Chapter 342

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Mary, I apologize for calling you over so suddenly.”
“Don’t worry, I will come anytime you call for me, Rebecca-sama.”
“Fufu, thank you.”

The next day, Mary, the wife of the owner of the Silver Thread tailoring store, came to the Ruven residence.

“And so, what have you called me for today, Rebecca-sama? Is it about your son’s marriage garments? Or is it about the clothes you ordered before?”
“No, that’s fine, just as I instructed you before.”

Mary-san seemed to think that there would be changes to the outfits Rebecca-san had ordered before.
Wald-sama’s wedding is coming up soon, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to seeing Wald-sama in his formal outfit… ah, the outfit!

“Oh no! I forgot!”

If we were going to attend a wedding, we had to be dressed appropriately. And yet, I had forgotten to prepare the clothes.
I can just use the one I wore for the audience, but Allen and Elena, who will be sprinkling the petals, will have to wear white!

“Takumi-san, there’s no need to panic. I have ordered outfits for you as well as for Allen-chan and Elena-chan.”
“… Eh?”

Rebecca-san smiled at me as I panicked.

“Wha? Eh? erm… Rebecca-san, please repeat that one more time.”
“Fufu, I have already asked Mary to prepare outfits for you guys for Wald-san’s wedding.”
“Allen’s too?”
“Elena’s as well?”
“Yes, I have received the order. Please check later that the size fits properly.”
“Ah, thank you very much. That’s very helpful.”
“Preparing the outfits for my son and grandchildren is the least I can do.”

Rebecca-san did not miss a beat. She even took care of our outfits.
I really am no match for Rebecca-san~

“Rebecca-sama, what have you called me for today, if not the wedding clothes?”
“Oh my, I almost forgot. You see, Mary, Takumi-san has brought us back all kinds of dyes as souvenirs.”
“My, dyes, you say?”
“Indeed. So, I would like to ask you to do everything from dyeing to tailoring, but will you be able to do it between now and spring?”
“There won’t be a problem. You can leave it to me.”

We had digressed a bit, but we finally got to the point of the day.

“Yes, yes, the dyes, some of them are rare… so be prepared, Mary.”
“No, no, Rebecca-sama. I’m not surprised easily by these things.”
“Oh, you will be surprised~”

Rebecca-san smiled wryly at Mary-san.

“Then, Takumi-san, please show them in the same order as we discussed yesterday.”
“Yes, I understand.”

Yesterday, I had Rebecca-san look at the dyes I could provide. From the various shades of each color, we had gotten from the first to the tenth floor, to pastel and fluorescent colors from higher floors. She was so surprised at the variety~

“My! What a wonderful selection!”

First, I put a bottle of each color we carefully selected, and Mary-san’s face beamed.

“Right, Mary-san. How much cloth can be dyed with one bottle of this dye?”
“Have you ever seen cloth sold in rolls, Takumi-sama?”
“Yes, I have.”
“It varies a little depending on the type and thickness of the fabric, but you can dye about one roll with one bottle.”
“Heeh~ I see.”

Oh, great! So it’s not just a handkerchief or something!
If you can dye one roll, that’s enough to tailor several outfits.

“They are really wonderful~ These are hard to find dyes, especially in this pale shade. I can’t believe there are so many kinds! So that’s why Rebecca-sama said I would surprised~”
“Oh my, Mary. That’s not all. This is just the beginning.”
“Rebecca-sama, are you saying there’s more than this?”
“Fufu, that’s right.——Takumi-san, take out the last batch please.”


At Rebecca-san’s urging, I took out the dyes that we had obtained at the 13th and 14th floors.
The dyes that we had gotten on the 13th and 14th levels were, you won’t believe this! They were polka-dot dyes.
Moreover, the polka-dot pattern stays intact even if you shake up the bottle, they truly are miraculous dyes.
Rebecca-san was speechless with surprise when she saw it yesterday~

“T, this is!!”
“Fufu, what do you think, Mary?”

Today, I prepared three kinds of patterns: a white background with small light blue patterns of the same size, a black background with large gray patterns of the same size, and a blue background with white patterns of various sizes.
Mary-san’s eyes widened in surprise as she stared at the dyes.

“O, oh my goodness! Are these really dyes!?”
“I thought so too when I saw it yesterday, but they definitely look like dyes to me.”
“That is wonderful!!——Ta, Takumi-sama! W, where did you obtain these kinds of dyes!?”
“In the Dungeon of Colors.”
“The Dungeon of Colors! Oh my goodness, you can get things like these in that dungeon!?”

Huh? From Mary-san’s reaction, it seems like she’s never seen or heard of polka dot dyes before.

“Err… you never heard about these kinds of dyes before, Mary-san?”
“Yes, that’s correct. I’ve been in the tailoring business for a long time, but I didn’t know that these kinds of dyes existed.”
“So it’s only available in the town of Byld?”
“No, I’ve been to the town of Byld several times for purchasing, but they never had these at that time.”

It’s not that they didn’t have many, it’s that they didn’t have any at all!?

“My, oh my, you have obtained something rare then~”
“… I didn’t know:”

I didn’t think they were rare dyes at all, because we got a good number of them.

“”Obaasama, it’s rare~?””
“That seems to be the case~”
“”We found so many, though~?””
“Ah, Allen, Elena! That was supposed to be a secret!”
“Obaasama, not good.”
“It was a secret~”
“Fufu, that’s right. It’s probably for the best to not talk about it too much.——That being the case, don’t tell anyone where these dyes came from, Mary.”
“Understood. I’m a merchant myself. I don’t leak my suppliers’ information.”

Rebecca-san quickly told Mary-san not to say anything, so I’m sure it won’t come to anything strange.

“Mary-san, if you need these dyes, you can tell me. I can give you a discount.”
“My, that makes me happy. I’d love to have them.”

I had plenty of dyes, so I decided to sell them at a low price in return.

“My, oh my, you look delighted, Mary.”
“You can tell?”
“Yes. But, you will have to take our order first, please.”
“Yes, of course. So, do you have any wishes for the dress’ shape and colors?”

Rebecca-san and Mary-san compared the colors of the dyes and spent a long time discussing and deciding on the final appearance of the clothes.

“Then, I will ask you to do it like that.”
“Yes, please leave it to me.”

In the end, she ordered a couple of spring dresses for herself and Almeria-san. One for socializing and one for everyday wear. She also ordered clothes for Lucario-kun, shirts and jackets for Mathias-san and Velio-san, and even clothes for me and the kids.
I thought we had ordered quite a lot, but Mary-san seemed happy to accept our order.

“So the only dyes you’ll be selling are polka-dot patterns?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”

We had talked about selling the dye at a discount as hush money, but after another discussion between Rebecca-san and Mary-san, we decided to leave Mary-san the rest of the cloth that we ordered to have dyed. Even if we dyed several rolls of cloth, we wouldn’t use all of it.
I also decided to sell a few bottles of polka dot dye at the regular price. Mary-san wanted to buy them at a higher price, but we wanted to spread out the customers and disguise the source.
We decided to have loungewear and nightclothes made for ourselves from the polka-dot dyes, but even though we were indoors clothes, we may be seen, so we decided to take more precautions. Moreover, Rebecca-san said that it would be ideal if Mary-san took orders from other people and tailored them before our own.
Surely that would make it less conspicuous, since there would be customers before us~ As expected of Rebecca-san. She really is a reliable person.

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