Chapter 410

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Business meeting?
The greetings were over, and the business meeting began in earnest.

“Well then, we shall use the guild’s teleportation device if there are any changes, is that okay?”
“Yes, that is fine.”

However, it was clear what the Olberta Company wanted to purchase, so they conducted a simple price negotiation and confirmed the quantity that the Fiji Company would be able to wholesale. They also sold the recipe itself and confirmed what they would produce and sell via the Olberta Company.

“Do business negotiations usually go this smoothly?”
“No, it is usually more difficult, the atmosphere is also tense.”
“Is that so?”

From Stefan-san’s point of view, this business meeting was not normal.

“I have never had such a calm business meeting before. For better or worse, merchants are always looking for favorable conditions for themselves. It’s hard to tell what they’re up to when they’re thinking with a constant smile on their face.”

I vote that Toya-san is also not normal.
However… a scheme hidden behind the smile, huh~ It must be difficult dealing with black-hearted people like that~

“Well, this time it’s special because Takumi and I were present.”
“I can understand you, Cloud-sama… but me?”

When dealing with Cloud-sama, who is royalty, I can understand that you’d add a kind touch to the business meeting as a sign of closeness… or with the intention of flattering him.

“This time, though, it’s all your work, Takumi! You are my friend, so Stefan-dono is being very accommodating.”
“Ahh! I see!”

I see, so it’s a preferential treatment for a friend’s friend.

“Yes, indeed. That’s one thing, but then there’s the fact that Takumi-san doesn’t say anything about the rates he gets.”
“Oh, so since Takumi doesn’t raise his rates, the wholesale price settles down on a reasonable level as well?”
“Yes, that’s right. Takumi-san doesn’t raise his rates, on the contrary, he is surprised to see he gets a share too.”
“Come to think of it, you were surprised about the vanilla earlier, too.”

… The seasonings I made aside, I wasn’t expecting to get anything from the vanilla~

“Takumi’s good nature as a person is a little worrisome, but with everyone around him keeping an eye out for each other, it shouldn’t be a problem.”
“I suppose so~ Well, if something should happen, we, the Fiji Company, are always willing to help, even if only in a small way.”
“From now on, please include us, the Olberta Company, in the group.”

Well, it’s good to have lots of allies, so let’s not worry about it.

“That reminds me, Takumi, you said you wanted to give me something, right?”
“”Ah! Meat!””
“It’s Quickbird and Giant Boar meat. The children killed them, and they wanted to give it to you and Radian’s dad… the gryphon’s parent.”
“You’re already taking the gryphon child hunting!?!
“Nonono! I haven’t let him do any real hunting yet!”

I want you to stop having strange misunderstandings!

“We’re just getting Radian used to walking, mainly in the mountains, and the other kids are in charge of the hunting. Well, he does go out to retrieve the ones they killed, though.”
“I think you’re moving pretty fast, though. It’s only been a few days since you signed the contract, right!”
“What can I say, Allen and Elena are more eager to train their little brother than I am…”
“”Special training, special training♪””
“… Ahh, I see.”

Seeing Allen and Elena, Cloud-sama had a somewhat dumbfounded yet understanding look on his face.

“May I have a word?”
“What is the matter, Toya-dono?”

As Toya-san approached us in a reserved manner, Cloud-sama tilted his head and asked back.


“Is there a gryphon among Takumi-san’s familiars? I talked to my sister and her group the other day, and I don’t remember them saying anything about a gryphon…”
“He wasn’t there when we accepted the request together. Was it the next day? Cloud-sama called me to come over and left the little gryphon in my care.”
“I see, so that’s how it is.”

Toya-san must have heard about Joule and the others from Myra-san and the others. But we hadn’t met Radian yet at that time~ No wonder they didn’t tell him about Radian.

“Still, when it comes to Takumi-san’s group, a Giant Boar would not pose any threat, right~”
“”It won’t~!””
“You sound so reliable.”

Stefan-san was talking with the children as if he was impressed.

“Oh, let’s get back on the topic, before we forget about the meat. Ah! Takumi, why don’t you cook something with that meat for me?”
“Ohh, that’s something I’d love to partake in!”

When Cloud-sama suddenly came up with that idea… Stefan-san’s eyes lit up, and he joined in on the conversation. Toya-san also looked at me with expectant eyes, although he did not speak.


Allen and Elena were also hungry… as could be seen from their hands rubbing their stomachs.

“Nono, how did it come to this?”
“It’s fine. We won’t eat the gryphon’s souvenir.”
“I’m not talking about that… you are talking about me cooking something for you, but I have no place to cook!”
“If you need a place, you can use our staff’s break room!”
“Takumi, the place has been secured!”
On top of crushing their expectations by saying no, now that Allen and Elena wanted to eat, I couldn’t possibly refuse.
And most of all, I myself don’t mind being told that the food I make is delicious~

“Alright, alright. Umm, Giant Boar or Quickbird, which one would you like to eat?”
“Eh, both?”
“Sure, but the two meats are too different, so they need to be cooked differently~ So what kind of dishes would you like?”

Quickbird meat, which is light, is the complete opposite of the boar meat, which has a strong taste.

“”Mm, let’s see~… ah, that would be nice!””
“Sukiyaki, huh. Let’s do Giant Board sukiyaki, then. What about the Quickbird?”
“”N~… different from before?””
“Ah~ you mean something different from the steamed dish we had the other day?”
“Understood—What would you like to eat, everyone?”

Since I have heard the children’s opinions, I will ask Cloud-sama and others if they have any requests.
I think I should have asked the prince, Cloud-sama, first, but here, the children come first.

“I heard that all food you make is delicious, so anything is fine with me.”

Stefan-san and Toya-san nodded in agreement with Cloud-sama’s reply.

“I don’t know who you got that information from, but please don’t get your hopes up too high~”

Since there didn’t seem to be any particular requests, I think I’ll bake the Quickbird with cheese~
So, borrowing the break room from Stefan-san, I made the dishes quickly and easily. Everyone liked the Giant Boar sukiyaki and the Quickbird baked with cheese, and they all went down nicely.
Finally, I served a yogurt ice cream I had left over for dessert, which Stefan-san was very interested in and asked me to elaborate on the yogurt. So maybe one day yogurt ice cream will be served at “The Refreshing Arbour.”

After the business meeting was over… or rather after the meal, we were really taken by Cloud-sama (almost dragged) to the Merchants’ Guild to get a written record of deposits. I checked… but there was a list of payment records that far exceeded my expectations, and I quietly put the document away in my Infinite Storage.

“Ah, we forgot to hand over the souvenir for daddy gryphon.”

Since we had forgotten to hand over the souvenir, we chased after Cloud-sama and delivered the meat directly to daddy gryphon.

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