Chapter 413

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Afternoon Session
After a lunch break, the afternoon session began. I’m guessing the number of participants doubled?


Allen and Elena were quiet in their chairs for the first few items, but as soon as the lace-knitted stole appeared, they rose from their seats.

“That’s a beautiful stole. You want it?”
“”For Obaasama!””
“Oh, I see.”

It looks like they want to give it to Rebecca-san as a gift.
There are also handmade one-of-a-kind items on display in the afternoon session, but many of them look more elaborate and intricate than the ones in the morning session, and they were surely made for the nobility.

“Why not? I hope you win.”
“”Will do our best!””

I had no reason to object, so I decided to let the kids do as they please.

“There seem to be another two bidders beside the children.”
“It’s going to cost them quite a bit of money, are you not stopping them?”
“Well, it’s such an elaborately knitted item, so I’m fine with it.”

If I were to put up an order to get a similar item, it would take a considerable amount of time, even years.


It seems that Allen and Elena successfully bid on the item.
The price… well, it’s a reasonable amount. The only thing is, if the kids put in a serious effort, they can make it back by doing a few harvesting requests. When I think about it like that, it doesn’t seem that expensive… but is my sense of money failing because my thinking is as such?

“”Wah! Not good!””

The children, who should have been happy, suddenly turned serious as if they had realized something.

“Eh, what’s up with you all of a sudden?”
“We don’t have!”
“Enough money!”
“… Ahh.”

When I hurriedly asked them what was going on, the kids looked desperate as they pulled the leather bags they use as wallets out of their pouches.
… Apparently, they realized that they did not have enough cash on hand.
They have no less than a large silver coin on them at any given time, but no more than one gold coin. I don’t let them carry more coins than that. Naturally, they wouldn’t have enough to pay for the stole.
But, well, for their age, I would rather they don’t carry that much.

“… Oniichan has enough, so don’t worry about it. Rather, I think you can pay with your Guild cards as well.—Uhh, you can, right?”
“Hahaha~ You can, you can. Don’t worry.”
“That is good.”

I was aware that it was possible to use cards for high value transactions, instead of cash. But well, I’ve never paid with a card before.
So, I checked with Al-sama and it seems to be okay. If he had said no to this, I would have had to rush to the Guild to get the money for the magic ring.

“”Here, the Guild cards.””
“Ah, yes, we will pay for everything at once later.”
“”Is that so?””
“That is so.”

Immediately, the children presented me their Guild cards, and I urged them to put them away in their pouches.

“By the way, Takumi, I don’t know if this is a good time to ask this, but… how much money do you let your kids have?”
“No, the deposit.”
“Oh~… I don’t remember accurately, but I think it’s quite a bit?”
“… Ah, yeah, I figured you would say that.”
“No, I mean, the children often find rare herbs and stuff like that. When I sell those, of course I would deposit it on their accounts, no?”

I think that the money made from the Crystal Elk antlers should also be the children’s. But it was transferred to my account instead.

“If I was careless, the children’s rewards would be getting deposited to my account instead.”
“… Really?”
“It’s true. Why would I lie about this? Well, the children don’t know the numbers on their accounts either.”

The kids have no idea how much money they’re making.
I mean, I can’t even try to give them an exact figure because I don’t sell all the materials they collect or get from defeating monsters.

“”Wah! Oniichan, look!””
“N? Next is… a stick? Ah, a magic tool?”
“”Right! For Ojiisama!””
“I guess that would be good. Well, good luck getting it!”

This time they have found a present for Matthias-san, so the children joined in the bidding, showing their motivation.

“Is that… going to be helpful?”
“For self-defense, I guess? If he was attacked… I don’t think this would help him to repel his assailants, but it would allow him to make them stunned momentarily, allowing him to make his next move.”


It seems to be a magic tool that generates a flash of light when the tip of the stick is slammed into the ground with force.


The children bid on it rather easily, perhaps because it was quite a strange magic tool.
Well, the walking stick itself was of a very nice design, so it would find a use even without consideration for its abilities.

“”Ah! That too, that too!””
“What’s next… for Velio-san?”

It seems that they intend to find something for the entire Ruven family.
For Velio-san, it was a magic tool that looked like a pocket watch. They also bid on ornaments for Almeria-san and Rosalie-san… one after the other.

“”… Muu.””
“I’m not sure if you will find anything that suits his tastes~”

The bidding was going well up to that point, but they couldn’t find anything for Wald-san.

“By the way, have you already decided on what kind of item… would be good for him?”
“”Umm… a sword?””
“A weapon, huh~”

Wald-san’s weapon of choice is a sword. A flaming magic sword at that. I’m guessing here, but I think his has to be a good one. Finding something better, or even equal… would be quite difficult.

“I don’t think you will find anything better than his current sword at the action~ I think getting lucky in a dungeon would be more like… hm?”
“… I just remembered, but didn’t we get a sword in the Dungeon of Ripples?”

I remembered that when we had conquered “Dungeon of Ripples”, we obtained a magic sword with fire magic from a treasure chest in the boss room (Chapter 85). A sword is a sword, but I think that sword belongs to the category of great swords.

“Alright, since we came to this point, let’s impose that sword onto Wald-san!”
“”Impose it!””

Since it’s been stored in my Infinite Storage for a while now, there is no problem with giving it away. So I think I’ll have it be Walt-san’s sub weapon.

“… Oi, oi.”

Hearing the conversation between me and the kids, Al-sama had a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Takumi, you said you will impose the sword onto him… your wording is bad.”
“Ah, excuse me. But, I don’t think he will accept it under normal circumstances, so we will have to impose it onto him.”

I have a feeling that he will probably(?), most likely(?) not accept it under normal circumstances.

“That means it’s something good, no? You said you obtained it in a dungeon, but at what floor is it from?”
“It’s from the last level of an intermediate dungeon.”
“Hahh!? Isn’t that a pretty good thing then, Takumi!?”
“That might be the case, but it’s not like I can use it myself anyway?”

Al-sama raised his voice in surprise. But good or not, a great sword is something I won’t be able to wield.

“That being the case, we will use the confusion to get rid of it and hand it to him.—Allen, Elena, are you good with that?”
“”Yeah! Will impose it onto him!””

… It seems that they were pleased with the word “Impose”. Let’s be careful about my wording next time.

“So that means, all that’s left is Lucario-kun?”
“N? What about the stuffed toy from the morning session?”
“”Ah! That one is good too!””

They bid on the huge stuffed animal with great vigor, but it looks like it would be a good present for Lucario-kun.

“Well, look for something else first, and if you don’t find anything, go with the stuffed animal. How about that?”
“”Let’s do that~””

Allen and Elena weren’t like “That stuffed animal is ours!”, so we have now secured enough presents for the entire Ruven family.

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