Chapter 344

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Then we went to buy more flour, which we were running low on, and wandered around the city.

“Now then, what do we do next?”
“Temple? Right~ Since we are going to stay in the Capital for a while, we might as well go say hi.”
“”Yeah, let’s go!””

With the suggestion of Allen and Elena, we came to the temple.

(Takumi-san! You’ve come!)

When I called out to Syl, his happy voice immediately came back to me.

(The kids suggested me to come.)
(What good children they are!)
(Right! They are such good children!)
(You have become a splendid example of overly doting big brother, haven’t you~)
(Haha, that might be true. But, the two really are good children, you know?)

Allen and Elena are cute and smart. I don’t think I’m being biased, I think it’s an accurate assessment.
But well, even without that, I would still definitely be an overly doting big brother.

If I remember correctly, the myth is that Syl and the other four gods were created by the Creator God Marianora-sama.

(From a human point of view, yes. Marianora-sama is the parent, and we are her children, so Windell, Salamanteel, Nomoodle and I are siblings. But there’s no such thing as who’s the eldest or anything like that.)

I guess it’s okay to think of them as quadruplets.

(Then Allen and Elena are Syl’s niece and nephew.)
(Speaking of which, yes! … Haha! So then that means Takumi-san is my nephew, too!)
(No, how come?)
(My nephew and niece’s big brother is also my nephew, right?)
(No, you don’t have to force the relationship there, do you? I’m your retainer, Syl.)
(I would rather you be my nephew than my retainer!)
(… I see.)

I don’t know which is better, but as long as Syl is happy with it, why not?

(Well, you sounded jealous there, do you and your brothers not get along?)
(No, it’s not that we don’t get along, it’s just that there’s a lot of work and not much interaction.)
(Heh~ Is that so~)
(That’s right. But recently, thanks to you, we have been interacting more.)

Thanks to me?… Ah!

(The food!)
(That’s right. There are more opportunities to have tea or a meal together.)
(Hahaha~ Erm, I’m happy for you… is alright to say, right?)
(Yes. Sometimes we have a fight over it, but it’s a fun time. Thank you, Takumi-san.)


All is good as long as he is happy to deepen his relationship with them, I guess?
No, but, fighting over food doesn’t sound too good, but… I guess it’s not that bad as long as they are enjoying themselves?

(Well, I’m glad to be able to create opportunities for you. Speaking of which, what’s your next request? I will ask you now, has it been decided?)
(If I say it’s been decided, then it’s been decided, but…)

I have told Syl that I will listen to his request for what he wants to eat at least once a month.
The last time he requested meat buns when I was in the Rubia. And after that, when I was in the country of Serdik, I sent him a pound cake, but that was not a specific request.
Since we were just having a conversation, I thought I would ask him directly rather than be informed later by a letter or something, but for some reason Syl was having a hard time speaking out.

(What is it? What’s up?)
(Umm… I believe you have not made it yet, so…)
(Something I haven’t made yet? What is it? Anyway, just tell me. If I think I can make it, I will make it. If not, I will have to say no.)
(Marianora-sama wants to eat something called “Ichigo Daifuku”. Takumi-san, do you know what that is?)
(… I see.)

Ichigo Daifuku. I have never made it before, that’s for sure.
The ingredients are… Ichi, red bean paste, and mochi. Ah, the mochi used in Daifuku is not just ordinary mochi, it adds sweetness, doesn’t it? However, I should have no problem with ingredients.

(I think I should be able to make it)
(Yeah, as long as you don’t mind the shape being a little distorted.)
(That’s not an issue at all! If it’s okay, I would like to request that!)
(Alright. I will make it when I am free.)
(Thank you very much! I’m looking forward to it!)

I think the kids will like the Ichigo Daifuku as well, so I will make it as soon as I have time.

(Okay, I’d better get going.)
(Yes, it’s going to get colder, so please take care of yourself.)
(No, no, body is startlingly healthy, I don’t think I can catch a cold or anything!)
(Ah, not that you mention it, that’s right. But I just wanted to pay attention to my nephew’s health.)
(You are going back there, I see. Well, but I will take care.)
(Yes! Well, please come see me again.)
(Yeah, I got it.)

As I finished my conversation with Syl, the children who had been waiting for me on the chairs came running up to me happily, as if they had guessed that I was done.

“Yeah, I’m done. Have you gotten tired of waiting?”
“”Is fine!””
“I see. But, thank you for waiting.”

As I thought, my kids are really good children.

“Where should we go next?”
“”Let’s go to the Guild!””
“By guild, you mean the Adventurer’s Guild? Well, I’m not sure if we will be able to meet them, but let’s go see Andy-san and Keimi-san?”

We decided to go to the Adventurer’s Guild next.

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