Chapter 365

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wedding Reception
Once we got into the reception hall, to say the least, we were bored.
We couldn’t get close to the Ruven family because they all seemed busy, and we couldn’t find anyone we knew.

“What do we do?”
“”N~ over there~?””
“Ah, yeah. That might be good.”

There were refreshments available in the reception hall, so I decided to grab a bite to eat with the kids there.

“What is it, Allen, Elena?”
“”Oniichan, that~””

While picking snacks, Allen and Elena noticed something.
I looked in the direction they were pointing and saw Sajesh Krantz, who had professed his love for Wald-san and who, of course, had looked upon me as an enemy, as a love rival.
It was hard to imagine that he had been invited to the wedding party, but he must have blended in since admission was not restricted.

“”He’s crying~””
“… Yeah. His tears are already flowing out like waterfall~”

Sajesh was sobbing as he looked at Wald-san.
I don’t have a very good impression of this guy, but the way he cried just blew that impression out of the water, and I was stunned.

“Eh? Going, you mean to Sajesh? Eh, are we really going!?”

My intention was to pretend I had not seen him and walk away, but the children were different.
They took my hand and headed in the direction of Sajesh.

“”Are you okay?””
“Y, you guys are from that time…”
“O, of course! Ugh~…”

Sajesh opened his eyes in surprise when he noticed us, but the tears continued to flow.
He had been crying while standing earlier, but he crouched down with his face down.

“”There, there.”

As Allen and Elena approached Sajesh, they patted his head in a comforting manner.
He was crouching down, so his head was in the right place~

“I, I loved him. I really did.”
“”Yeah, yeah.””
“You really liked~”
“Wald Nii, didn’t you~”

The children listened to Sajesh claim with good intentions.

“”Cry it out~””

I had nothing to do but watch the three of them quietly.

“… Takumi-san.”
“Ah, Isaac-san, long time no see.”

Then Isaac-san, the third son of the Risner family who, like the Ruven family, looked after us, and a fellow knight colleague of Wald-san’s, called out to me with a puzzled look on his face.

“I was afraid I wouldn’t see you today because of the crowd.”

Only a few representative Knights were present at the marriage ceremony. They were all older than Wald-san, so they were probably his bosses or Senior Knights. And there were many Knights at the reception, and I was told that Isaac-san would also attend the reception. Well, I couldn’t find him before, though.

“I got in action immediately after finding him… but why! Why did you guys get in contact with Sajesh earlier than me!”
“Ah~… sorry?”

It seems that Isaac-san had found Sajesh and was acting to keep him from meeting us.

“Sajesh has not moved from the position I first saw him, so you must have contacted him on your own, correct?”

Since Sajesh is prohibited to have contact with us, it would be a problem if Sajesh approached us. So, I had to make it clear that it was us who approached him.

“And so… what kind of situation is this?”
“I don’t know!”
“No, I really don’t understand. The kids found Sajesh crying and said they were going to him, and they dragged me here.”
“If I had to answer the question as I saw it, I would say that the children were trying to comfort him!”


The kids were still comforting Sajesh, who was still in tears.
Isaac-san looked at them to check them out again and rubbed his brow as he let out a sigh

“… Takumi-san, you didn’t stop them?”
“There was no time to stop them. I mean, my kids would never voluntarily approach anything dangerous, so if it’s not dangerous… Well, I guess it’s fine~ I thought.”

Isaac-san rubbed his brow again.

“Sajesh, isn’t it about time you stopped crying?”

I call out to him, and Sajesh, who was squatting down and looked up at me.
Sajesh has an androgynous face. And when he looked up at me with a crying face, he looked like a small animal or something.

“That didn’t work.—Isaac-san, what should we do about him?”
“What should we do, you ask… I wonder about that.”
“Are you guys alright~?”
“Deputy Commander!”

While Isaac-san and I were wondering what to do, a Knight about the age of Matthias-san, whom we saw at the marriage ceremony, came over to us, lightly raising his hand. Apparently, he was the Deputy Commander.

“By Deputy Commander, do you mean that he is the second in command of the Knights Order after Felix-sama?”
“That’s correct. You can go with that.”

To go into more detail, Isaac-san said that there are three Deputy Commanders, and as such, the roles of the Deputy Commanders are divided into three: One who oversees the Knights of the Royal Guards, one who oversees the Dragon Knights, and one who oversees knights other than the Royal Guards and Dragon Knights.

“I am Reginald Vassar, who is in charge of the Royal Guards. We meet at last, Kayano-dono.”

If he’s in charge of the Royal Guards, then he must be Wald-san and Isaac-san’s direct boss.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Vassar-sama. As you know, I am Takumi Kayano. By all means, please call me Takumi.”
“I will call you Takumi-dono then. You can call me Reginald. And you don’t need to use honorific titles or honorifics.”

Reginald-san seemed to be a friendly person.

“As you would expect, it is impossible for me to not use honorifics, so I will call you Reginald-san.”

I should probably call him “Reginald-dono”, but since I am not used to calling people like that, I will just call him “Reginald-san” as usual.

“By the way, what do you mean by ‘we meet at last’?”
“I mean as it is. I have heard a lot about you because I am often involved with the royal family in my position. However, the opportunity to meet you in person has been difficult to come by. So today, I finally had the chance to meet you.”
“From Tristan-san and others, huh~ I bet they told you some weird things about me.”

I don’t know what they were talking about or how I am being talked about, but since Reginald-san didn’t seem to be wary of me, he doesn’t seem to have a bad impression?

“Isn’t that because you act funny?”
“Eh, that’s rude. I’m just acting normal, okay?”
“I heard that what happened earlier in the place of worship was your doing, right?”
“… Ah.”

You mean the fluttering flowers incident.

“I was so moved that my magic power just unconsciously leaked out of me. There was nothing I could do about that.”
“Takumi-san… what did you do?”
“The flowers scattered on the floor suddenly floated up and fluttered about. It was as if God had blessed the event.”

When Reginald-san explained what had just happened, Isaac-san looked at me as if to say, “What are you doing?”

“As I said, there was nothing I could do about it.”

It wasn’t me who did it, but Syl.
I really wanted to tell the truth, but I had to endure for the sake of a peaceful life. Endure.

“Well, it was a surprise, but it was a great performance. I think it’s going to catch on.”
“Hah-ha~ Well, I will practice making the flowers dance beautifully so that I can accept the requests anytime.”
“That’s good. When my daughter gets married, I will ask you to do it.”

I don’t know if he was serious or joking, but I knew that Reginald-san was an easy to get along with kind of person.

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