Chapter 405

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Educational Policy
Joule and the others together with Radian were asked to go into the shadow, and after tea in a room in the castle, we went home and introduced Radian to all of the Ruven family members.
Wald-san gave me a look of dismay, but the others accepted him graciously.

“Well then, we should pick a magic tool ornament for Radian as well.”

I took out from the ornaments from the Infinite Storage with magic effects that Syl had given me before.

“I’d like to get Radian a… necklace or an anklet. I wonder if there are any good ones left?”

Since I equipped Joule and friends with the most effective items first, there may not be any good ones left. In that case, I will need to buy one or have it made.

“Oh, there’s a ‘Nullification Pendant’ left. This is good. And also… a bracelet, but I think this one would be better.”
“What do you think, do you like it?”

I let Radian put on the pendant with the effect of abnormal state resistance and the bracelet with the effect of magic attack resistance, and confirmed that they did not interfere with his movements. Then, Radian tried shaking his head and shaking his body.

“Looks like it’s alright.”

Radian chirped as if to say, “No problem.”

(Now all we need is a tag with your name on it. Aniue, we’ll have to have a tag made for Radian as well.)
“Indeed. I have no plans for tomorrow, so let’s have it ordered right away.”

I recently learned that there is an unspoken agreement to have the familiars wear a tag with the owner’s name engraved on it. Immediately after that, I had them made for Joule and the others and had them all wear it.
So I had to prepare one for Radian as well.

“Oniichan, let’s go to the Guild, too!”
“Oniichan, let’s accept a request!”
“Eh, a request?”
“We will teach.”
“Radian how to fight!”

Allen and Elena want to receive a request from the Adventurers’ Guild, as they intend to go outside the town to give Radian combat training.

“”We are going to make him stronger, faster!””
“Ueh!? I think we should teach him how to use his strengths first and then get him used to combat slowly…”
“”Not good enough!””

Don’t tell me they have a Spartan training in mind?

“Isn’t that too harsh, though?”
“”But, but!””
“The next dungeon we go to.”
“Is an advanced one, you know?”

Indeed, we made a promise to go to an advanced dungeon after the auction.
It might be a little dangerous to take Radian there~

“Why don’t we keep him in the shadows during our dive… or something?”
“”Would feel sorry!””


They would never let me take out the Pastel Rabbits out of my shadow outside the safe zones, but it seems that Radian can’t stay in the shadow even with danger present. So I guess in the children’s eyes, the Pastel Rabbits are pets~

“Erm… you two want to train Radian to the point where he can stay with us in the advanced dungeon, even if he can’t fight on his own?”

Even if Radian can’t fight at all, if he never leaves any of us, I think it’s possible for us to fight while protecting him. But that is only if we are in a normal mountains or forests. In a dungeon, you never know what might suddenly appear, such as traps, so at the very least, he needs to have some defensive skills.

“Radian, in a little while we are going to go to a very dangerous place. What do you want to do? Do you want to go with us? Or do you want to stay at home?”

I decided to check with Radian first.
Radian looked at me with vigorous eyes as if he was saying, “I’m going!” Well, there is no way that a child who just signed a contract with me would want to stay away from us. So, this response was one I was expecting.

“If you are going with us, you will have to be able to protect yourself. So you’ll have to train, you know?”
(Kr! Krrr!)

When I confirmed once again, Radian replied excitedly.

(Aniue, Radian is saying he will do his best! Please take care of him on my behalf.)
(As expected of our little brother! That’s the spirit!)
(Oh my, I will do my best to cooperate too, then!)
(I will help too!)
(You can rely on me as well!)
“Allen too~”
“Elena too~”

All of the children were encouraged by Radian’s motivation.


The two children and the six animals looked up at me with puppy eyes, and I could no longer oppose them.

“Firstly, a sudden harsh practice is not good for the body, so we will have to do it gradually. Running, flying, and other movements that can be done by Radian to improve his stamina—Joule, Feat, and Bolt will be in charge of that.”
(Got it!)
(Leave it to us.)
“Vector, you do the usual, stay on alert and take care of the surroundings.”
(You got it!)
“Mile, watch the training from a distance and let me know if you notice anything.”
(I understand!)

I’m going to think about training methods that are not unreasonable.

“What about Allen~?”
“And Elena~?”
“As for you two… play the part of running away and chasing each other when it comes to the running drill!”
“”Will do my best!””
“Do it moderately. If you go all out, it won’t be of any help to Radian’s training.”

… I would like to take this opportunity to have Allen and Elena learn a little more about taking things easy.

“Other things to do… is to try to fight against wolves and Horned Rabbits, and practice wind magic, I guess? Well, we will go with the flow—Radian, please don’t train in a way that puts a strain on your body. If you notice anything unusual about your body, tell me immediately! Okay?”

I told Radian not to overdo it.
“I guess, we will order Radian’s tag from the blacksmith first thing tomorrow, and then we will go for a run outside the town~”
“”And the request~?””
“Let’s not accept one for now, and just go for a stroll.”

Well, let’s just think of it as “going for a picnic” tomorrow.

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