Chapter 367

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After yesterday’s wedding reception, the newlyweds had some time alone together, so we were to meet again this afternoon with Rosalie-san, who had married into the Ruven family. The entire Ruven family, except for Lucario-kun, who was napping, had gathered in the common room.
There were four sofas surrounding a table in the center of the room, with the couple and their family sitting on three of them and me and the children on the remaining one, creating a family reunion with one irregularity.

“Wald-san, Rosalie-san, congratulations again.”
“Ou, thanks.”
“T, thank you very much.”

We already said this yesterday, but we congratulated them once again.

“Wald-san, I know it’s too early, but this is our gift to you. Please acce—”
“I don’t want it.”
“Haah!? What do you mean, Wald-san!?”

And I immediately tried to give him the congratulatory gift we had prepared, but… Wald-san immediately rejected it.

“I’m sure there’s something absolutely outrageous in there, so I’m definitely not going to accept it!”

I thought there might be a chance that he would receive it… and then return it immediately, but no way, he refused to receive it from the very beginning.
Perhaps surprised by Wald-san’s argument, Rosalie-san, who was sitting next to him, had her eyes widened to the point of being almost as wide as they could be. On the contrary, the other members of the Ruven family, except for Wald-san that is, were in a watchful mode with happy expressions on their faces, as if Wald-san’s statement was as expected.

“You can’t say that~ Wald Niisan, you must accept it~”
“I won’t accept even if you call me brother here!”
“Then, I won’t call you like that anymore. I will revert to calling you Wald-sama!”

When I declare that I will revert to the way I called him before, which took a lot to change, Wald-san made a surprised expression.

“My, oh my!”
“Oh dear!”

Rebecca-san, Almeria-san, Rosalie-san who saw the exchange between me and Wald-san laughed in amusement.

“You two are such good friends~ Looking at you, you guys are like real brothers.”
“Wald had a hard time being honest since he was a little kid, and he could be stubborn like that once in a while.”
“Oh yes, he was.”
“Oh my, isn’t he stubborn from time to time, even now?”

When Matthias-san agreed with Rebecca-sam’s words, Velio-san brought up the story about Wald-san when he was little. Then, Wald-san, perhaps embarrassed, covered his face with his hands and looked down.

“”His ears are so red~””
“Allen, Elena, you cannot point that out.”
“That’s right. Not saying anything there was the correct move.”
“Takumi, shuddup!”
“Eh, me!?”

Wald-san was unreasonably angry with me.

“By the way, Takumi-san, may I ask what you have prepared for the celebratory gift?”
“Of course.”

Rebecca-san brought the conversation back on track, and we returned to the celebratory gift we prepared.

“U, umm… you already gave me a very nice hair ornament, didn’t you?”

Although Wald-san still refused to accept my offer, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to present our gift. But I was cut off by the reserved Rosalie-san’s remark.

“That’s a lovely one, isn’t it? Let’s wear it together again.”
“Y, yes. Gladly.”
“Oh my, Mother-in-law, please let me join in at that time.”
“Elena, too~”
“Fufu, of course.”

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughters-in-law in the Ruven family seems to be good.

“The hair ornament was just one of the gifts. There are others… First of all, there’s this one. It’s an accessory to yesterday’s hair ornament.”

The hairpin-like hair ornament was given yesterday, but the replacement ornament in a different color had not yet been given, so I first took it out of the Infinite Storage.
I was finally able to take out the first item~


“Oh my? This is a part of the hairpin, isn’t it?”
“Yes it is. That hairpin has replaceable parts.”
“Eh, is that so?”
“I can see the different colors of the stones. I guess you could change it according to your mood on the day. Takumi-san, you have created something amazing again, didn’t you~”
“Yes, I never heard of such idea before.”

Rebecca-san and Almeria-san raved about it.

“I wonder about that? I just made a suggestion, since Elena was having trouble choosing a color. As Rebecca-san said, you can use whatever color you want depending on your mood.”
“Even so, usually the hair ornament in its entirety gets changed.”
“… Well, that’s true.”

If you are a noble with a lot of money, you can probably own a number of hair ornaments. Normally, they wouldn’t think of replacing parts to reuse one thing all over again~ Well, but it could become popular among the nobility and commoners with limited financial resources.

“Then, the next items.”

Before I could be stopped, I took out the items one after another.
Next were a necklace and earrings made to match the hair ornament, a crystal blue bird obtained from the Dungeon of Colors, and a yellow butterfly flower.

“These are for Rosalie-san. And this is for Wald-san.”

I handed a piece of paper to Wald-san. On it was an inventory.
Orc King, Orc General, Armored Buffalo, Bloody Wolf, Evil Viper, Kraken, Worm, and so on. It listed the types of monsters, and said that he can have the meat of those monsters whenever he wants. Basically, I wrote down what I would call high quality, but I also mixed in some that were in bad stock, like worms.
Well, the problem is that this can only be given to them when we are staying at the Ruven residence.


Wald-san gasped in surprise when he saw what is written on it.

“Wald, what is written on it?”

Wald-san asked by Velio-san, silently handed the inventory to him.
Velio-san tilted his head curiously and checked the inventory with Almeria-san.


Velio-san let out a laugh and handed the inventory to Matthias-san and Rebecca-san.

“Oh my.”

Matthias-san and Rebecca-san laughed merrily, and the inventory was handed to Rosalie-san.

“… Eh? Wald-sama, this is not a joke?”
“That’s right. It seems like a joke, doesn’t it? But, Rosalie, in the case of these guys, it can’t be a joke.”
“Eh, then, they really can arrange for these things?”
“Rather that arrange for them…”

Wald-san glanced at us while muddying his words.

“We have~”
“Them all~”

I told Allen and Elena that I was going to give meat to Wald-san, so of course they know the contents of the inventory. So they got what Wald-san was implying and happily affirmed it.
Children don’t like to sell meat, but they don’t mind giving it away at all~

“I can give you any of them right away, so don’t hesitate to tell me if there is something you would like to eat. Oh, how about a quick dinner tonight?”
“Allen thinks that Orc King would be a good choice!”
“Elena would like Evil Viper!”

Rosalie-san froze in surprise at our remarks.

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