Chapter 341

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Royal Capital, Once Again
It had been a day and a half since we left the Rubia. We arrived at the Royal Capital around noon.


As soon as we entered the city, Allen and Elena thrust their hands upward.

“Well, let’s go straight to the Ruven residence.”
“Is Obaasama.”
“Waiting for us?”
“Yes, I’m sure she’s impatiently waiting for you.”
“”Ohh~ Then let’s hurry!””

That being the case, we quickly made our way to the Ruven residence in the Royal Capital.
When we were greeted by a servant at the entrance of the Ruven mansion, I asked her not to inform the Ruven family, and then I checked with her who was present. I was told that Rebecca-san and Velio-san with his wife just made their way to the lounge to have a tea after the dinner, so we sneaked off toward the lounge.

“”Is home~””

Allen and Elena opened the door vigorously and walked into the room.
However, they were careful not to make any noise so that Lucario-kun, who would be inside, would not be startled.

“Oh my! My, oh my, oh my!”

I followed the kids into the room and saw Rebecca-san opening her eyes wide in surprise.

“Sheesh, you startled me! Welcome back~”

Rebecca-san got up from her chair and promptly walked over to us, giving the kids a hug.

“Welcome home, Takumi-san.”
“I’m home.”

And as I thought, she then proceeded to hug me as well.

“Welcome home, you three.”
“Welcome home.”
“Velio-san, Almeria-san, we are home.”
“”Is home~””

Allen and Elena walked over to Lucario-kun, who was now in Almeria-san’s arms.

“”Luca-chan, were you well~?””

When Allen and Elena poked Lucario-kun’s cheeks, he made a sound as if to answer them.

“We have a gifts for you~”
“Will give it to you, Luca-chan~”

Allen took out a bird-shaped flute from his bag and waved it so that Lucario-kun could see it.

“”Fuu… you blow into it like that~””
“”Fuu, you know.””
“Allen, Elena, I don’t think he can blow the flute yet?”

As expected, Lucario-kun is still too young to be capable of blowing into the flute.

“”Is that so?””
“That is so. He will be able to play with it after he grows up a little more, so hand it to Velio-san for safekeeping until then.”
“”Hmm~… got it—Velio Niisama, this is Luca-chan’s gift~””
“Yes, I will keep it safe for him. Thank you very much.”

Allen and Elena reluctantly handed the flute to Velio-san.

“May I try blowing into it?”
“”Sure, go ahead~””
“Is that so? Then—”


Velio-san, who received the bird-shaped flute, was looking at it with interest, and when he tried blowing into it—a gentle pirorororo~n♪ came out of it.

“Fufu, what a lovely sound.”
“Yes, I’m sure Lucario would li… oh my, he does seem to like it.”
“”Ohh~ he’s happy~””

When Rebecca-san and Almeria-san were giving their impressions of the sound of the flute, Lucario-kun raised his voice cheerfully.

“”Velio Niisama, blow again~””
“Alright, here I go~”

When Verio-san blew the flute again, Lucario-kun also raised his voice happily.

“There’s no doubt, it’s the flute’s sound that makes him so happy.”
“That seems to be the case. I’m glad he likes it.”

It appears that Lucario-kun liked the gift.

“Then, the next souvenir is for Rebecca-san and the rest of you.”
“Oh my, we get a souvenir, too? Didn’t I tell you don’t have to worry about it?”
“It’s fine. It’s nothing expensive this time, okay!”

When I stressed that it’s nothing they would have to reject, Rebecca-san, Velio-san and Almeria-san chuckled.

“First, we have Leychee and Nana fruits for you. I will hand those over to the kitchen staff later.”
“Oh my, Leychee and Nana fruits? That makes me very happy~”
“And here are dyes. They came in many colors.”
“Dyes? It’s true that the Byld in Cerdik is famous for its dyeing business, but the dyes themselves are not so widely available… surely not?”

Velio-san, who was recalling the characteristics of Byld, showed a hint of surprise on the way.

“Did you get them directly from the dungeon, by any chance?”

Velio-san came up with the correct answer.

“My, oh my, I thought you were just going sightseeing this time, but you went on an adventure too.”
“That being the case, we have a variety of colors that you can use to tailor your clothes in the future. For now, I will just show you the ones the kids liked.”

I was going to give them a variety of shades of each color, but I couldn’t just take them all out and display them here, so I just showed them the pastel dyes.

“Oh my, they are very nice colors, aren’t they?”
“Yes, they are all lovely.”
“This is incredible. I didn’t know they had dyes in these colors as well.”

As I laid out the pastel dyes, Allen and Elena added, “”This is Luca-chan’s~””, “”This is Obaasama’s~””, and so on.

“Thank you~ I want to have a cloth dyed with this dye and have it made into clothes right away~”
“Yes, you are right. Mother-in-law, if I order it now, will it be ready in time for spring?”
“Fufu, I’m sure it will. Let’s call Mary tomorrow.”

I was happy to hear that they liked the colors of the dyes and would soon use them for tailoring.

“And so, Takumi-san. I’m sure you have dyes for the three of you as well, don’t you? If so, you can bring them out later. I will ask Mary to do them together.”

As expected of Rebecca-san. It’s like she knew exactly what I was thinking.

“… I really am no match for you, Rebecca-san.”
“My, oh my.”

Rebecca-san smiled happily.
Later, when he returned home, we were reunited with Matthias-san, who for some reason patted me on the head along with the children. Unfortunately, Wald-sama seemed to be working the night shift, so we didn’t get to see him again today.

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