Chapter 340

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Returning Home
Two days flew by since pushing Brian-san into a corner, and collecting herbs. The day came for us to wrap up our visit to Cerdik and return to Guardia.

“Yes, that’s the ship. It will be leaving soon, so we should board immediately.”

We went through the boarding procedures, checked our cabin, and went on deck.

“”It’s faster than before~!””

This time the ship was smaller and a little faster than the previous one, so we could reach the town of Rubia in a day and a half. However, there were no special rooms, so we had to go first class.

“”Oniichan, will pirates come~?””
“No, you don’t encounter pirates that often. It would be troubling if they appeared so frequently.”
“”Is that so?””
“That is so!”
“”I see~ Too bad.””

Pirates are not very threatening to my children. So, they say something a little light-hearted. This is a dangerous thing to say or do before ordinary people, so I want to correct it… It is difficult to tell them that something that is not dangerous is dangerous.

“Allen, Elena, ordinary people are not able to eliminate pirates, so many people are scared of them.”
“”Is that so?””
“Yes. That’s why, you mustn’t say things like ‘Why aren’t the pirates coming~’ or ‘Aren’t there any monsters around~’ in front of other people. Everyone will dislike you.”
“”Okay, got it~””

For now, we will just have to stick to the “don’t do anything that people won’t like you for” policy.

“Let’s head back to the cabin.”
“”Returning already~?””

The wind was much colder than when we crossed into Cerdik. So, I’m worried we would catch a co-… I feel that we won’t catch a cold, but I encouraged the kids to go back to the cabin.

“Let’s go read in a warm room.”
“”Will study~!””
“Eh, study? Not read a picture book?”
““Obaasama said.””
“Rebecca-san? What did she say?”
“”Study a lot.””
“And become a splendid gentleman.”
“And splendid lady!”
“… Ohh~”

… A gentleman and lady. I didn’t expect those words to come out.
As expected of Rebecca-san. She seems to be educating my kids well when she has the time.
I thought the kids learned by watching, because they say things I don’t even tell them, but… maybe it was Rebecca-san’s education all along~

“So, what do you want to study?”
“”Erm, you see~…””

I asked the kids as we headed to the cabin, and they crossed their arms, tilted their heads and started thinking.

“”Ah, etikete!””
“Ehh!? Etiquette!? Sorry, that’s something Oniichan is not able to teach you, I think?”
“”Is that so? Then~ dancing?””
“Dancing!? Eh, wait a moment. You are even learning dancing?”
“Did it together.”
“With Obaasama.”

Allen and Elena seem to be steadily learning how to conduct as nobles.
The kids are supposed to be with me most of the time, but… I wonder for how long they were taught these things?

“… It’s a bit too cramped for dancing, so it may not be possible.”
“”That’s true~””
“Yeah, that’s right~”

Even if there was enough room to dance, I wouldn’t be able to teach them!

“”Then, what should we do?””
“Let’s see~ You have learned writing and reading pretty well already…”
“And you can do the maths without any problems when we go shopping~”
“”Can do~!””

Aren’t my kids too good!?

“”Then, will look at encyclopedia!””
“Allen wants monsters!”
“Elena wants plants!”
“Alright. Let’s look at the encyclopedias.”

I spent a quiet time in the cabin with the children, determined to get a variety of books that could be used as teaching materials as soon as we got to Capital.

“”… Nothing came up, huh~””

When we arrived at Rubia without incident, the children muttered in disappointment.
I think it’s because I warned them on the ship not to let anyone around them hear.


“Don’t look so disappointed, we are going to the Ruven residence.”

Rebecca-san and the others should have already left for the royal capital, but we have been told to stay at the Ruven mansion even if they aren’t here when we come back. If we were to sneak out and stay at the inn, they would surely get angry at us.
And even if we do, I have a feeling we will be found out.

“Takumi-kun, Allen-kun, Elena-san, welcome back.”
“”Is home~””
“Oh good, you came back properly.”

When we returned to the Ruven mansion, we were greeted by Daniel-san and Sylas-san, the milk brothers of Velio-san and Wald-sama.

… Still, for Sylas-san to say “You came back properly”, what is this about?

“There was a possibility that Takumi-kun would be too reserved to come, so Mistress asked me to check the ships coming from Cerdik.”

Perhaps because I was tilting my head curiously, Sylas-san explained the meaning of his words, and I was surprised to hear it.

“I’m glad we don’t have to report, ‘Takumi-kun reserved a room in an inn’.”

I shuddered even more at Daniel-san’s words of relief.
I’m really, really glad that I didn’t go to the inn~~~

“Seeing you this flustered, were you thinking about going to an inn?”

I couldn’t reply to Daniel-san’s sharp guess, and quietly turned my gaze away.

“Silence is affirmation. It has been made known to all the servants that the three of you are to be treated as family, so please do not hold back.”
“Yeah, yeah. There are many servants who think that you guys should act more selfish because of how considerate you are.”
“”Then, play with us!””
“You have just come back from a voyage, but you are both so energetic~”

Allen and Elena immediately hugged Sylas-san.
The two of them have become close friends with Daniel-san and Sylas-san during their stay at the mansion, so they have become quite attached to them. Or rather, they are being loved by all the servants without fail.

“Have you had lunch yet?“
“We were due to arrive at the port around noon, so we had a snack on the ship before arrival.“
“I will get you some tea and a little something to snack on then.“
“Thank you.”
“Of course—Sylas, take Takumi and the children to the lounge.”
“Yeah, yeah.—Allen, Elena, let’s go.“

As we moved with Sylas-san to the lounge and was picking up the snacks that Daniel-san had prepared, I asked about something that occurred to me.

“By the way, are you two not going to the Capital?”

They are the milk brothers of the Ruven brothers. They are going to celebrate Wald-sama’s wedding, right?
As servants, they may not be able to participate in the formal ceremony, but… No, they can attend the ceremony as aides, right? Well, even if they can’t attend the ceremony, they should still be able to attend the private party.

“We will be on our way to Capital in time for the ceremony.”
“We’ll not go by carriage, but use horses instead. So, we are working here until the last minute.”
“Ah, is that so?”

Since Velio-san, the Feudal Lord’s proxy, has left for the royal capital, I wonder if they are coordinating with his work?
It seems that assisting the lord’s management is also a tough job.



“Then, we will be leaving for the Capital first.”
“”I’m off~””

After a leisure overnight stay at the Ruven mansion, we departed for the royal capital the next morning.

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