Chapter 407

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Practice (2)
Since we had no plans for the next day, we decided to go out of town and train Radian again.

“Well then, what do we do today? Is there something you want to do?”
“”N~? Play tag?”

We hadn’t decided on anything in particular to do, so I asked the kids for their opinions, but they didn’t seem to have anything special in mind either.

“If Radian doesn’t mind, let’s just play tag in the morning.”
“Then, let’s play~”
“Radian, run away~”
(Ah, I’m going with you today!)

It seems that Radian is the one running away today, not the one chasing, and at the signal from Allen and Elena, Radian rushed off. With Mile on his back.
Then, for some time, Allen and Elena chased after Radian.

“Radian doesn’t seem to mind the training at the moment.”
(Well, even though we call it a special training, it’s only a prolonged playtime at the moment~)
“That’s true.”
(Indeed. It’s a fun way to strengthen his endurance, and I think it’s a very efficient way of training!)

We were currently at a meadow with a good view, so we can easily see if monsters are approaching, so except for Mile, everyone was relaxing by my side.

“Are you not going to run around today, Vector?”

Today, Vector was unusually staying by my side.

(He was scolded a lot yesterday, so he’s being obedient today~)
“Eh, he was scolded that much yesterday?”
(Yeah, by Mile~)

How obedient~… the moment I thought, he hung his head dejectedly.

“By Mile? What happened?”
(Vector accidentally tried to use magic in the forest.)

The only magic Vector can use is Fire Magic. Fire is indeed dangerous in the forest.

“… Well, it can’t be helped that he got scolded for that~”
(I think so, too.)

He’s properly reflecting on his mistake.

(But you see, but you see. That guy’s meat is really yummy! Ugh~… it ran away~)
“……… Bolt, what kind of monster was it?”
(It was a Quickbird.)

I have never seen this monster before. But from the name, it must be a very swift moving bird.

(It’s light, but very satisfying to eat bird! I wanted to eat it~~~)

He’s feeling dejected… not because he was scolded, but because he couldn’t eat the Quickbird… Well, that’s so like Vector.

“I do get the feeling that you wouldn’t lose to any heavyweight class opponent, but fast moving enemies seem like they would be a bit difficult to handle for you.”
(That’s right~ Say, Niichan, how could I take it down?)
“Ermm… give up.”
“Each person is suited more for different things. Let Bolt or Feat handle fast moving opponents.”

Well, not person, but monster in this case.
Bolt and Feat can fly, and they are capable of manipulating their magic attacks well, so they would be able to bring down even the swiftest opponents easily.

(Oniichan, what about me?)
“Although you can’t fly Joule, you are quick on your feet, and you can use magic well, so I think it would be possible for you?”


Joule can’t fly, but he can fire icicles at high speed, so he could bring it down if he aimed well.


Vector let out a pitiful voice.
However, no matter how fast Vector’s Fire Magic is, I’m still afraid of surroundings catching fire.
Is it because my image of Fire Magic is burning things up…… and total annihilation? But, I can’t think of any safe way of using Fire Magic~

(Give it up, Vector.)
(Next time you see a Quickbird, let me know and I will take it down for you.)

Feat and Bolt spoke to Vector, admonishing him.

(And there’s that. How about not chasing it and luring it to you instead? That way, even you could bring it down without using magic!)
(How would I do that?)
(N? I’m not sure~)
(I can’t put it into practice then!)
(Hahaha~ Ah~ There, right there, feels good~)

Vector pushed his head against Joule as if he was venting out his anger on him.
Although Vector is smaller in his little form than Joule in his original size, Vector’s force is stronger, so Joule’s body slips and shifts little by little. But Joule was strangely feeling comfortable… pressure points?

“Ah, speaking of which…”
(Ah, it’s a Quickbird!)
(Indeed. Let me get it!)

When I saw a Quickbird flying over, Bolt quickly chased after it.

“Oh~ Bolt is closing the distance at a great speed~”
(Oh my, but the Quick Birtd noticed Bolt as well and increased its speed.)
(It’s running away~ Bolt, don’t let it escape~)
“Ah, it’s falling.”
(It looks like he struck it with Lightning Magic.)

When a Quickbird concentrates on escaping, is it indeed difficult for even Bolt to catch up with it? Eventually, Bolt had to use Lightning Magic to finish off the Quickbird.

(I’m back. It was quite fast. As expected, I couldn’t seem to catch up with it.)
“Welcome back. I think you almost had it?”
(Woww~~~ Thank you, Bolt~~~—Niichan, Niichan, I want to eat the Quickbird for lunch!)
“Yes, yes, I know.”

The Quickbird was steamed with various vegetables, steamed chicken style, and served with a ponzu-like or sesame sauce, and as Vector said, the meat was light but satisfying.

“”This is yummy!””

The kids, who were hungry after running around, liked it and ate plenty of it.

“We want more!”
“Of this meat!”
(Me too~!)

Unfortunately, there was not much meat on a single Quickbird, and we had eaten all of it in one meal.

(Are there anymore Quickbirds around here~?)
(I wonder? Since there was one around here, it might have a nest nearby.)
(Aniue, shall we search for it in the afternoon?)
(I will do my best to search!)

Everyone was full of motivation.

“Well, there’s no point in doing nothing but training, so let’s start searching in the afternoon.”

So, after the lunch break, we decided to look for more Quickbirds.

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