Chapter 366

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Wedding Reception 2
“Now, enough chit-chat, let’s get to the matter at hand.”
“Matter at hand?”
“Oh, come on, it’s Sajesh Krantz. We can’t just leave him like this.”
“Oh, I nearly forgot.”

Reginald-san, like Isaac-san, seemed to have rushed over to do something about Sajesh.

“Did you come all the way here for that, Reginald-san?”
“I got a request from Grunwald. He asked me to come over to you. Normally, I would have left it in the hands of my subordinates, but I couldn’t let it ruin the big day for him.”

It seems that Wald-san also noticed Sajesh and asked Reginald-san to take over for him, since he was unable to act himself.

“So, what’s the situation, Isaac?”
“I was just checking with Takumi-san as to how this situation came about. But…”

Isaac-san, who was asked to explain about the situation, looked at the direction where the children and Sajesh were with a troubled look on his face.

“… It appears that the kids are comforting Krantz.”
“That’s right. Exactly that.”

There was no backstory, really what they saw was what we got.

“As I told Isaac-san, it was us who came to Sajesh, he did not approach us.”
“Can I ask you why you approached him yourselves?”
“Because the kids felt that they couldn’t leave him alone, I guess? I was dragged over here, too.”
“Hah? Why would they…”

Reginald-san’s face turned to a look as if to say, “I don’t understand their meaning!”

“Allen, Elena, how is Sajesh?”
“The tears~”
“Won’t stop~”

While I was talking with Reginald-san, I took my eyes off Sajesh, so I checked with the children to see how he was doing, and it seemed that he had not yet stopped crying.

“I don’t know how his tears can keep pouring out. He’s going to get dehydrated at this rate~”
“Should we.”
“Bring water~?”
“Wait a moment. Let’s tell the waiter, they will bring it for you.”

Isaac-san stopped Allen and Elena from going to get water and asked the waiter for water.

“Here, drink up~”
“Take your time~”
“Th, thank you…”

The water soon arrived, and when the children receive their glass of water, they encourage Sajesh to drink.

“This is the opposite of ‘taking care of’ we all had in mind, no?”

Reginald-san was smiling a little, looking at the children who were taking care of Sajesh, and Sajesh who was being taken care of.

“Wanna drink.”
“Some more water?”
“I, I had enough.”
“”I see~ Then~””
“Wanna eat something sweet~?”
“There is lots over there, you see~?”

After giving him water to calm down, the children suddenly ask Sajesh to go to the refreshment corner.

“Allen-kun, Elena-san, let’s go to the waiting room for a light meal instead of the refreshments.”
“”Waiting room~?””
“Yes, he cried a lot. It would be better for him to cool his eyes.”

Isaac-san casually tried to take Sajesh out of the hall.

“”What about sweets~?””
“Let’s ask them to bring them over to the waiting room.”


Allen and Elena looked at Isaac-san, then at me, and finally at Sajesh, nodding to each other as if agreeing on something.

“”Can you stand~?””
“Y, yeah.”
“”Let’s go then.””

The two of them then helped Sajesh up and walked towards the entrance of the venue, pulling him by the hand.
They must have accepted Isaac-san’s suggestion and headed for the waiting room.

“As expected of you, Isaac-san! I guess this will pull him away from this place.”
“Isaac, well done!”
“But… we haven’t solved the root of the problem, have we?”
“That’s true~ What do we do~”

Isaac-san was right, we were only able to move him away from the place, but the situation has not changed at all.

“’For now, let’s go to the waiting room. Oh, you will go with us, won’t you?”
“I can’t just leave you like this, after all.”

I followed Reginald-san, Isaac-san and the children to the waiting room.
Then, when Sajesh had calmed down, the interrogation finally took place.

“So you’re saying you came to take a last look?”
“.. .Yes.”

Sajesh seemed to have come for a last look with the intention of giving up his love for Wald-san once and for all after he got married. However, when he saw him, he was still overflowing with feelings of love for him. Moreover, he was confronted with the reality that his feelings could not be fulfilled because Wald-san was so happy beside his wife. As a result, he cried until a few minutes ago.

“And so, have you given up?”
“… Not completely, but I am ready to move on.”
“I see. If you’re going to leave without returning to the venue, I have nothing to say to you. What about you, Takumi-dono? If you want me to punish him, I can do that, too?”
“That won’t be necessary.”
“I see.”

It was the children who were harmed by Sajesh’s actions in the Gaya Forest. Since those children don’t care about it, I won’t ask for a punishment.

“U, umm, I’m sorry about what happened at… Gaya Forest. I know it’s not something that can be forgiven with just an apology, but let me say this. I am truly sorry.”

Sajesh apologized for the incident at the Gaya Forest.
From the expression on his face, it seemed that he was truly sorry.

“Allen, Elena, he’s apologizing… what will you do?”
“We forgive~”
“Eh? You are going to forgive me? Eh?”

Leaving the decision to forgive or not to forgive to the children, they were able to accept the apology in a relaxed manner.
I guess… they didn’t care that much to begin with.
Sajesh himself, who apologized, was more confused by how easy it was.

“… That’s way too anticlimactic~”
“Is this how it’s supposed to end?”

Reginald-san and Isaac-san were whispering to each other with troubled expressions.
They seemed to be worried about whether it was okay to end things like this.

“Let’s end this now. It’s a celebration, and there’s no need to go out of our way to make things bigger.”
“That’s true. Oh, and aside from today, do you want the Sajesh Krantz’s contact ban to remain in place? Or do you want to retract it?”

We quickly put today’s matters to end, and talked about the future.

“It makes no sense if my children approach him, so I’m fine with retracting it. Oh, and just so you know, if he approaches us again with hostility, I will return the favor.”
“It’s normal not to be friendly when the other party is hostile. That’s fine.”

That being the case, I decided to abolish the prohibition of contact from Sajesh’s side.

“Right. May I introduce you to my subordinates, Takumi-dono?”
“By subordinates, do you mean the Knights?”
“Yeah, yeah. You have a lot of opportunities to meet with the Royalty, so I think it would be better to get to know them.”

Sajesh left, and we returned to the reception hall, where Reginald-san was going to introduce us to his men (The Royal Guards) who came to the wedding reception.
Of course, there were knights that we knew like Najack-sama and Claudio-sama, and there were Knights that knew me and my children one way or another, but I got to know many of them throughout the day.

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