Chapter 415

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Night Session (2)
“Next up is this item.”

The host held up a small bottle.

“This is a fragment of a Crystal Elk’s horn, which is rarely obtainable!”


As the identity of the item was revealed, cheers arose from the participants.

“Eh!? Huh!? If it’s in that bottle, it’s about the size of a bean!?”
“You see, Takumi, Crystal Elk antlers are very rare. They’re incredibly expensive items. There’s no way they could put the whole thing for auction!”

I had heard that it will be sold in smaller sizes, but I didn’t think it would be that small. I was expecting the size of a fist, so I was surprised, and Al-sama scolded me lightly.

“This is enough to make one potion for physical defects. Of course, its authenticity is guaranteed by the Royal castle’s appraiser!”

I see, it’s enough for one potion. In that case, even that fragment the size of a bean is acceptable. And as soon as the bidding started, the price went up at an astonishing rate.

“This is incredible~ There are so many people who want that potion~”
“Some of them are merchants participating for the purpose of reselling.”
“… Reselling?”
“Unfortunately, there are those who sell to those who want Crystal Elk antlers but aren’t here at a higher price. Well, it’s not limited to just reselling. They might present it as an item to a trading partner they want to accommodate, or as a gift for face-saving… There are various possibilities.”
“Uwah~ There’s a lot going on~”

So it’s not just people who purely need and want Crystal Elk.

“There’s… ten people remaining! An unprecedented event among unprecedented events! We have ten fragments of a Crystal Elk’s antlers. The right to winning the bid will be given to all ten remaining participants!”
“Eh!? Al-sama!?”
“Didn’t I tell you?”

It seems that from the beginning, ten pieces of the Crystal Elk antlers had been prepared. If there are ten fragments, it’s still a small amount, so there’s no mistake in what Al-sama said. Even if you add up all the fragments, it doesn’t even reach the size of a fist! By the way, the items put up for auction were not taken by the country, but were put up from my remaining stock, so the winning bids will go to me.

“Why don’t we just pretend it was put up by the country?”
“Then it would mean that the country resold it!”
“I don’t mind!”
“It’s a problem for the country, so it’s rejected!”

I think it’s okay to do it a little bit… he’s stubborn~

“Next up is a storage magic tool, the Magic Ring.”
“Oh, the Magic Ring!”

My main goal, the Magic Ring, has appeared. Unfortunately, the time inside the ring is only slightly slower, but it seems that something as big as this venue can fit inside.

“”Oniichan, the one you want?””
“That’s right. Alright, Allen, Elena, do your best on behalf of Oniichan!”
“”Got it!””

The children happily participate in the auction. Perhaps because there was almost no time reduction, the number of people participating in the auction did not seem to be that many.

“… Is it just my imagination? At this rate, I feel like we could make it with the revenue from the Crystal Elk antlers…”
“Hahaha~ That’s true. Isn’t that great!”

Considering the pace at which the price was rising, I have a feeling that we might be able to get it at a lower price than I thought. I was planning to spend quite a bit of money, so I feel like I’ve been let down.

“By the way, Takumi…—”
“What is it… why don’t you just eat it already?”

Al-sama has been trying to pass me the Heavenly Drop since earlier, so I returned it with an exasperated expression.

“Okay, okay, here you go.”

So, I grabbed Al-sama’s hand… and forced him to bring it to his mouth.


“… Nguh.”
“Do you also need assistance, Najack-san?”
“N, no, that… can I keep this is a gift?”
“Yes, that’s fine.”

After seeing the exchange between Al-sama and me, Najack-san carefully wrapped the Heavenly Drop in a handkerchief and put it in his pocket with a slightly strained expression. Maybe he’ll calm down and think about what to do with it when he gets home?

“Ta, Takumi!? I, I, I ate it…”
“It’s just a candy.”
“No, but!”
“Don’t mind it. Don’t mind it.”

Al-sama was flustered, but I half-ignored him.

“Won it!”

In the meantime, Allen and Elena finished bidding for the magic ring.

“Ah, really!? Thank you!”
“”You are welcome!””

I didn’t see how much it ended up going for in the end, but since we were able to win the auction, let’s call it good.

““Wow! That’s amazing!””
“N? Heh~ there’s something like that too~”
““That’s right!””

The next item up for auction was also a magic tool, something like a treasure chest. However, it seems that it could only be opened by the person who closed it. Since everyone’s magic power is different, like fingerprints or DNA, it probably determines it that way. What I’m curious about is how the magic power of twins works. They say that the DNA of twins is exactly the same.

“”Mm, do we buy? Can we buy?””
“Haha. Well, it does look kind of useful, sure, go ahead.”

If we win it at auction, let’s try it out a little. Actually, the kids are really enjoying the auction.

“They keep winning one after another in the night session~”
“Well, if we don’t get it now, we don’t know when we’ll have another chance to see it.”

The items put up for auction in the night session were all really rare. Since they’re all things that we can’t easily buy even if we want to, it’s better not to miss on them.

“Allen, Elena, can you win?”
“Is fine!”
“Can win!”

I’m wondering whether I should teach them to “give up if the price goes up too much,” but unfortunately I can’t judge how much is “too much.” Well, as long as I keep an eye on them and make sure we don’t go bankrupt, I guess that’s okay?

“”Here it comes!””
“Oh, you won.”
“”We got it!””

It seems that they were able to successfully win the auction.

“”What’s next~?””
“Next is… looks like it’s the dye I put up.”

Since the next item was something I put up, their excitement was halved.

“The drop in their excitement was intense~”

Al-sama chuckled as he watched the children move away from the railing and sit down in their chairs.

“Well, isn’t it just right to have some time to calm down? We can’t keep them excited all the time.”

Even children with a lot of energy would get tired if they were constantly excited. It’s definitely better to enjoy events like this in moderation.

“Allen, Elena, are you hungry?”
““A little?””
“Then let’s have a snack. What would you like?”

Since dinner was a little early, I will give the children a snack now.

“…Not something sweet? Well, that’s fine~ What we have now… is tuna mayo okay?”
“Takumi, me too!”
“Okay, okay, I got it.”

During the brief auction of the dye, we took a break.

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