Chapter 362

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Marriage Ceremony
In the place of worship, several people who seemed to be representatives of both families and knights were already seated, so I hurriedly went to a seat near Matthias-san and Rebecca-san.
I should probably be sitting at the end of the table, but Matthias-san and the others told me that I was also a member of the Ruven family and instructed me to sit nearby.

“The groom and bride are about to enter.”

After waiting for a while, the door to the place of worship quietly opened.
When the doors opened, Allen and Elena walked in first, holding baskets of white flowers, scattering them as they walked. After them come Wald-sama and Rosalie-sama with their arms linked.
Wald-sama’s expression was more serious than I have ever seen before.
Rosalie-sama was wearing a… veil, so unfortunately I couldn’t see her face clearly, let alone her expression. However, I could clearly see from her white dress that she had a great style.
Come to think of it, there are no rules about the color of the costumes for the marriage ceremony in Aetheria. But it seems that they often wear matching colors, though.
The uniform of the Royal Knights that Wald-sama wore was white, so Rosalie-sama’s dress was also white… Thanks to that, the ceremony looked just like my image of it.

“”We done~””
“Good work.”

When Wald-sama and the others came to the front of the God statues, Allen and Elena, who had finished their work, came back to me with radiant expressions, so I thanked them in a small voice and patted them on the head.

“The groom, Grunwald Ruven. Bride, Rosalie Graciez. Ye walk together ……—“”

The Father? Pastor? No, Priest? Well, I don’t know what it’s called or what his position is, but the person in charge of the ceremony made Wald-sama and Rosalie-sama pledge, or something like that. He spoke to Wald-sama and Rosalie-sama about the something similar like the “In sickness and in health,” something like that.

“Do you swear by the Gods?”
“”I do.””

And finally, he asked this Wald-sama and Rosalie-sama.
When Wald-sama and Rosalie-sama swore—the bell of the bell tower rang with a clang, clang, clang.

“Blessed be, husband and wife!”

As the final words were spoken, a breeze blew through the closed room, and the flowers scattered along the passageway, dancing softly.


Everyone in the place of worship looked up in astonishment.
Since this was my first time attending a marriage ceremony in this world, I wondered if this is normal~……. Because you can do it with wind magic.
But from the reactions of the other people, it would definitely be different. So that means—

(… Syl-san? What are you doing?)
(S, sorry.)

I secretly called out in my mind to the person I thought was the culprit of this event. The reply came immediately. As expected, the culprit seemed to be Syl.
However, when Wald-sama looked at me with a skeptical look as if to say, “Was it you? I was completely falsely accused. I shook my head as I stared back at Wald-sama.

(But, but! It wasn’t on purpose!)
(What do you mean by that, Syl-san?)

While having a silent exchange with Wald-sama, I continued my conversation with the panicked Syl.

(Takumi-san! I beg you, stop using honorifics!)
(Please explain. Depending on that, I will have to change the way we interact in the future!)

At any rate, I asked Syl for more details.

(Erm, let’s see… marriage ceremony is a kind of so-called ritual ceremony…)
(Yeah, so?)
(Even if it was just to help, I was so happy to see my children involved in the ritual that my… powers spilled… out~)
(I really am reflecting on this!)

… Haah~
So he got emotional or something? I’m not sure what to do with him.

“As you were both blessed by the Gods, you will have good fortune in the future.”

The Priest seemed to sum it up well, and the attendees began to calm down.
I don’t know if it was a blessing or not, but it really was the power of God and… well, it must be a good thing.

(Be careful in the future, okay?)
(… Yes.)


Syl seemed to be well remorseful, so I didn’t blame him anymore.
I don’t want to blame him any more than I have to. I think he might start crying if I continue blaming him.

“The groom and bride are leaving.”

A fully satisfied Wald-sama left the place of worship with Rosalie-sama in tow.
As they exited, Matthias-san and Rebecca-san come over and patted the children on their heads.

“Good work, both of you.”
“Allen-chan, Elena-chan, thank you for your hard work~”
“”Did we do good~?””
“Yeah, you did great. There were no problems.”
“You were wonderful~”

Perhaps happy to be praised, Allen and Elena smiled shyly.

“By the way, Takumi-san. I wonder if you did any tricks with the flowers the kids scattered?”
“Hahaha~ I didn’t do anything. I thought it was a stunt using wind magic that you guys decided on?”

Rebecca-san seemed to suspect that it was me who made the flowers dance.
Well, I could have done it if I wanted to.

“It wasn’t. That’s why I was very surprised.”
“”It was pretty, you know?””
“Indeed. The flowers were fluttering and dancing prettily.”
“So it wasn’t staged, it was really a blessing. That’s amazing for Wald-sama.”

I could have made it look like I did it, but that would have been too much of a turn-off, so I decided to just go with the direction that Wald-sama got the blessing.

“If it really was a blessing, it would not only be awesome, it would be a big deal…”

However, Matthias-san made a troubled expression.

“… Would it cause a fuss?”
“Highly likely.”

Probably the Priests belonging to the temple will make a fuss. They are Gods’ servants, after all.
Oh, do people perhaps try to stick close to people who have been given Gods’ blessings or something like that? I have read those stories!

“Let’s pretend I did use wind magic.”

I don’t want to cause a fuss and put Matthias-san and the others in a difficult situation, so in that case, I will retract my previous statement and put myself in the firing line!
Come to think of it, is it bad if they find out about me and the kids? That I am a God’s retainer, and they are a God’s children… Oh, and I have the title of Blessed! No, but my children and I are at a higher level than the norm, so it’s unlikely they will see the title column even if they check it out. So I’m not so worried about being found out.

“How about something like, I was so moved by the ceremony that I inadvertently triggered my magic…?”

That is not a lie. It was Syl who did it, though.

“In that case… but…”

Matthias-san and Rebecca-san looked troubled.
I’m not sure if this made-up story is good enough. But is there any story that could be more successfully falsified than this~…—hm? No, that’s not it? Is there a problem from the standpoint of a Guardian or something like that?

“Let’s just try to calm the situation first.”

Matthias-san and Rebecca-san felt their eyes whiten for a moment, but nodded their heads as if determined.

“Sorry about that.”
“Thank you, Takumi-san.”

After that, we went to the Priest who was facilitating the ceremony to talk to us and forcefully explained that it was wind magic, not a blessing.
… Is this the best way to clean up?

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