Chapter 408

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Special training revised, procurement.
“Wonder where, wonder where~♪”
“Mr. Quickbird~♪”
(Come this way~♪)

Allen, Elena, Vector, and Radian were singing happily as they walked through the forest.

(These guys~)
(Fufu, how cute.)
(Vector is unusually participating as well.)
(He looks like a child!)

The children(?) that didn’t act like kids were warmly watching them over.


Perhaps having found something, Allen and Elena ran toward a tree on the side of the path.

“”Radian, come~””
“Look, this is Bletilla.”
“And this one is Lilie.”
“”Pick them like this! Remember it!””

As soon as they called Radian over, they taught him how about plants and how to pick them.

“Allen, Elena, he can get used to that kind of knowledge slowly, you know?”
“”No! Has to learn step by step!””
“But, learning how to protect himself takes priority, okay?”
“”Radian can managemon!””

I thought it would be best not to cram too much into one session, but the children, and of course Radian, responded with enthusiasm.

“Well, if you are willing then that’s fine with me, but… don’t overdo it, Radian.”

For now, let them do what they want to do~

(Ah! A Quickbird!)
(Where? Joule, where is it!?)
(Look, it’s over there, Vector.)

Joule found a Quickbird, and Vector looked around restlessly.

(There it is! Over there!)

And as soon as Vector spotted the Quickbird, he ran off.

(I won’t lose today!)

As if to make up for the humiliation of yesterday’s defeat, Vector ran toward Quickbird.

“”He’s gone~?””
(Ah~ He should have left it to Bolt~)
(Fufu, that Vector~)
(I will chase after, just in case.)
(Geez~ What a child!)

The other children stared at Vector’s back, looking a little dismayed.

“What is it?”
“”There is another one over there!”
“N? Ah, you are right.”

The children found a Quickbird that was in the opposite direction Vector ran in.

“Allen, ELena, try aiming your magic at it. Let’s see~ I think an arrow would be good.”
“”Okay~!——Water Arrow.””

The Quickbird was careless, as if it didn’t realize that we have found it. So, I let the children aim well and fire their magic.

(Oh, you hit it!)
(Your aim was perfect~)

Allen and Elena successfully hit the Qucikbird with magic.

(It fell! Radian, go get it!)


Mile sent Radian to pick up the Quickbird that Allen and Elena have killed.

“”Thank you, Radian~””
(Kr! Krrr.)
“Let’s have Oniichan make.”
“A yummy meal with this.”

As I thought, they were having a conversation~ How mysterious.

“Yes, yes. Think carefully about what you’d like to eat.”

I’m sure that Radian’s response would be either “Yeah” or “Yes”. I can understand this much, but… I don’t understand the other nuances. I have to be diligent, too~

“Now then, is Vector coming back yet?”
(N~ It doesn’t seem that way. Is he chasing after it flew away~?)
“That probability is high. Well, he will sniff his way back to us later, so let’s go ahead~”
(Yeah. Let’s look for prey ourselves.)
(Bolt went after him too, so he will be okay! Let’s leave him!)

For now, we decided to walk on our own, looking for more Quickbirds, even though there weren’t any.

“”Next is, souvenirs~””
“Souvenirs? For the Ruven family?”
“”Yeah~ Also!””
“For Radian’s”
“Ahh, I’m sure he would love that.”

Cloud-sama and his party are planning to stay in Guardia for a little while longer. They can still deliver the goodies.

“I have an appointment to see Cloud-sama again, and I still want Radian to see his father a few more times before he returns home, so let’s do our best to collect souvenirs.”
“”Will do~””

That being the case, we continue and start collecting souvenirs.


Allen and Elena found something and ran after it, and Radian followed.

“Ah! Radian, wait!”

I saw a Giant Boar in the direction Allen and Elena were heading, so I rushed to stop Radian.

“This is too dangerous for you right now, so stay over here.”
(Krr, krrr~)
“Allen and Elena will be fine. Just watch.”

Radian turned curiously, but he looked at Allen and Elena anxiously, so I showed him their fight firmly.

“”Take this~!””

Allen and Elena jump kicked right from the start.
The Giant Boar got pushed back a few meters. It was a pretty good kick, but they didn’t seem to be able to finish it off.
But while the Giant Boar was flinching, Allen and Elena split off to the left and right and started running.

“”And thisss!””

Then, they kicked at the same time, as if sandwiching the Giant Boar.


Radian squealed happily as the Giant Boar fell to the ground with a yelp.

“”Did you see, Radian?””
“”Was it amazing?””

Allen and Elena hugged Radian as soon as they returned and asked him what he thought of their fight. Then, Radian rubbed against them excitedly.
Surely, Allen and Elena wanted to show their brother the best of them as his older siblings.

“You got a better souvenir than a Quickbird~”

It’s more fatty than the Quickbird, but it’s also many times more meat.
The meat for souvenir doesn’t have to be lean or anything, so let’s gift him this instead.

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