Chapter 409

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The Olberta Company
Vector and Bolt, who had joined us, had caught three Quickbirds. So I immediately contacted Cloud-sama to give him a souvenir, and he asked me if I wanted to go with him to the Fiji Company tomorrow.
So to meet up at the Fiji Company store, we arrived a little early. As soon as we arrived, we were pulled into the parlor by Stefan-san, the president of the Fiji Company.

“Takumi-dono! The furikake is now on sale!”
“Eh? Ah, is that so? That’s good to hear.”
“Along with that, white wheat and the magic tool for cooking white wheat are also selling well!”
“I see, is it the synergetic effect?”
“Takumi-san, your reaction is too poor!”
“I, is that so…”

Stefan-san banged on the table. It seems that he didn’t like my reaction.
But it’s hard for me to be high-spirited about the fact that furikake is selling well~

“President, you have a visitor.”
“Ah, Cloud-sama.”

Just as I was troubled responding to Stefan-san, a shopkeeper led Cloud-sama and his group inside.
Cloud-sama had several companions. Well, a prince of a country can’t move about on his own, so they must be his assistants and bodyguards.

“Oh, you came first, Takumi—President-dono, thank you for making time for me today.”
“No, thank you for coming all the way here today. I am Stefan, the president of the company. Please, call me Stefan.”
“I will take you up for it. Stefan-dono, he’s from the Olberta Company, and I’ve brought him here for this transaction.”
“I am Toya of the Olberta Company. I look forward to working with you today.”

One of them was a member of the Olberta Company, the family of Myra, a member of the adventurer party Soleil, whom we had met the other day. His looks are similar to Myra-san’s, so he’s not only an employee but most likely a blood relative of hers. He is… not old enough to be her father, so it must be her older brother.

“Don’t yes me… it’s your turn.”

Before I knew it, all eyes were on me, and I realized that, at Cloud-sama’s urging, I had to introduce myself as well.

“I am Takumi, an adventurer. These are my younger siblings, Allen and Elena.”
“I’m Allen!”
“I am Elena!”

Allen and Elena each raised their hands and said their names.

“”Hey, hey.””
“Are you Myra Oneechan’s.”

The children also seem to have noticed the relationship between Myra-san and Toya-san, and they tilted their heads as they asked Toya-san.

“Yes, that’s right. As I thought, you guys are the ones who took on a request together with my little sister’s group?”

So he was Myra-san’s brother, after all.

“What, you already know each other, Takumi?”
“No, this is our first time meeting in person. But we met the party of adventurers who are escorting them here just yesterday.”
“Ah, that all female party?”
It appears that Cloud-sama knows of the Soleil party as well. Ah, but, Cloud-sama brought Toya-san with him, so they probably came together?

“Their leader is a tamer, and my children instantly taken liking to her.”
“Ah~ That, I can easily imagine~——Allen, Elena, did you know that there are two kinds of tamers?”
“”Two kinds?””
“That’s right. Tamers who form solid bonds with their familiar monsters are fine, but watch out for tamers who forcefully subdue monsters to do their bidding. You better don’t get close to them.”
“”… Got it~?””

Allen and Elena replied to Cloud-sama’s advice while tilting their heads.

“Do they really understand? They are tilting their heads.”
“Ah~ I’m not sure, but it should be fine.”
“You are not sure, yet it should be fine?”
“My children are sensitive to all beings’ nature. The emotions of enslaved monsters would surely be negative, so it is more likely that they would be wary and hide behind me, rather than approach them with open arms.”
“I see. That’s good then.”


Oh~…… but the kids nowadays probably wouldn’t hide and would snarl at them with hostility instead~

“Still, not being afraid of Kiltie, your children are quite gutsy.”
“”Kiltie was so cute!””

Toya-san looked at the children with admiration, since there probably weren’t many people who weren’t afraid of Kiltie.

“Takumi-dono, Kiltie is…”
“A Hellsnake.”
“… I see, there would be more people afraid of that.”

When Stefan-san found out what Kiltie was, he pulled a stiff face.
From a normal person’s point of view, Hellsnake is a threat to one’s life, isn’t it? Well, even if the venom of the Hellsnake itself doesn’t kill you, if your body is paralyzed, and you can’t move in a place where monsters frequently appear, it’s a definite life-threatening situation.

“Speaking of which, what kind of business did you come to the Fiji Company for, Cloud-sama?”
“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t you have any expectations?”
“Yes, none at all.”
“It’s about you.”
“Yes. You made it, or invented it and entrusted it to the Fiji Company.”

No need to guess, it’s either about the rice cooker, shaved ice machine magic tool, Simple Salt Series or curry powder!
Cloud-sama liked the food I made, too! I wonder if he’s thinking of spreading the word in his own country as well as stocking up on what we use ourselves?

“However, I’m surprised you were concealing a few more hidden gems, Takumi.”
“Hidden gems?”
“I only knew about the white wheat, curry powder, and shaved ice, but there are a lot of other condiments and seasonings on the market here!”
“Recently, we also received a suggestion for an accompaniment for white wheat called Furikake.”
“So there’s even more now! Anyway, we are here to sign a contract to supply them to Crete! Unfortunately, the Fiji Company does not operate there!”

Good food is justice! As the saying goes, when you know something tastes good, you want to get it again.

“Did you never consider expanding to Crete?”
“We have our hands full in Guardia, so we may go there to stock up, but it is not possible to open a branch at this time.”
“That’s why I am trying to get the Olberta Company a contract to distribute the Fiji Company’s products in Crete.”
“… I see~”

What do I say…… isn’t this kind of big deal, then~

“On the contrary, the Oblerta Company is going to wholesale some of the stuff they deal in to the Fiji Company. You already know of vanilla, for example. As you suggested, we also used it to create a perfume, and it became a popular product, especially among women.”
“A perfume? Ahh, we did talk about that!”

I did tell him that women would like perfume that smelled of vanilla, or something like that.

“Hey, you forgot!? Let me tell you, I have designated you, Takumi, as the originator of the idea, so a portion of the profits will be transferred to you.”

… Our sources of income have increased before I realized yet again.

“You should have received several transfers by now. Didn’t you notice?”
“… Takumi-dono, when was the last time you visited the Merchants’ Guild?

I can’t remember when I was last there at all!

“Alright, after this business meeting, you are coming with me.”
“… Yes.”

Because of my silence, Cloud-sama realized that I had not been there at all, and he forced me to go there with him after.

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