Chapter 368

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Tolerance Level
“O, oi, Rosalie, are you okay?”
“Y, yes…”
“Really? Are you not feeling sick or something?”
“I am fine.”

Wald-san called out to Rosalie-san, who had become absentminded, and looked to see how she was feeling.

“Takumi, Rosalie still can’t tolerate your eccentricities, so you should be a little more careful.”
“Calling them eccentricities is rude~”
“It means weird behavior. We didn’t do anything like that, did we?”
“Wald Nii~”
“So rude~”

At first, Allen and Elena were puzzled, not understanding the meaning of what was said, but when they understood the meaning, they puffed out their cheeks and protested to Wald-san.

“Won’t give.”
“Any dragon meat.”
“To Wald Niimon!”

And so they declared to Wald-san.

“Dragon meat!? You’ve given up on the wyvern, haven’t you!?”
“”Haven’t given up!””
“They are just saying it. I don’t have any plans on accepting the Wyvern request. But that doesn’t mean we have given up on dragon meat either.”

Sooner or later! Is certainly what I am thinking.

“But, when that happens, what to do~…”
“Oh my, what is the matter, Takumi-san?”
“You know, we still have other family members in our group, right? I was wondering how I should introduce them to Rosalie-san.”

I should probably introduce Joule and the others, but I’m hesitating because I don’t know what Rosalie-san’s tolerance level is.


Everyone in the Ruven family, except Rosalie-san, understood exactly what I was talking about. They looked at each other and wondered what we should do.

“… Rather than keeping quiet and suddenly bumping into them, isn’t it better to let her prepare her mind before introducing them?”
“Right~ I have told those kids that they are free to do as they please as long as they are on our property. I don’t want to restrict them now.”
“Then, let’s tell her now.”

In the end, we decided to tell Rosalie-san about Joule and the others.

“Rosalie, listen to me carefully.”
“Y, yes!”

Seeing Wald-san with a serious expression on his face, Rosalie-san straightened her back and also listened with serious expression on her face.

“Takumi is truly outrageous person.”
“Wald-san, you are being rude.”
“Shuddup, Takumi! I’m only telling the truth. You be quiet for a moment and listen!”

I was about to speak up when Wald-san started to speak out of turn, but he was so blunt that I decided to just shut up and listen.

“Listen, Rosalie, Takumi has familiars.”
“Is Takumi-san a Tamer, then?”
“Technically, they are Contracted Beasts that I contracted using Dark magic, so I am a little different from your standard Tamers, but we are the same in that use familiars.”
“So you are not saying that I should be careful because they could be in our garden, or something, right?”
“Yeah, it’s unlikely that his familiars will wander around here when Takumi isn’t around. It’s the species of his familiars that’s the problem.”
“… They must be of incredible species, then.”
“Yeah, to put it bluntly, they are terrific.”

Rosalie-san closed her eyes to meditate, and when she opened her eyes, she looked as if she had made up her mind.

“Wald-sama, go ahead. Please, speak.”
“Fenrir, Celestial Tiger, Scarlet King Leo, Thunderhawk.”

Rosalie-san froze again.

“Rosalie! Rosalie, are you okay?”
“Y, yes. Somehow…”

Rosalie-san managed to come to her senses as Wald-san shook her body.

“I am amazed. They are all incredible species, aren’t they?”
“Right? If you had one of them, you’d get a lot of attention, but he’s got four of them.”
“There’s a Forest Rat, toomon!”
“Pastel Rabbits as wellmon!”

It seems that the children did not like the fact that Wald-san spoke only about the four species that were A and S-rank.


“They are not the terrific kind, but the cute kind, right? It’s not like I forgot about them.”
“”They are all cutemon!””
“… O, ou.”

Wald-san was at a loss for a response to the six-year-old’s assertion that a species that frightens even adults are cute.

“”Oniichan, they are cute, right!?””
“Of course. Everyone is adorable and reliable.”

The children are right, my Contracted Beasts are all cute kids.

“Well, Rosalie-san, what do you think? Are you sure you are okay with me showing you my kids?”
“Yes, I’m fine. You can go ahead, Takumi-san.”

Since Rosalie-san said it was okay, I called Joule and the others, so that they could remember her.
(Oh! Is that person Wald-sama’s bride?)
(Oh my, so you are introducing us to her as well!)
(That is great.)
(Ohh~ what a pretty person~)
(They make a great match!)

Joule and the others noticed Rosalie-san’s presence and looked at her with great interest.

“Rosalie-san, this is Fenrir Joule, Celestial Tiger Feat, Thunderhawk Bolt, Scarlet King Leo Vector, and Forest Rat Mile.”
“Oh my! How cute!”
“Then, the five Pastel Rabbits, Shiro, Pipi, Cha Cha, Reamu and Mimi.”
“Fufu, how fluffy.”

I handed Shiro to Rosalie-san, and she hugged her as if spellbound.

“Takumi, I have a favor.”

Seeing Rosalie-san in such a state, Wald-san spoke to me with a more serious expression than ever before.

“If you want to capture Pastel Rabbits, Allen and Elena would be better suited for the job.”

I had a vague idea of what he was asking, so I told him that he was asking the wrong person before he could state his request.

“”Want one~?””
“”Can’t be helped~””

Their faces were full of motivation with smiles on their face, though their little mouths were saying it with a sense of disapproval.
It appears that going to the forest to look for Pastel Rabbits in the near future has been decided on.

“”What color would you like~?””
“Color? Wouldn’t it be more difficult to find one based on a color?”
“Just in case?”
“Any wish?”
“Oh, if that’s the case, I think I’ll go with… blue. That color looks best on Rosalie.”
“”Roger that!””

Just in case… they said, but I’m sure Allen and Elena will manage to find a Pastel Rabbit in blue.

“Rather, are fine with just one?”

Before I knew it, Rosalie-san was eagerly playing with not only Shiro, but also the other five Pastel Rabbits.
Since she seemed to like fluffy things, one rabbit didn’t seem to be enough.

“… I didn’t know Rosalie liked fluffy animals~”

… It appears that Wald-san wasn’t aware of her love of fluffy animals.

“If you can capture them, I’d like to have some more. Oh, and just so you know, I’ll pay you well for the request fee.”
“This can also be considered wedding gift, so I decline the request. But just so you know, I cannot make any guarantees.”
“I am aware of that.”

After that, everyone watched Rosalie-san who was crazy about fluffing for a while.
But then an incident occurred.

(I’m also worth petting!)

Perhaps jealous of the adored Pastel Rabbit, Vector suddenly turned around on the sofa and walked up to Rosalie, and for some reason, his body grew bigger.

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