who looks about the size of a pinky finger with the naked eye can be seen clearly enough to see what kind of expression they are making when.”

It seems to be a magic tool like a telescope or binoculars.

“It seems to have a pretty good performance.—Allen, Elena, shall we bid on it!”

I will let the kids bid on it because it might come in useful. For me, binoculars are not a rare thing, but unlike the previous world, here, even if you want such a tool, you can’t buy it easily.

“”Got it!””

The children who were completely used to the auction easily got their hands on it.

“”Ah, I know that! The one that sends letters!””
“That’s right.”

The next item seemed to be a simplified version of the teleportation magic tool.

“That’s right, Takumi! If you have enough funds, please bid on that and carry it around!”
“If you have that magic tool, we can always get in touch!”

Seeing the teleportation magic tool, Al-sama made a proposal as if he had come up with a good idea. If we have that, we could exchange letters directly no matter where we are, huh.

“Umm… you see.”
“What is it?”

Which dungeon was it? I’m sure we got it from a treasure chest or something… and it should be unused in the Infinite Storage… it is unused, right? I didn’t sell it… did I?

“…I’m sorry. We have it.”
“Hahh!? You have it!?”

When I honestly told Al-sama that we already had the teleportation magic tool, he raised his voice in surprise.

“Since when did you have it!?”
“Um… when was it? I remember getting it in a dungeon, but I don’t remember which one at all…”
““Umm… Bailey?””
“Was it Bailey? Then it’s the Dungeon of Ripples.”

The children’s memories seem to be vague as well, but they seem to remember more than me.

“Let me know the number later. In fact, notify all of your guardians!”

Guardians? Well, since they are looking after me, it’s not an exaggeration to say that they are guardians, right? Then it would be the Ruven and Risner families.

“I don’t mind telling you, but… can the teleportation magic tool be reached even if it’s stored in the Infinite Storage or a magic bag?”
“Im pretty sure that should be fine. You can hear a sound when something is coming your way.”
“A sound?”

Maybe… when something arrives from the Gods like Syl, it resonates in my mind—Piron♪. Is that not perhaps not related to Syl and others, but to the teleportation magic tool instead?

“I’ll test it before we leave the Capital again.”
“That’s good. I’ll take care of the sending side. Come to the castle at a later date.”

He probably means he’ll try sending a letter from the teleportation magic tool at the castle. I’ll gratefully participate in the experiment.

“And now, for the last item!”

After that, we spent the time watching the bidding of items we had put up for auction or items I didn’t particularly want, but it seems that we have finally reached the last item.

“The last one is the Blue Rose Drops.”
“There are many who want that.”

When the auction began, many people participated.

“”Wow, so many people~””
“Well, this is what I expected.”
“Is that so? Well, I knew there were people who wanted it, but I didn’t think it would be this many.”


I mean, it’s the last resort for people who can’t have children even if they wanted them. Well, not everyone participating in the auction is at the final stage. There are probably also merchants participating for resale purposes or as souvenirs for face-to-face connections.

“Oh, the first winner has been decided.”
“That was intense.”

The difference in expression between those who won the bid and those who didn’t was intense.

“Oh, the excitement returned with great force~”

But when the second Blue Rose Drops appeared, the venue was in a great uproar again.

“Instead of deciding all three at once like with the Crystal Elk’s antlers, they keep them going one after another like with the Heavenly Drops.”
“Well, it’s the last item.”

The auction for the second Blue Rose Drops was also intense, and when the third medicine appeared as if to push it further, cheers rose from the venue. But well, as expected, the host was emphasizing that this really was the last one, so as not to raise expectations among the participants that there might still be more to come.

“”It’s over~””
“Haha, was it that much fun?”
“”Yeah! It was fun!””

When the host gave the closing remarks, the children looked disappointed.

“Allen, Elena, do you want to come again?”
“”Is it okay? We want to!””
“Yes, of course, it’s fine.”

They seem to have really enjoyed the auction.

“This scale of auction is held twice a year. At the beginning of the year and at the end of summer. If you’re in the Capital at that time, let’s come together again.”
“”It’s a promise!””
“Yes, it’s a promise.”

They firmly made their next promise with Al-sama. Well, that’s fine. It was fun for me to watch, and it’s nice to find a bargain.”

“Well then, Takumi, thank you for joining me today. Mm~ just having you guys here with me made it fun from start to finish, not boring at all.”
“Hahaha~ I’m glad we could help with your boredom.”

Just watching the auction without actively participating must be very boring. It’s fantastic that Al-sama had fun.

“Well, I had fun too, and I got what I wanted. Thank you again.”
“Yes, let’s put the teleportation magic tool to practical use to convey that plan! Can you come to the castle tomorrow afternoon?”
“Tomorrow!? Isn’t that too soon?”
“You’re leaving the Capital soon, aren’t you? Then it’s definitely better to get it done sooner! If something unexpected happens and you guys suddenly leave the Capital, I’ll regret it!”

I feel like Al-sama just set a flag for me… but that’s just my imagination, right?

“I don’t have any plans for a sudden departure…”

Speaking of which, we had talked about going to the advanced dungeon after the auction was over, but we hadn’t specifically decided when to leave. I need to discuss it with the children.

“Well, I didn’t have any plans for tomorrow, so if it’s okay with you, we will come.”
“Good. Then I’ll be waiting.”

For now, let’s test drive the teleportation magic tool tomorrow, as Al-sama requested.

“Allen, Elena, let’s go pick up the items you won~”

Lastly, we went to pick up the items the kids won and settled the account… but as expected, we didn’t have to pay, but received the sales proceeds instead.

“…That’s strange~”
“I was trying to spend money, but it feels like we didn’t spend any at all.”
“”That’s strange~””
“Isn’t it~?”

I was planning to use my savings, but instead of decreasing, they increased.

“Next time!”
“Let’s buy more!”
“Yeah. Next time we participate in an auction, we should buy what we want.”

So the goal for the next auction was to spend money, but later on I realized that I shouldn’t have to put anything up for auction for that in the first place.

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