Chapter 406

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The next day, after ordering the tag from a blacksmith, we came to the forest outside the town.
It would have been fine to run in the open meadows, but we were more likely to find ourselves in wooded areas, so we came to the forest instead of the meadows.
I don’t think Radian has any experience running around in a place with obstacles like a forest.

“Let’s start around here. Radian, move to your heart’s content”

Radian looked around curiously and started to walk slowly.

“One of you should stay by Radian’s side.”
(I will accompany him first!)
“Allen is going too~”
“Elena as well~”
(I will watch the surroundings!)
(I will go with Vector.)
(Then, I’m going too!)
(In that case, I will stay with Niisama.)

Allen, Elena, and Joule were going to accompany Radian, while Vector, Bolt, and Mile were to patrol the perimeters and confront the monsters, while Feat and I were to watch Radian and the others from a little distance…

“”Look, here, over here~””

Allen and Elena gradually increased their walking speed to lead Radian, who was still looking around.

“Can you catch us~”
“Radian, do your best~”

The children were successfully goading Radian, and in no time at all, the goading had developed into a chase with Radian chasing after Allen and Elena.

“”Over here, over here~””

While Allen and Elena ran smoothly through the trees, Radian chased after them, sometimes stopping because he almost ended up in a tree.

(… Kr, rr.)

The same situation continued for a reasonable amount of time, but gradually Radian slowed down.
It looked like he was about to reach his limit, so I decided to stop the kids.

“Allen, Elena, let’s take a berak.”
“Radian, come here.”
(… Krr.)

Radian came over to me and sat down, exhausted.
He had been running around a lot, so he must have run out of energy.

“”Radian, are you okay?””
“Have you been running around a little too much? Here, drink some water.”

Allen and Elena also came back and patted Radian, looking worried.
The two did not seem to be tired at all, or rather, even out of breath.

“I guess our goal for a while will be to improve your endurance by chasing after the twins like now.”
(…… Krr~)

I think Allen and Elena have a ridiculously inexhaustible stamina, and Radian also had a lot of endurance for such a young age, so I told him that and followed up so that he would not feel down.

(Niisama, I think it would be a good idea to take Radian to a more open place next time and give him the option of flying.)
“Yeah, that might be certainly a good idea.”

Aiming from above is an advantage of those who can fly, so Feat’s opinion is very valid.

“Let’s see~ How about we relax like this until noon, and after we eat, let’s move to another place and have you play a tag again. We’ll take another leisure break after that and return in the evening. How’s that sound?”
“”Can we gather herbs?””
“A leisure break is a free time for enjoyment, so do whatever you like during that. However, you must rest properly!”
“”Got it~ We going off~””
(Ahh! Allen, Elena, wait up. I’m going too~)

Allen and Elena replied cheerfully and immediately began gathering medicinal plants.
They really do have an inexhaustible supply of energy. They definitely seem to have more stamina than I do.


“How lively they are~—Radian, come and relax with me.”
(… Krr.)

As I petted the dozing Radian, he quickly fell asleep.

(Oh my, did he fall asleep?)
“Seems like it.”
(He must have gotten tired after running around so much and as fast as he could.)
“Indeed~ As far as I could see, he has quite a bit of endurance and speed, doesn’t he?”
(Truly. I think he’s quite something. It’s just that when you compare it to Allen and Elena’s…)
“Those two are not normal, after all. However, I think we have to be careful so that Radian doesn’t feel depressed from being compared to the twins. Please be careful about that as well, Feat.”
(Yes, I understand.)

Feat and I sat beside Radian and watched him quietly.

(…… Krr?)
“Good morning. You slept well. Have you recovered a little?”

Within an hour, Radian woke up.
He got up and sat down again, right next to me, and rested his chin on my thigh.

“N? What is it?”
(My, oh my, he’s acting spoiled.)
(Ahh, so that’s it. Haha, what cutie~”
(Oh my, what about me?)

Feat also came to the opposite side of Radian and places her chin on my thigh.

“Of course, Feat is also a cutie.”
(… Krr~)

I patted them both generously on the head.

“Ah~ I’m reluctant to stop, but it’s about time I start working on lunch.—What would you like to eat, Feat, Radian?”
(Oh my, how unfortunate. Let’s see~ How about we let Radian choose this time?)
(But, Radian doesn’t know any of Niisama’s dishes, right~—Radian, between meat and fish, which do you prefer?)
(That being the case, Niisama, please cook a meat dish.)
“Meat it is, roger that!”

After Feat interviewed Radian, it was decided that lunch would be a meat dish.

“Meat, meat… ah, let’s make a gyuudon.”

Suddenly, I had a hankering for a beef bowl, so on the authority of the one who cooks, I decided on a beef bowl.
As for the meat… let’s use Armored Buffalo meat, I guess? Next, I need scallions. Cook the rice, and as for the red pickled ginger… let’s give up on that one.

(Niisama, sorry for not being able to help.)
“I’m not making anything complex, so don’t worry about it.”

It seems that Feat and Radian were a little depressed about not being able to help with the cooking. Well, it can’t be helped that they can’t help with the cooking.

(Indeed, it smells so good.)
(Feat, so you can understand what Radian is saying?”
(I’m afraid I don’t know exactly what he’s saying, since we don’t speak the same language, but I have a vague idea.)
“I see.”

It looked like a normal conversation, but they weren’t talking, huh.
So, does that mean that Bolt is the only one who can understand what Radian is saying at the moment? Well, whichever it is, I hope he learns Telepathy as soon as possible.

“Okay, it’s done~”
“”Looks delish~””

By the time the food was ready, the children who had scattered returned as if lured by the smell, so we all ate while it was still warm.

“Oh, do you like it?”

Radian liked it so much that he ate his beef bowl in a daze.
And after that, we took an after the meal break and then moved to the meadow to conduct another training session for Radian in the afternoon.

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