Chapter 418

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Test Run
I named the recognition code “Guardia Royal Family”. Since no one else can check it without permission, it should be fine to use a straightforward name like that.

“Well, shall we try using it next?”
“Ah, yes, that’s right.”

Next, we decided to conduct an experiment using the teleportation magic tool.
It’s like this. We’re checking to see if I can tell if a letter or something has arrived, even if the magic tool is stored in my Infinite Storage.

“Shall we try using it normally first?”
“Allen wants to do it!”
“Elena will do it too~”
“Okay, okay, I’ll do it first and if it works, you guys can try it too.”

I’ll be the one to do the test run.

“The size of the object that can be sent is limited to something smaller than the main body of the teleportation magic tool, but there is no weight limit.”
“Where should I put the object to be sent?”
“In front of the main body.”
“In front?”
“Isn’t there a marking on the pillar? That’s the front.”
“Pillar? Oh, there it is.”

A small pattern was carved on the pillar that served as the base. I turned it so that it faced me and placed an empty bottle in front of it. Then, when I touched the magic tool, I was asked “Do you want to transfer this?” and when I agreed, I was asked to choose a destination. Well, there’s no choice for the destination, so I chose “Guardia Royal Family”. Finally, when I poured in magic power, the small bottle that was in front of the magic tool disappeared.

“”Oh~ It’s gone.””
“Look over here next.”
“”Oh~ The bottle came out!””

The small bottle that disappeared from in front of me appeared in front of Al-sama’s magic tool.
There isn’t much of a time lag.

“I’ll send it back as it is.”
“”Oh~ It came back!””
“So, that’s what it’s like.”

Allen and Elena also tried using the magic tool while giggling and frolicking.

“Next, let’s see~ Takumi, put something else in front of the magic tool.”
“Yes, understood.”

I took out another small bottle from Infinite Storage and placed it in front of the magic tool.
Then, when Al-sama tried to transfer the small bottle he had been using from the beginning, a sound rang in my head――beep, beep, beep♪.

“Did you hear it?”
“Yes, I can hear the sound.”
“”Can hear it~”

It seems that not only me, but also Allen and Elena could hear it.
Or rather, the sound was not――Piron♪. Is that only for Syl’s family?

“That sound is heard only by those who have registered as owners, but not by those are registered as users. Move the bottle aside. The sound will disappear.”

As Al-sama said, when I moved the bottle aside, the sound stopped and the bottle arrived immediately.

“It seems that if the environment is not suitable for receiving something, that sound will ring. So, I think that if you store the teleportation magic tool in the Infinite Storage, that sound might ring… but since it’s rare to carry around a transfer magic tool, I haven’t heard of any examples. However, it’s working in the magic bag.”

Indeed, teleportation magic tools are usually installed somewhere and not carried around much.

“Al-sama, may I have you send it again?”

When I put the teleportation magic tool into my Infinite Storage, Al-sama immediately performed the transfer operation. Then, again――beep, beep, beep♪ rang out.

“”I heard it!””

When I took out the transfer magic tool from Infinite Storage and placed it on the table, the small bottle arrived immediately.

“It seems to have no problems working inside the Infinite Storage.”
“Yeah. It’s amazing.”

This way, there should be no problem using it even while carrying it around.


“I think this is enough for trying it out.”
“Yes. It’s fine.”

Since there were no problems, it should be fine to end the test run.

“Next is this. This is the recognition code for the teleportation magic tool used by the royal family of Creta. Register it immediately and burn that note.”

When the test run was over, Al-sama handed me a piece of paper.

“I contacted Cloud-dono and asked if it was okay to tell you.”
“The reply was: ‘By all means’. I’ll let them know your magic tool recognition code from our side, is that okay?”
“Ah, yes, please… wait a minute. When did you contact him!?”

I can’t keep up with the sudden development.

“I contacted him yesterday and got a reply this morning.”
“Isn’t your preparation too good!?”
“It’s a natural preparation. I’ve been asked by Cloud-dono many times about this.”

I understand that the royal families communicate with each other, but I’m surprised at the content and even more surprised at the quick exchange.

“I’ll emphasize this, but… depending on the situation, I may not be able to respond quickly. Also, I’ll contact you if there’s something regular or something happens, but I can’t do it frequently.”

It may be a strong statement to make to a royal family member, but just because we can communicate easily now doesn’t mean we can increase the frequency. Sorry.
After all… even when traveling, there are times when I almost forget about regular things.

“Ah, I understand that. Just contact us as much as you can without overdoing it. We’ll try to keep it to regular things as much as possible from our side.”

It’s very easy to get along with because they don’t force us here.

“However, it’s important that we can contact you immediately.”
“That’s certainly true.”

Even if they know the town where we are and send a letter of contact there, we won’t be able to receive the letter immediately if we’re in a dungeon or something.

“”Hey~ let’s have a snack~?””

As we were talking about the need for emergency contact, the children’s carefree voices interrupted.

“Hmph. When I’m with you guys, serious conversations don’t last long~”
“”We can’t?””
“No, it’s not that you can’t. Snack time, was it? I’ll have tea prepared, but for sweets…――Takumi, I leave it to you!”

Although it was an important conversation, it was almost over, so we decided to have snack time as the children requested.
The children are not oblivious to the atmosphere. On the contrary, they act more perceptively than anyone else. Probably, even now, they waited for the conversation to end properly before calling out.

“Yes, yes. Um, what would you like?”
“Let’s see~ The new ones you brought at Allen and Elena’s birthday party…”
“Gateau chocolat?”
“No-bake cheese?”
“Ah, that’s what it was called. If you have that, I’d like to eat it again.”
“I can serve that.”

I have plenty of stock because I practiced for the party.

“Is that okay with Allen and Elena too?”

Come to think of it, I haven’t made anything other than these two types even though I received a recipe book for sweets. Since it’s also a request from Marianora-sama, next time I’ll try making a different type of cheesecake.

“Al-sama, if it’s okay with you, I will leave one of each of these for you, so please share them with Grace-sama and the others later.”
“Oh, that would be appreciated. They were very fond of the souvenirs they received at the party. They’ll be delighted.”

For a while, we enjoyed tea with Al-sama and then went around the castle accompanied by Al-sama to say goodbye to our acquaintances before leaving on our journey and returned to the Ruven residence.

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