Chapter 414

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Night Session
After finishing dinner during the break, we waited for the night session to start.
The venue was packed, so I guess that the night session is the main part of the event.

“”Can’t wait for it to start~””

Allen and Elena were already enjoying themselves, holding on to the railing and looking downstairs.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have kept you waiting! The night session will now begin.”

When the starting signal was given, Allen and Elena were bobbing around happily.

“The first item to commemorate the occasion is here! One Heavenly Drop!”
“Ah! It’s Allen’s!”
“Maybe it’s Elena’s?”

The first Heavenly Drop appeared on the stage.
Allen and Elena pointed at it excitedly.

“I see they are starting with this~”
“The first impression is important, after all. They want to fire up the crowd, so the bidding doesn’t start out dull.”

If the place doesn’t get lively and the prices don’t rise, it’s a problem for the organizer. I guess they decide the order of the auction with that in mind.

“”So much!””
“Indeed. There are a lot of participants~ And the price keeps going up~”

We were leisurely watching the show since this was one of our items, but the prices were going up more and more than I expected.

“”It’s sold!””
“Uwah~ We got back what Allen and Elena bid until now.”

The winning bidder was decided. However, even though it’s said Heavenly Drops bring luck… it’s not even certain if it’s true or not, yet they are willing to pay such a large sum for it~
Allen and Elena were in a happy-go-lucky mood because they got a lot of money back, even after the commission fee will be deducted.

“Good news for those of you who didn’t get your hands on the Heavenly Drop! You won’t believe this! We have another piece for you today!”

Hearing the words of the host, the audience got excited.

“Whoa~ they got so excited~”
“”Everyone wants it?””
“I guess so.”
“”What about Al-sama?””
“N? Me? Even if it’s at least once, I would like to try it.”

Allen and Elena confirmed whether Al-sama waned a Heavenly Drop and rummaged through their bags.

“”Here! Will give you.””

They then both took out jars containing Heavenly Drops from their bags, each plucked one in with their fingers, and held it out to Al-sama.

“Hah!? Nonono! Takumi!”

Al-sama looked stunned for a moment, but then, in a great panic, he called me for help.

“Allen, Elena, are you both giving one to Al-sama?”
“No, Takumi, that’s not it! That’s not what I meant!”

I deliberately helped Al-sama in a way he did not have in mind.

“Umm, this is for Al-sama!”
“Then, this one… for Naja Nii!”

At first, the two children were holding out their gifts to Al-sama, but while Allen stayed with Al-sama, Elena changed to Najack-san, who was standing guard behind Al-sama.
Najack-san, who was suddenly involved, looked stunned with surprise. The master and servant both reacted in a similar manner.

“… Ta, Takumi.”
“… Takumi-san?”

Al-sama and Najack-san were horrified.


“They want you to eat it.”
“Nonono! We can’t just accept it, can we!?”
“You saw them being auctioned off just now, didn’t you!? This is a very expensive item!”
“That’s right! Even now, the price is still rising!”
“”Don’t really mind~?””

Al-sama and Najack-san explained in detail, but it seemed that the amount of money was irrelevant to the children. They tilted their heads as if to say, “What about it?”

“”You see, you see.””
“We still.”
“Have lots!”

Allen and Elena held up the jars containing the Heavenly Drops as if to show it, and lightly shook them to make a sound.
They didn’t expect it to still be so full, and not only Al-sama and Najack-san, but also the other guards, attendants, and the agent gulped in surprise.
When the children took a piece out of the jars earlier, they didn’t even look at the contents of the jars, did they?

“Eh, didn’t they just take that out of their own bags?”
“N? They did.”
“They did, you say… what!? That’s the same as letting them have a lot of money, you know!?”
“N? Ah~… I usually tell them not to serve it to others in public and to eat it secretly, so no one knows they have it.”
“That’s not the way to go about it!?”

Even though it’s fine for us, it seems to be a serious matter for Al-sama and the others.
Even if I were to retrieve the Heavenly Drops… Allen and Elena’s bags still contain mithril knives, pearls, and other baggage not befitting children~

“What to do Allen, Elena? They say children shouldn’t hold onto things like these.”
“That’s what they say.”
“”Then, we eat it?””

I guess they were expecting an answer that they would leave it with me. The children’s conclusion, however, was that they should eat them, to the surprise of Al-sama and Najack-san.

“Oh, it looks like the second Heavenly Drop has been sold.”
“”It’s over?””

In the meantime, the bidding for the second Heavenly Drop had ended.

“Well, let’s decide what to do with the remaining drops later. More importantly, the next item is coming up.”

I would regret it if I inadvertently missed the magic ring.

“Here, Al-sama.”
“Here, Naja Nii.”

Allen and Elena forced Al-sama and Najack-san to hold it in their hands and returned to the railing to concentrate on the auction.

“Uwah, I was caught off of guard—Allen, Elena, let me return it.”
“Really, please.”
“”No way~””

Allen and Elena were in an attitude of complete refusal, refusing to look at Al-sama.

“”Oniichan, Oniichan! That!””
“Eh? A barrier stone… a complete isolation one, huh. Yeah, that looks useful.”

The normal effectiveness of a barrier stone is to block the intrusion of monsters. The one being auctioned off, however, seems to block not only monsters, but people as well.

“”Can we?””
“Yeah, go get it.”

Even our friends will not be able to get in or out, but I still want to get our hands on it.
The children were happy to participate in the auction when I asked them to bid for it.

“Takumi, are you sure you’re okay with reducing your funds before the thing you are waiting for comes up? Rather, please take this back already.”
“Please give up and put it into your mouth already. Also, about my funds… well, please lend me more if I don’t have enough. I will pay you back in a few days.”

Al-sama made fun of me lightly while holding the Heavenly Drop, so I returned a light joke to him.

“Ah, that or could I jump in and put something else up for auction? I will take out something good I put on the side!”
“Something you put on the side… I have no idea what you might mean, but it’s quite scary, so don’t.”
“Is that so? I could do pearls twice the size of the pearls being auctioned off today or Pegasus feathers at best, though.”
“… Why did you say it!? I didn’t want to hear it!”
“Rather than that, it must be bothering you to hold that in your hand all this time, no? Please eat it already.”

Al-sama tried to cover his ears, but the Heavenly Drop he was holding was in the way.
It’s about time he gave up and ate it!

“Oh, thank you, Allen, Elena.”

While I was talking to Al-sama, Allen and Elena won the bid for the barrier stone.
It seems that they got it at a price close to the starting price, as if it was irrelevant to the nobles.


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