Chapter 404

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Outcome Regarding the Little Gryphon
“Takumi, the gryphons seem to be serious.”
“This is indeed very much like a standard Takumi situation~”

Cloud-sama and Al-sama were teasing me with smirks on their faces… I will ignore the two for now.

“”Ya~y. Another member to the family~””

When it came to Allen and Elena, they were overjoyed and hugged the little gryphon.

“… Are you really sure about this?”

The gryphons’ resolution seemed firm, so I decided to accept the little gryphon as a familiar.

“Alright. Let’s form a contract, then. Come here.”

I took the little gryphon and moved away from everyone a little.
Then, I deployed the magic circle of the contract with Darkness magic. Then, the little gryphon accepted the contract without resistance.

“With this, you are one of our children! Welcome aboard.”

When the contract was over, the little gryphon happily rubbed itself against me.
I don’t feel bad when it’s attached to me so much.

“”Oniichan, what’s its name~?””
“Ah, right. Let me think.”

The children inquired, and I realized that I need to name the little gryphon too.

“Umm, are you a male?”

The little gryphon squealed cheerfully at the word “male” when I asked if it was a male or female.
It’s smart, isn’t it~

“Well then, let’s see~… Radian. How about Radian?”

It seems he liked it, so I decided to name the little gryphon Radian.
In addition, I checked the status and found that both the name and the contract were well displayed.

Interactive Status Window

Name: Radian
Race: Gryphon (Takumi’s Contracted beast)
Age: 0
Level: 2
Wind Magic
Beak Peck
Night Vision

Since he is not yet one year old, it’s normal for his level to be low, but if we are going to travel together, do we need to raise his level somewhat?
The other goal would be to for him to acquire the Telepathy skill.

“Well then, now that you have become my familiar, it won’t be a problem if you spend a little more time together with your parents. What do you say?”

The familiar contract is done, but the little gryphon is still small. When I told him that he could stay with his parents for longer, they both shook their head as if to say that they didn’t want to do that.

“Eh, you don’t have to live together!?”

They both nodded their heads clearly.


“I see. I understand—That being the case, Cloud-sama, is it okay for me to take the child away today? Or should I come and pick him up when you return home?”
“If the parent allows it, then there is no problem with you taking the child today. If I were to object here, the gryphons would be furious with me.”
“Haha, there’s no way they would~”
“No, I’m sure of it. Well, I have no objections anyway!”

I got Cloud-sama’s permission too, so Radian will be with us starting today.

“”Oniichan, Oniichan!””
“N? What is it?”
“Joule and others!”
“Ah, right.”

I summoned Joule and the others to introduce our family members to Radian.

(Huh~? Where is this?)
(We are not outside the city today?)

Joule and Feat were tilting their heads at the unusual place they were summoned to.
Well, we usually call them at the Ruven residence or outside the city most of the time.

“This is the stables of the castle. There’s a new kid in the family, I want to introduce him to you guys. He’s a gryphon child, and his name is Radian.—Radian, these are going to be your big brothers and big sisters, so please do get along.”
(Ohh~! A little brother! I will take care of him! Ah, I’m Vector!)
(A little brother! Nice to meet you. I’m Joule.)
(I am Feat. Best regards.)
(I’m Bolt.)
(My name is Mile!)

Joule and the others each introduced themselves to Radian.

“Wwha! Wah! Haah!?”

Then, Cloud-sama grabbed me by the shoulders, making incomprehensible noises.

“Oh, it’s Cloud-sama’s first time, isn’t it? These are my familiars.”

Come to think of it, they have met Al-sama at children’s birthday party held at the Ruven residence, but they never had the pleasure of meeting Cloud-sama yet~

“Takumi! I didn’t hear about this!”
“Did I forget to tell you?”
“Nonono! This is not something you can casually forget! Aren’t they familiars of outrageous species!?”
“Thanks to a streak of good fortune, they have become our family.”
“I’m telling you, this is not enough to end this conversation!”

Cloud-sama looked at Joule and others in turn.

“Cloud-dono, being surprised by every little thing Takumi does is tiring. You’ve already heard him about the Crystal Elks, haven’t you?””
“Ah, that’s right, something like that happened!—Takumi, seriously, what are you doing!?”
“Eh, has my name really spread into the corners of every country in regard to the Crystal Elks matter?”
“That’s right. They were quite pushy, but I heard all the countries happily received them. I am sure the rewards will arrive one after another.”
“Ah, I’ve brought a variety of items to give directly to you for our share. You can choose later.”

Tristan-sama said that he would leave the rewards for the Crystal Elk horns to each country… but it seems that he really did it.
… Is there really a possibility that rewards from each country will be delivered to us later?

“I wish there was a magic ring in some country’s treasury.”
“Unfortunately, our country doesn’t have one~”
“Eh, did you perhaps tell them about that?”
“Of course. We can’t force you to accept something you wouldn’t want, right? That being said, you will get money if we can’t find a suitable magic tool.”
“… Hahaha~”

It seems like there are no loose ends. I guess this is what one would expect from the royalty?

“Well, it’s getting warmer day by day, but the wind is still cold. Cloud-dono, why don’t we go inside for a cup of tea?”
“Alfried-dono, this is not a public occasion, so why don’t we use the kind of language we use to talk to Takumi? No, let’s do it.”
“Indeed. I would like that very much.”
“It’s decided then. Takumi, are you still free?”
“Yes, we are good.”

It was sunny today, so it was somewhat warmer, but it was still chilly since the spring had only just begun. So we decided to move indoors. But—

“”Hey, about the horses~?””
“””… Ah!”””

The children’s comment made me, Al-sama, and Cloud-sama cry out unintentionally.
So, before tea, we went to see the horses, which was the purpose of our visit, and the children played with them for a while.

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