Chapter 343

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“”Where we go~?””
“Let’s see~ I’d like to have the thing made soon, so let’s go first order it.”

Today we were going to walk around the city, but before we forgot, we have to finish ordering the goods.
So we headed to the jewelry store first.

“I know this place~!”
“The place where Elena bought this!”

It was the same store where we had the pearl jewelry made and where I bought the snowflake brooch that Elena liked to wear.

“Well, well, well! Isn’t this Takumi-sama! Welcome to our store.”

As we entered the store, the shopkeeper at the far end came flying up to me.
I have met him several times, and I’m pretty sure he’s the manager of this store. He pushed aside a nearby shopkeeper and came over to us.

“Erm, you remember me?”
“Of course, I remember you. How could I forget Takumi-sama, the man who gave me those magnificent pearls?”
“Ah~ those would certainly leave a lasting impression.”

All the pearls I had were of good quality and size, and I even had colored pearls that he had never seen before, so I guess he could remember my face because of that.

“What can I do for you today?”
“A production order. If possible, I would like it to be done in a hurry… Oh, and of course, I will pay a fee for that.”
“First of all, let’s talk about the product you want to make. Some things take longer to make than others, after all.”
“That’s true.”
“Then come to the back. Let’s talk over there.”

We were led to a reception room at the back of the store.

“It’s been a while, Takumi-sama. What is it that you are looking for?”

In the reception room, the designer, who had also come to the Ruven residence before, joined us.

“I would like you to make ornaments using this.”

I took out from the artificial flowers made of a plastic-like material that we had obtained in the Dungeon of Colors from my Infinite Storage. They were pastel-colored artificial flowers about the size of my fist.

“My goodness! It looks like a real flower, but it’s a fake!?”

Both the manager and the designer stared at the flowers intently.

“Four hair ornaments, three that could be used by a noblewoman, and…”
“One for her. I will be happy if you can make them as close to matching as possible.”

I was imagining something like an ornate hairpin that can be inserted into the hair, so I let them know that as well.

“One lady would be for Count Ruven’s wife, and another one for her son’s wife, right? Excuse me, but who is the last lady?”
“The second son, Grunwald-sama, is getting married, and I want to give this to his bride as a gift. The reason I asked for an express order is that the wedding is coming up, and I want to have it made in time.”
“Is that so?”

While the manager and I were talking, the designer took out a drawing book and asked, “Did you mean a double-stringed pin? Or a single stick?” While the manager and I were talking, the designer took out an art book and drew the picture of the flower I had brought out and drew a shaft under it.
The flower itself was rather gorgeous, so the hair ornament looked great with just that flower.

“How about a base like this, and then individual flowers around the base?”
“That looks good. Also, let’s see~ How about attaching a chain with a gem, so that it sways with the movement?”
“Ohh~ that’s very novel.”
“Huh? By ‘novel’ you mean that you don’t see hairpins like that often? Would it be against etiquette?”
“No, it’s nothing like that.”
“I see. I’m glad~”

I thought there would be rules like the hair ornament must be fixed to the head… but it seems to be okay.

“I would like to tell you that I have some pearls at hand… but they will get angry at me if I use pearls, so please use crystals instead. I also have some glass beads that could be used for child.”
“The pearls you have are very nice, Takumi-sama, but they would be too expensive to give as a gift.”


As for me, it would be better if they were used rather than just sleeping in the Infinite Storage, but Rebecca-san and the others can’t seem to see it that way. So these days, I’m thinking of giving up.

“… Would you like to buy the pearls?”
“You are selling? We would gladly buy them off of you!”

Not that I needed the money, but I wanted to increase the number of pearls on the market a little, so I approached the manager and he was unexpectedly pleased. In that case, I will sell a few smaller pearls, avoiding the larger ones and the colored ones.

“Elena, which color do you want for whom?”
“N, you see~…”

I decided to put off selling pearls until later and place our own orders first.
There were several colors of artificial flowers, so I asked Elena to choose.

“Obaasama is… yellow! Oneesama… pink!”

Rebecca-san, with her red hair and red eyes, got a yellow flower, and Almeria, with her dark brown hair and blue eyes, gets a pink flower.

“Wald-sama’s bride, if I remember correctly… is silver-haired with blue eyes~”
“Then, blue!”
“What about you?”
“Elena likes white!”

I think that’s a pretty good choice.

“I think it would be better to keep the crystals in similar colors.”
Yellow or orange crystal for Rebecca-san, red or crimson crystal for Almeria-san, and blue or purple crystal for the bride? Well, let’s leave the final decision to the designer.

“The glass bead for you will go with any color, so choose any color you like, Elena.”
“Erm~ erm~…”
“You are unusually distressed~ What colors are you struggling with?”
“I like red, but I also like yellow. Ah, pink, too!”

Elena took her time to think about it seriously.
It’s unusual for my children not to make a decision in an instant, but I guess that means Elena is a girl, even if she is still so little?

“Let’s see then~ could you make the chain detachable so that she could change the color of the beads as she feels like it?”
“Yes, I can! I see, if you can replace the chain, you can have a lot of enjoyment with just one body! That’s wonderful!”
“Ah, yes, if it’s possible, do it like that, please.”

My idea was highly approved.
I just thought that since Elena was so confused, she should just have all of them. However, I thought it would be better if she could just change the chain, since there was no point in having so many similar hairpins~

“Oniichan, thank you.”
“If Elena is happy, then Oniichan is happy, too.”

Elena, who was sitting next to me, pulled on my clothes and thanked me with a cute smile, so it was well worth the suggestion.

“Ah, yes, it’s fine. It’s no problem to make and sell such products.”
“Thank you very much.”
“However, please take priority on our order first.”
“That is only natural.”

I knew what he meant by his expectant expression, so I answered ahead of time, and the manager smiled radiantly.
The designer seemed to have a lot of designs in mind, and after drawing several designs, he laid them out on the table.

“This would look good on Obaasama!”
“And this on Oneesama!”
“And this one for Elena?”

Allen and Elena compared the design drawings with great excitement.
The one for the ladies was simple and elegant. The one that was supposed to be for Elena was made with lace ribbons to accentuate the cuteness.

“How is it?”
“Very good. I will order these.”
“Then, I will have them made in a hurry.”

We just needed to decide which one to get for whom, and the order was done. I also asked them to make replacement crystals for Rebecca-san and the others in different colors. In addition, I also asked for a matching necklace and earrings for Wald-sama’s wife. It was a congratulatory gift, so this much would be fine.
I left the crystals we decided on using at the store, and after selling the pearls, we left the jewelry store.

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