Chapter 364

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Meeting 2
“O~i. You should stop soon.”

I stopped the children before Rosalie-sama, who has been tossed around so much, gets tired.
Then, after Rosalie-sama calmed down, I briefly told her how things ended up in the worship room, and Rosalie-sama looked relieved. Seeing her like that, I was reminded that blessings are still something unwelcome favor. Well, it’s not about the Gods themselves, but about the people who belong to the temple.
However, there is nothing I can do about it, so I will leave it at that.

“Oniichan, where is Oneechan’s hairpin~?”
“Elena wants to match!”
“Oh, you want to wear the same one now?”

It seems that Elena wants Rosalie-sama to wear a hairpin-style hair ornament as well.

“What? What about a hairpin?”
“We have prepared a hairpin for Rosalie-sama to celebrate.——Err, here it is.”

I took out the hairpin made for Rosalie-sama with blue artificial flower from the Infinite Storage, and showed it to Wald-sama and Rosalie-sama.

“Let’s be matching with Elena?”

Elena turned around and showed the hairpin in her hair.

“You see, Obaasama and Oneesama are wearing the same one!”
“Rebecca-san and Almeria-san are wearing the same one today. It would look good with your current outfit, would you like to use it too, Rosalie-sama?”

Rosalie-sama’s current outfit was blue, and it didn’t look like it would mismatch with the hairpin, so I recommended it to her. It’s not often that all four of them get to wear the same thing.

“Heeh~ isn’t that fine? Lemme see, I will put it in for you. Do I just insert it?”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“Is over here good? Oh, it suits you well.—Thanks, Takumi.”
“Yay~ matching~”

Wald-sama received the hairpin from me and quickly put it in Rosalie-sama’s hair.

“… Ta, Takumi-sama, t, that… thank you very much.”
“No, no, we have other congratulatory gifts, but I will give them to you later. Oh, and please don’t call me with ‘-sama’.”
“T, that’s…”
“That would probably not be possible because of your upbringing, so why don’t you go with ‘-san’ instead?”
“O, okay. T, then, you can call me, too…”

I think Rosalie-sama wants me to stop adding ‘-sama’ to her name, though she didn’t finish her sentence.
I could tell just by talking to her a little. Rosalie-sama is kindhearted and graceful woman.
I haven’t heard what the bad rumors are, but they must be untrue.

“Wald-sama, I don’t think I can call her like that, what do you think about me calling her ‘Rosalie-san’…? Can I call her like that?”
“… Why are you asking me?”
“I wouldn’t want you to be jealous.”
“… If you change the way you call me, I will allow you to call her with ‘-san’.”
“Eh!? So it came~ Even though Wald-sama feels like Wald-sama~”
“What kind of reasoning is that!?”

There is no logic. But, the only one in the Ruven family who I call with “-sama” is Wald-sama~ Should I change the way I call him? No, but I feel like I want to keep calling him “Wald-sama”. What do I do?

“N~ what should I do about this~”
“”Wald Nii?””
“Huh? So Wald-sama is not Niisama?”

I was wondering whether I should change the way I called him, but Allen and Elena seemed to change their way of calling him immediately.
Velio-san is “Velio Oniisama”, but Wald-sama is “Wald Nii”.

“”Oneechan is Rosalie Neesama.””
“… Neesama.”
“N, no, I’m honored! T, that, may I call you Allen-san and Elena-san then?”
“”Yeah, call~””

The children were quick to change the way they called Rosalie-sama… I mean Rosalie-san, too.


“If I’m to change the way I call you, then ‘Wald-san’ would be the safe bet, I guess?”
“You don’t have to use honorifics. Or, you can call me ‘Aniue’, too.”
“Not possible.”
“Immediate refusal!? And you declared it so easily, too!”

I answered quickly, but I see that Wald-sama prefers to be called “Aniue”, huh.

“Oh well. Anyhow, you are forbidden from calling me with ‘-sama’ the next time.”
“Eh, you are banning it?”
“Even though you treat everyone as your relatives, it’s only me whom you call in such a distant manner!”

I also thought that earlier… but in fact, Wald-sama was sulking because he felt left out?

“Don’t laugh.”
“You also have a cute side, Wald Niisan.”
“…… Shuddup.”

I dared to call him “Niisan,” and Wald-sama turned his face away while swearing.
I couldn’t see his face, but maybe he was embarrassed because he was a little red behind the ears.

“Wald Niisan, look over here. Ah, let’s take a picture!”

Come to think of it, I forgot to take pictures!
I can’t take any more of Wald-san in his knight’s formal attire and Rosalie-san in her white dress, but I have to get a shot of them in their current outfits! And of course, the kids in their finest!
I quickly took out the camera from the Infinite Storage and set the magic paper.

“Oniisama, please look this way.”
“No way!”

Rosalie-san smiled happily again, seeing the exchange between me and Wald-san.
I will usually call him “Wald-san,” but when I have a request or want to make a joke, I will call him “Wald Niisan” instead.

“You really seem like real brothers.”
“”They are very close~””
“I envy you.”
“”Is fine.””
“Will get even closer.”
“With Rosalie Neesama!”
“Fufu, thank you very much.”

The children had fully opened their hearts to Rosalie-san.

“”Rosalie Neesama.””
“Let’s take~”
“A picture together~”
“Right. It seems that Wald-san needs a little more time to calm down, so let me take a picture of the three of you first.”

First, I took a picture of Allen, Elena, and Rosalie-san together.

“Yep, looks good. Hey Wlad-san, take a look at this. Didn’t it come out nicely?”
“Takumi, do you have more magic paper?”
“I have plenty on me.”
“… I will refrain from interjecting about you having plenty of something so precious. If you have surplus, then please let me buy my share off of you.”
“Roger that. Would you like a picture with the three of them together? Or would you prefer one just with Rosalie-san?”

I took three shots of the resurrected Wald-san. One with Rosalie-san, and one with the children, and one of me and the children with Wald-san.
In the meantime, Wald-san’s milk brother, Sylas-san, came to pick us up. It was almost time to enter the venue.
After asking Sylas to take a last picture of all five of us together, we headed to the reception hall.

“By the way, Takumi.”
“What is it?”
“Are you not going to call me ‘Niisan’ anymore?”
“… Did you like it?”

Just before we parted in front of the venue, Wald-san asked me quietly.
It appears he took liking to me calling him “Niisan”.

“I will call you like that once in a while. Well then, Wald Niisan, I wish the best of luck at socializing to you.”
“Ou. You guys be obedient.”
“Then, to answer your expectations, shall I make the flowers rain with wind magic?”
“Don’t! I beg you, be obedient!”
“Roger that. I will obey Oniisama’s instructions!”

At the last minute, Wald-san said something that sounded like we might do something, so I joked with him, and he did his best to stop me. Well, since Wald-san is the star of the show today, we will follow his instructions!

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