Chapter 361

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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At Last
“”Oniichan, look at this~””

Allen and Elena, dressed in cute, pure white clothes decorated with bright white flowers, spun around on the spot as if to show off their new clothes.

“Ohh~ it suits you so well. So cute~”

Today was the long-awaited wedding of Wald-sama
In the end, I didn’t get to meet Wald-sama’s bride, Rosalie-sama, beforehand.

“Allen-chan and Elena-chan are both very adorable~”
“”Thank you! Obaasama is pretty, too!””
“Fufu, thank you. Ah, of course, the clothes suit you as well, Takumi-san.”
“Thank you very much. You also look wonderful, Rebecca-san.”

Rebecca-san, dressed in formal attire, had a yellow artificial flower hairpin-style hair ornament in her hair, which we had made after we arrived in the capital.

“You are using the hairpin today.”
“It’s very nice, after all. And very suitable for today. Moreover, I’m matching with Elena-chan.”
“So happy we match!”

Elena also had her hair neatly tied up and was wearing a white flower hair ornament.
The chain decorated with pale pink glass beads swayed with each of Elena’s movements.

“Almeria is also wearing it. Take a look later.”
“Almeria-san, too? I’m happy to hear that, but today is a very important day, is that really alright~?”
“We wear it because it is an important day. Well, let’s get ready.”

I was told that in Aetheria, marriages take place in front of the statues of Gods in a temple, with family and friends watching the couple sign something like a marriage certificate. The marriage then comes into existence.
Normally, the ceremony ends with the vows or a small dinner with those close to the couple.
However, this is not the case for nobles, who must hold a party to unveil the marriage.
The scale varies, but the ceremony and the reception don’t seem much different from those on Earth, do they? However, I have not had the experience of attending so many weddings, so this is just my impression.

“Heeh~ So there was a temple within the castle as well~ Isn’t it a little bit too grand?”
“”So huge~””

The temple where Wald-sama held the ceremony was located adjacent to the castle. The temple was more magnificent than the temples I have visited in other cities.
I had always assumed there was one temple per city, but the royal capital is a big place. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more than one.
In fact, it would be less likely to cause problems if there were separate temples for the commoners and for the nobles.

“Yeah. It is here.”

After arriving at the temple, We parted from Rebecca-san, who was going to the place of worship, and I took the children to the anteroom where the groom, Wald-sama, was waiting. The flower children are both on the bride and groom’s side.


As soon as we got permission to enter the room, Allen and Elena rush toward Wald-sama as if they were going to jump on him.

“Allen, Elena, slow down! You cannot push Wald-sama down! You are going to get your clothes dirtied before the ceremony!”
“”Ah, right.””

I hurried to stop them, and the children stopped a step or two away from Wald-sama.

“Just the clothes!? Why don’t you worry about me, too!?”
“I’m sure you would not get hurt by the two of them. Ah, congratulations on your big day.”
“Your nonchalance is cruel. But well, thanks.”

I thought to give him words of congratulations before I forget, but… it appears he wanted me to worry about him.
But well, it’s better than forgetting about it.

“Is that your formal attire? It suits you.”
“It’s a bit too formal for me, so I don’t like it that much.”

I have never seen a knight in formal attire before, but it was a bit more glittering with more ornaments and such.
And in his costume, Wald-sama looked somewhat more dignified than usual.

“Still, I didn’t think I wouldn’t meet Rosalie-sama until today.”
“I can’t let her be introduced to unmarried men before the wedding, ya know?”
“Eh, so there was a reason like that? I see, I never knew your desire to monopolize was this strong, Wald-sama~”
“Is that bad?”


Wald-sama must really love Rosalie-sama.

“No, not at all. I’m very convinced. Please introduce us after the ceremony.”

Well, it looks like he will introduce us soon, and as for the fact that he hasn’t let us meet her until now, I’m over it.

“”Will do our best to throw flowers!””
“Ou. Work hard for me, will you? Come to think of it, the flowers were to be prepared by you guys, right?”
“”We gathered a bunch! Take a look!””

Allen and Elena were ready to show the baskets of flowers that they had with them to Wald-sama.

“Ohh, you are right. Huh, the hell is this!?”
“”… Flowers, you know?””
“I can tell that! I did not mean that, I meant the color!”

It seems that Wald-sama has noticed that they were not ordinary flowers.

“”It’s white, you know? Should have picked red instead?””
“That’s not it. Pistil aside, it’s strange that even the stalk is white!!”
“”Ah, he shouted~””
“He did, didn’t he~”

Wald-sama shouted when he saw the overall white flowers we had obtained in a dungeon.
Incidentally, I showed the flowers to the other members of the Ruven family first, and although they were surprised, they simply said, “So there are flowers like this, too~”

“Takumi! You did that on purpose! Did you prepare those flowers knowing I would say this!?”
“Hahaha~ Well~ Thank you very much for the reaction I expected.”
“Isn’t it fine? It’s a bit different, but it’s a normal flower.”
“The fact that it is different does not make it normal!”

Wald-sama’s interjection never stop. Well, I’m the one who’s making him agitated~

“Is this no good?”
“We picked lots, you know~”

Allen and Elena look up at Wald-sama with sullen expressions.
Then, Wald-sama choked on his words. The children’s puppy eyes seemed to have hit him directly.


The children look up at Wald-sama silently, waiting for his reply.

“I, I did not say that!”

Perhaps he couldn’t endure it anymore, but Wald-sama easily gave his acceptance.
Whether the children’s gesture was unintentional or aimed at him, I can’t determine, but it’s a powerful technique anyway~

“”Oniichan, he said it’s fine!””
“Let’s leave it like that, then.”

We have other white flowers, so I was going to change them to regular ones if Wald-sama said absolutely not, but he gave his permission, so we are keeping the dungeon-grown flowers.

“Is it about time? Allen, Elena, do you remember what you have to do?”
“”Yeah, no worries!””

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a rehearsal, so the children have to play their big roles on the spot. So I made sure they remember the order and what they are supposed to do.
Well, my kids are smart and have excellent memory, so I don’t have to worry about them.

“Well, I will go inside first, so you two do your best.”

From here on, we were going our separate ways. I decided to head to the place of worship where the ceremony was to take place.

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