Chapter 363

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We successfully persuaded(?) them that the incident was my wind magic, we quickly moved to the reception hall.
The reception hall was a hall with a large window facing the garden right next to the temple. In the warm season, people can have a party in the garden that can be seen from the window, but unfortunately, it is cold now, so the party will be held indoors.
Wald-sama and Rosalie-sama were not yet at the venue because of costume change, but the guests have already gathered, so Velio-san and his friends were taking care of the guests. Matthias-san and Rebecca-san were in a hurry to join them there and receive congratulations from the guests.

“Wald-sama, may I come in~?”

I headed to the room where Wald-sama was, wondering was happening, and knocked on the door.

“That was close! Please don’t open the door with such force.”

The door opened with a bang immediately after I knocked, and Wald-sama, dressed in a dark gray costume, jumped out. The door opened outward, so it almost hit me.

“Rather than that, earlier, that was your doing, right? Right? Please say it was!”
“Unfortunately, it wasn’t.”
When I denied it, Wald-sama’s expression turned despairing.

“… Although I say that, we convinced everyone that it was me who used wind magic unintentionally.”
“Yeah. But isn’t it nice that a God gave you a blessing? Can we really pretend it didn’t happen?”
“If God really blessed us, then I would be happy as it really is a good thing, but… the fuss that goes along with it is too much trouble.”

… Could a God’s blessing be considered a thankless act, then?

“It’s still better if they only tell you to ‘come to the temple often to pray,’ but it’s never going to work that way. They’ll say things like, ‘Since you received the blessing, you should serve God in the temple,’ and they’ll try to keep you there in any way possible.”
“Ah~ that doesn’t sound good.”

It is fine to be thankful for having received the blessing and to voluntarily become a priest, wanting to be a servant of God, but it cannot be forced.
I mean, I don’t think that God and others are thinking of taking away the freedom of those who they have given their blessings. In fact, I am allowed to live as I please, and I am spending my time freely.
But the priests who serve God seem to think differently. It’s troubling.

“I don’t mean to deny the existence of God, but I don’t want other people telling me what to do with my life.”
“No, I think that’s fine. I think God think say so, too.”
“Do you really think so…?”
“I do.”
“I see.”

When I assured him, Wald-sama’s face broke into a smile with relief.

“Speaking of which, are you ready to go to the reception hall?”
“On my part, yes. Rosalie will… take a little longer?”

Well, the men may be done with a quick change of clothes, but the women’s preparations take time, don’t they?

“Madam is ready.”
“Looks like she’s done.”

A well-timed knock on the door announces that Rosalie-sama was ready.

“Let’s go then. Takumi, you are just in time. Let’s go together.”
“Eh, is that okay?”
“Ou. She’s officially my wife now. Besides, I’m sure Rosalie would like to know what happened earlier, so you go ahead and explain it to her.”

I’m going to meet Rosalie-sama with Wald-sama since it seems that Wald-sama is finally willing to introduce me to Rosalie-sama.

“Rosalie, I’m entering.”
“Wald-sama, I am sorry to have kept you waiting.”
“Oh, you look pretty. It suits you so well.”

When Wald-sama entered the room, he saw Rosalie-sama and immediately praised her.

“”So cute~””
“Haha, yeah~”

Allen and Elena looked at Rosalie-sama and told their impressions in a hoho~n way. I thought so too, so I guess I can’t stop them from doing so.

“Wa, Wald-sama.”
“Um? Ah, this fella is Takumi. The kids are Allen and Elena. I think I told you about them before, but they are adventurers under our family’s Guardianship.”


Rosalie-sama noticed us and looked at Wald-sama in a panic, so Wald-sama introduced us.

Rosalie-sama was tall, a woman who could be described as an extraordinary beauty, and the blue mermaid dress she wore suited her style very well.
She is a woman who could be described as having a beautiful appearance, with cute gestures and facial expressions. It’s amazing that Wald-sama could find himself a woman with such a gap~

“”Huh? It’s gotten chilly~””

Suddenly, there was a feeling of cold air flowing in the room, and when the children pointed it out, Rosalie-sama gasped.

“Calm down, Rosalie.”
“Ho, however, the children…”
“It’s fine. Magic power coercion won’t work on these guys.”

Wald-sama was patting Rosalie’s back and talking to her slowly to calm her down.
Is it perhaps leaking out because she can’t control her magic power? Err… I heard the coercion from strong magic power feels overpowering, but I can’t feel anything~

“Indeed. The coercion is not a problem.——Allen, Elena. Do you feel like you are having trouble breathing, or like you are being held down?”
“Everything looks fine then. Rosalie-sama magic’s attribute is Ice, then?”
“… Y, yes.”
“I see.”

So, does this mean that this cool air is also caused by the magic power leaked from Rosalie-sama, and it is actually affecting the surrounding environment?

“”Oneechan can make the room chilly?””
“How amazing~”
“So useful in summer~”
“… Eh?”

The children treated Rosalie-sama as an aircon, which stunned her.

“”Wald-sama can~””
“Warm up.”
“In the cold~”
“”Good in winter~””

And now they treated Wald-sama as a heater. Or rather, they remembered that Wald-sama’s magic aptitude is Fire?

“Oi, you guys, what are you saying. Magic is not supposed to be used like that.”
“”Wald-sama, can’t do it~?””

The children’s questioning made Wald-sama avert his gaze.

“… So you can’t, huh.”

When I blurted out a few words, Wald-sama glared at me.
It’s just my imagination, but I have a feeling that if Wald-sama tried to warm up the room a little, he would burn it down instead.


Rosalie-sama giggles at our exchange.
Then, I couldn’t even feel the cold air anymore.

“”She laughed!””
“P, pardon me.”
“Can’t apologize!”
“Laugh a lot!”
“B, but…”
“”Going to tickle you?””

Allen and Elena began to play with Rosalie-sama.

“Wald-sama, should I stop them?”
“N~ they seem fired up, but Rosalie seems to be having fun, so ain’t that fine?”

Since Wald-sama gave his permission, I decided to let the kids do whatever they wanted for a while.

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